Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa

 Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa

(L) Nebukawa railway station in spring time (R) Terayama shrine, Nebukawa
The Nebukawa station is 90 kilometers west of Tokyo.

(L) A cherry bloom in front of the Nebukawa station
(R) Mikan - Satsuma trees in Nebukawa, Kanagawa prefecture

A plum shrub at a forest nature trail of Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa: It is located between the Hakone foothills and Sagami Bay. The hotel
is setting about 90 kms from the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan. Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa continue
to maintain the high standard that has seen us receive a number of prestigious awards.

Total rooms are 172, vs, smoking rooms 46 rooms. The percentage of smoking rooms to the total is 26.7%.
For recent few years, the smoking-room rate is declining, as changing of a guest' request. All four restaurants
are smokefree. A smoking booth is provided on the second floor.
Odawara Hilton Spa and Resort abolished 46 smoking rooms, and became
smoke-free in January 2018,
after a complete renovation.

A sunrise on the hill of Nebukawa

Cottages and indoor spa facilities

(L) A spa dome and tennis courts in the right-upper side (R) A jet-stream from the above and from the bottom

(L) outdoor spa (R) swimming pool of the hotel

Resort spa of Odawara Hilton

There are four outdoor and two indoor courts.

(L) A designated smoking room (R) The main lobby of Odawara Hilton

(L) A lobby of Hilton Odawara at Christmas time
(R) Nebukawa railway station directly faced to Sagami Bay, connected with Pacific Ocean.

JR's trains and Odakyu's trains at the platform of Odawara railway station:
(L) JR's green-car ( first-class vehicle ) running Shonan-Shinjuku Line
(R) Odakyu's limited express train from Shinjuku, Tokyo

 Odakyu Railway

Construction History of Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa:

In the Japan-US trades friction for years, in 1988, Japan and the United States agreed to liberalize,
to import US-produced orange from 1991. In order to solve this problem, it was recommended
the conversion of 'Mikan', orange field to other uses of the land. In 1988, Odawara city solicited
the activity to the Employment-Promotion Corporation, as this site to convert a recreational land
at Nebukawa of Odawara district. The construction of worker welfare facilities based on the E
mployment Insurance Act is determined in 1990, and began construction in1993, and completed
as 'Supauza Odawara' in1997.

The total cost of constriction of this huge facilities was 44.5 billion yen
, this funding was came from
employer's share of the employment insurance premiums. The premises started operations in 1998.
However,in response to the backlash has a result of the set at a low cost-accommodation, and in the
flow ofa nation-wide abolition of workers' welfare facilities, it was sold at 8million yen to Odawara city.
It solicited to give the consignment to the Hilton. In 2004, " Hilton Odawara Resort -and-Spa" was
started carry on business.

=436.7 million US dollars: The Loss of Employment Insurance found was 43.6 billion yen, 427.8 million US dollars.

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