National Museums in Washinton, DC

The Smithsonian Institution is an educational foundation chartered by Congress in 1846 that maintains
most of the nation's official museums and galleries in Washington, D.C. The U.S. government partially
funds the Smithsonian, thus making its collections open to the public free of charge.

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is a national art museum, located on the National Mall in Washington. The museum
was established in 1937 for the people of the United States of America by a joint resolution of the United
States Congress, with funds for construction and a substantial art collection donated by Andrew W. Mellon.
The Gallery's collection is included paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, medals, and
decorative arts, and it traces the development of Western Art from the Middle Ages to the present. The
Gallery's campus is composed of the neoclassical, original West Building, which is linked underground to
the modern East Building.

West Building of the National Gallery of Art

West Building of the National Gallery of Art and the exhibitions

Exhibitions in the West Building

Cascade Cafe, a clean spacious cafeteria on the basement of the National Gallery of Art

(L)(M) A flower, fall and fountains at the corner of Cascade Cafe, National Gallery of Art
(R) Undergroung passage between the east and west buildings of the Gallery

The East Building of the National Gallery of Art houses the modern art collection.

Green Marilyn' by Andy Warhol, 1963 and other exhibitions

Wild Girl' by Mel Ramos, 1963 and other exhibitions

National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum (NASM) of the Smithsonian Institution holds the largest collection of
historic aircraft and spacecraft in the world. It was established in 1946. Located in Washington, D.C., it is
a center for research into the history, and science of aviation and space flight, as well as planetary science
and terrestrial geology and geophysics. Almost all space and aircraft on display are originals or backups
to the originals. It is the most popular of the Smithsonian museums.

The National Air and Space Museum and exhibitions

The National Air and Space Museum and exhibitions

The National Air and Space Museum and exhibitions

National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History is a natural history museum administered bySmithsonian Institution,
located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., United States. The museum's collections total over 500
million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, and human cultural artifacts.
In 2009, 7.4 million people visited the museum. It is the most visited of all the Smithsonian museums
and is also home to about 185 professional natural history scientists, that is the largest group of scientists
dedicated to the study of natural and cultural history in the world.

National Museum of Natural History

The faces of the Mammal Family

The faces of the Mammal Family

A panorama of dinosaurs displayed.

A down of the nation's capital
(L) Washington Monument (R) Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia on the horizon Crystal City is characterized as
one of many 'urban villages', is almost exclusively populated by high-rise apartment buildings, corporate offices,
shops and restaurants.
These pictures were taken in October 2010 from a guest room of L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC.

モール内にあるスミソニアンの博物館・美術館としては、 国立航空宇宙博物館などがある。 ナショナル・ギャラリーは、
19世紀のアメリカ、 ヨーロッパ美術の収蔵品にスポットが当てられている。東館は、建築家のイオ・ミン・ペイによって

Source: Wikipedia and others


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8-mm film : 1961 The National Zoological Park, Washington D.C.

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