Washington, DC, to Detroit, via Chicago

Washington, DC to Detroit, via Chicago

Departing the Ronald Reagan National Airport

Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia, next to the Ronald Reagan National Airport

Crystal City and Interstate Freeway 395

(L) Pentagon City, Interstate Freeway 395 and Pentagon ( bottom) (R) Arligton National Cemetery

(L) Arligton suburban area from a n aircraft
(R) United Airline coffee service
A satellite phone is provided on the backside of a seat, with the cost of $10 per minute and $10 for a connection fee.

(L) A residential area near the Chicago's O'Hare international airport (R) Aircraft is just landing on the O'Hare airport.

Concourse of the O'Hare international airport

Concourse of the O'Hare international airport and a display of the picture

(L) Corridor Gallery at Terminal 1 and 2 (R) Aircraft of United Airlines at O'Hare

(L)(M) A Stewart of the United Airlines struggled with himself for preparing and serving a drink in an aircraft.
(R) A rich farmland and a house, near Detroit Metro Airport

(L) A passenger's seat in the United Airlines
(R) A pilot in command and his partner of the United Airlines, with a smile, photographed at Detroit Airport, in October 2010.

United Air Lines, Inc. is a major airline based in the United States and one of the world's largest airlines
with 48,000 employees. The main center hub for Unites Airlines is Chicago's O'Hare. The airline operates
an extensive domestic route network concentrated in the Midwest and western United States.
The airline is also prominent in the transcontinental, transatlantic, and transpacific service. It is
the leading US carrier to Hawaii and largest to Asia and Australia.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

North Terminal

The guidance map of the North Terminal of the Detroit Metro Airport

Corridor of the North Terminal and exit for a rent-a-car services


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The article was written and photographs were taken by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto, in October 2010.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

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