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India's indoor smoking bans

Tokyo to New Dehli

Nine and a half hours freight from Tokyo to Dehli

India introduced a public smoking ban.

India's smokers were today encouraged to stub out their cigarettes as the world's biggest public smoking ban
came into effect. Smoking kills the estimated one million people every year. The Indian government decided
to take action to enforce a smoking ban, to clamp down on a habit. The penalty is a fine of 200 rupees,
that is more than the average person's daily wage.

However, Reuter disclosed in May 2013, that smokers ignore India's public smoking ban
with a photography of smoking inside of a train.
It is known that the
smoking restriction in India is incomplete with a low enforcement.

All air passengers have to see the sign board of 'No Amoking' on landing to the New Dehli International Airport.

'Welcome' and 'No smoking Area' statement at the New Dehli International Airport

India smoking ban India 2008

New Dehli International Airport is smoke-free. However, there is a smoking lounge inside the security hold area
and smoking is also allowed in business lounges.

(L) Bus stop with a shelter (R) 'No smoking Area' sign board at a bus stop

India is the third largest market for cigarettes, with up to 250 million smokers, and opposition to the ban is fierce.
India's major cigarette manufacturer, ITC Ltd, will go to the supreme court in November seeking to overturn
the legislation. The reason for their anguish is simple: India has been sited that the country where sales of tobacco
products have increased. It is estimated that 102 billion cigarettes are sold every year. Dr. Ramadoss, the Minister
of Health and Family Welfare in India, who also campaigns against alcohol, drugs and fast food, remains unrepentant.
The government says that a fifth of all deaths in India is smoking-related.

Source: 2 October 2008, The Independent

A stall sells cigarettes and Pan Bahar, near the New Dehli railway station.

Chewing tobacco

This drive-in store sells cigarettes (Malboro, Seven Stars, Camel, etc.)
The price is Rs. 150 per package
No smoking sign in casher at the cafeteria

(L) A tobacco shop sells cigarettes and Pan Bahar, near the Chandni Chowk Metro station.
(R) A local heath station campaigning ' no smoking' and 'breast examination'

Tobacco display at the New Dehli International Airport
The price is $ 17.00 per carton.
All tobacco packages are placed the front side out, hiding a health warning observed on the back side.

International comparison of cigarette prices and taxes




インドでは噛みタバコの一種にパーン( Pan Bahar )と呼ばれるものがあり、安価なので愛好者は多い。

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Hotels in New Dehli and Agra, India

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 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
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