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Cat Tram Tour at Setagaya

Cat Tram: The tram painting a cat that brings a happiness.

(L) A cat-tram is parking at Shimotakaido station (R) A display describing the Tanaden-110 year anniversary on the side of the tram.

A cat-tram is welcoming a tourist on the side of the body and at the hanging in the tram.

(L) A boarding fee is 150 yen ( flat rate ): A train driver and conductor check a ticket or IC card.
(M) A great ticket costs 330 yen, valid throughout the day.(R) Footprints of cat

(L) Tram driver (R) Railroadside walk map

(L) A cat-tram is on a platform (M) A cat-tram is running lightly on railroad track (R) A tram in yellow color is in the train garage in Kamimachi Station.

(L) Train garage is located at Kamimachi Station. (R) A cat-tram stopped at Wakabayashi station.

There are regular tram cars with blue, brown and light-green colored vehicles.

Sangnchaya terminal station

A cat-tram is leaving Sangenchaya station for Shimotakaido.

(L)(R) A cat-tram traveling or stopping at a station (M) woman conductor.

 Tokya Setagaya Line

Tokyu unveils new tram with beckoning cat livery to mark 110th anniversary of Tamagawa Line.

In October 2017, Tokyu Corporation unveiled a new tram painted with 'manekineko', beckoning cat livery to commemorate
the 110th anniversary of the Tamagawa Line and promote the use of Setagaya Line to tourists.
Upon its completion in March 1907, the Tamagawa Line connected Dogenzakaue and Sangenjaya stations.
However, that line has been closed.

In 1969, it now operates as the Setagaya Line, linking Sangenjaya and Shimotakaido stations in Setagaya Ward.
The best way to commemorate the anniversary and further boost the popularity of the railway, we came up to
an idea of collaborating with Gotokuji Temple because the temple is known worldwide for (enshrining) a beckoning cat.
A spokesperson said so at a media preview in the train-storage facility in Kamimachi Station. The Setagaya Line, which runs
across Setagaya Ward, is one of the few light-rail tram lines still operating in Tokyo.

Many historic sites such as Gotokuji Temple, Shoin Shrine and Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine, which are highly recommended
to tourists. The company plans to keep the newly decorated two-car tram in service until the end of March 2018.
Source: The Japan Times, September 25, 2017

 Kofuku-no-Manekineko tram departures from Sangenjaya Station

Gotokuji Temple

At the beginning of Edo period, there was a rundown temple in Setagaya. One day, a Japanese lord named Naotaka
It was getting home from hunting hawk. He was walking in front of the temple when he noticed a white cat beckoning
to him from inside the temple. Tempted by the cat's gesture, he followed the cat. As soon as he approached the cat,
there was a sudden heavy rainfall and the place he stood before was struck by lighting. His life was saved by
the white cat. The cat's name was Tama, and Tama was the temple priest's cat.

(L) An approach to Gotokuji temple (R) A three-storied pagoda

(L) A wild parakeet was observed on a tree. (M) Plum blossoms telling the coming of spring (R) Incense burner 香炉

Large numbers of beckoning cat

(L) 佛世式 (M) Raisinng cat's right hand and call happiness. (R) Red plum blossoms

Gotokuji Temple

Shouin-jinjya Shrine

Shouin-jinjya Shrine is the Shinto shrine that is dedicated to the deified spirit of Yoshida Shouin, an activist during
the Edo era. The shrine was erected in 1882, and the current main shrine building was built in 1927. It is located in setagaya.
The nearest station is Shouin-jinjya-mae, Tokyu-Setagaya Line.

Approach to Haiden of Shouin Jinjya

(L)Temizusha 手水舎 (M) Haiden of Shouin Jinjya (R) A stature of Souin Yoshida

Setagaya-Hachimangu Shrine

The Setagaya-Hachimangu is also famous for a lifting stone and a sumo ring.
It is located in setagaya. The nearest station is Miyanosaka, Tokyu-Setagaya Line.

(L) Nino-Torii to Setagaya-Hachimangu (M)Temizusha (R) Haiden of Shouin Jinjya

動物写真家 岩合光明 写真は書籍「ねこの京都」

Yasukuni Shrine
Tokyo Metropolis Mini-tour

執筆および写真撮影 禁煙席ネット主宰 日本タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯
The article was written, and photographs were taken in March 2018, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

Domestic Travel in Japan

Special Note:
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  Domestic travel in Japan
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 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
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 Stop merging war criminals and war victims at Yasukuni Shrine.
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