Hong Kong in 2007

Smoking Ban in Hong Kong in 2007

A night view of Hong Kong from kowloon. Photographed in December 2007.

Hong Kong was a Britsh Crown colony. In 1984 the two countries signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration,
agreeing to transfer sovereignty to the People's Republic of China in 1997 and stipulating that Hong Kong
would be governed as a special administrative region, retaining its laws and a high degree of autonomy
for at least fifty years after the transfer.

Hong Kong in the late nineteenth century was a major trading post of the British Empire.

Hong Kong enforced a blanket smoking ban in public places.

Hong Kong's government is set to enforce a blanket smoking ban in public places from the July 1, 2009.
It aimed to protect workers in the city's bars, nightclubs, bathhouses, massage establishments and
mahjong parlors from second-hand smoke.
The Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong figures
that show restaurant business is up to
30 percent since the ban was enforced two years ago. However, people are more worried about
short-term job security than long-term health, because a ban is likely to make thousands unemployed.
The Entertainment Business Rights Concern group points to studies conducted in Britain that a bar
and pub business declined by around 15 percent in the two years after smoking bans.

In many countries in the world is now prohibiting smoking in public places. The smoke-free eateries
were becoming a worldwide trend, and the smoking ban is thought as a quite good measure, so is
welcomed by a tourist visiting Hong Kong. The government official also said in the statement "A number
of establishments have attracted guests who are non-smokers or dislike second-hand smoke after the
implementation of the ban.

The latest government figures showed about 840,000 people aged 15 or above, of the seven-million
population of Hong Kong, were smokers. Any smokers caught breaking the new law will be subject to
a maximum penalty of HK$5,000 (US $644).
Reference: Agence France-Presse June 29, 2009 and others.

(L) A notice to all hotel guests that Hong Kong's a smoking ban prohibits smoking indoors.
(R) Government ordinance enforced non-smoking in a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Swire Hotels The Upper House in Pacific Place has announced that, effective from March 2010,
all of the hotel’s 117 guestrooms will be smoke-free. The hotel takes this preventative measure
to ensure its rooms are smoke-free at all times, something that a growing number of guests are

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

(L) An information board of the smoking ban in the public places. The max.imum fine is HK$,5000.
(R) Restaurants stand both sides of the Hong Kong street. Photographed in December 2007.

No smoking sign plate in the Hong Kong MTR station. Photographed in December 2007.

No smoking sign plate in the Hong Kong International Airport. Photographed in December 2008.

Hong Kong cerebrates a new year of 2008. Photographed in December 2007.

(L) The city of Hong Kong viewed from aircraft. (R) The largest temple in Hog Kong, Won TaiSin Temple.
Photographed in January 1991.

Hong Kong Skykine





引用 Tobacco Control Office ,Department of Health,The Government of Hong Kong

 Taiwan adopted a new Tobacco Hazard Prevention and Control Act.

 India enforced a carpet smoking ban in indoor public places.
 Greece enforced a total smoking ban in enclosed public places.

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