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Danish smoking ban in restaurants and bars


A satellite view of Denmark

Denmark is the south-most Scandinavian country, and is located south of Norway, south
west of Sweden, and boarded to the south by Germany. Denmark is the Baltic and North Sea
girt country. It consists of a large peninsula, Jutland and many islands, most notably Zealand
and Fyn.

The population is estimated about 5,500,000.Denmark economy features efficient markets,
above average European living standards, and high amount of free trade. Denmark has
considerable sources of oil and natural gas in the North Sea. Most electricity is produced
from coal. However, Denmark has a record high share of wind power in the electricity

A remarkable investment has been made in recent decades in building road and rail links
between Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden through the Oeresund Bridge, and
between Zealand and Fyn through the Great Belt Link Bridge and Tunnel.

Source:University of Texas Libraries

Smoking Ban in Public Indoor Areas

After August, 2007, no smoking is permitted in public indoor areas, unless a smoking
device such as a smokers' room or smokers' booth has been installed, or the area is
used by one person at a time. Food and beverage must not be served or brought into
the smokers' room or booth. Smoking in bars and cafes with an alcohol license is
allowed only if the area occupied by the premises is less than 40 square meters.
Food as such must not be served.

Whether smoking is allowed in hotel rooms used for sleeping depends on the hotel
management. Smoking is not allowed in taxis or in public means of transportation.

Nearly a quarter of people in this country of 5.4 million is exposed to a passive smoking,
according to the National Board of Health. The board said a second-hand smoking was responsible
for the deaths of many people in Denmark and the hospitalization of more than 1,000 each year.

Employees or restaurants that violate the ban can be fined. First time offenders face the
fine of 2,000 kroner ($367). The second time, the penalty is 5,000 kroner ($913), 10,000
kroner ($1,830) the third time.

Source: China Daily August 16, 2007.




許可されていない模様である。食事を出さない小規模(40sqm 以下)のバーは規制法から除外された。

出入口から離れたところに設置する。2008年1月から’smoke police' による取り締まりを行う。
違反例に対する罰金は2,000 DKK(266EUR)で、再犯した場合はその額は5,000 DKKとなる。
参考資料 http://www.smokersclubinc.com/

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The articles were written by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

Smokers and Tobacco Control in Denmark

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