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Greece to enforce total smoking ban in enclosed public places.


The Hermoupolis port in the island of Syros

Source: University of Texas Libraries (R) Elias Beach on the Greek island of Mykonos

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan peninsula.
The capital of Greece is Athens.
An important percentage of Greece's income comes from tourism. In 2004 Greece accepted
the 16.5 million tourists, in which about 6,100,000 tourists visited only the city of Athens.
Source: Wikipedia

The photo is the aerial view of the central districts of Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece.
It is a major economic, industrial, commercial and political center, and a transportation hub for the rest of
southeastern Europe.

Mount Olympus, viewed from Litochoro. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain range
in Greece, with high of 2,919 m. It is located about 100 kms away from Thessaloniki, Greece.

(L) A pollution moderately damaged the Parthenon. (M) Part of the East pediment found on the Parthenon.
(R) The Parthenon, Athens, Greece, photographed in April 1995.

(L) A reconstructed segment of the Parthenon (R) The Parthernon, on the hill of Athens, Greece

The 2004 Athens main Olympic stadium

Greece to Enforce Total Smoking Ban in Public Places

Athens - Greece's health ministry is pushing to implement a ban outlawing smoking in all
public places, including restaurants, bars and offices by the summer - a half year earlier
than required by law. The new law does not require implementation until January 1, 2010.

The Health Ministry has said the law is aimed at saving the lives of 6,000 people who die
every year from smoking in Greece. Under the new law, smoking will be banned in public
places, including all bars and restaurants, offices, hospitals and on all forms of public transport.
It will also impose a fine of 1,000 euros (1,410 dollars
) on the owners and managers of
bars and nightclubs that fail to respect the restrictions. Repeat offenders will face fines
of up to 20,000 euros and have their licenses revoked.
★Exchange rate: Dec 2008

Windmills at Mykonos Island, Greece

(L) Windmills at Mykonos Island (R) Mykonos Island viewed from a cruise ship.
Mykonos is renowned for its cosmopolitan character and its intense nightlife.
Both photos were taken in April 1995.

 Smoking Ban and Tobacco Control in Iran

喫煙大国 ギリシャでレストラン、カフェ、バーなど公共的施設で全面禁煙




違反を繰り返すと罰金額は最高 20,000ユーロとな り、営業免許は取り消される。

2008年12月執筆 2009年11月英文加筆 
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Turkey imposed a blanket ban on smoking in enclosed public places.

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