Tabacco Control in Hong Kong

Smoking Ban in Hong Kong

A panoramic view of Hong Kong Island and International finance Centre,'ifc':

Hong Kong's government is set to enforce a blanket smoking ban in public places from the July 1, 2009. It aimed
to protect workers in the city's bars, nightclubs, bathhouses, massage establishments and mahjong parlors from
second-hand smoke.

Smokers on Hong Kong's street

A hanging screen stating that smoking is prohibited in a public transport facility.

(L) A woman smoker on Hong Kong's street (M) No-smoking sign on the pavement for pedestrian (R) A poster of 'smokefree environment'

(L) A sign plate informing the maximum penalty is HK$5,000 (M) A smoker often smokes besides a dust bin.
(R) A warning of that smoking is not allowed at this place, unless it is designated for putting light on cigarette.

No smoking is allowed in a public park of Hong Kong.

No smoking is allowed in a public park of Hong Kong.

(L) In a public transportation, smoking is prohibited. (R) The poster says it is their proud to be a smokefree venue.

(L) Smoking is not permitted except around the ashtray along the pavement.
(R) This smoking place at Hong Kong Convention and Exihibition Centre is along the side wall of the driveway.
Smokers have to be cautious for passing motor vehicles while smoking.

(L) An outside dinning table is exempted from the smoking-restriction law.
(R) No-smoking sign plate pasted on a pedestrian overpass in Hong Kong Island.

No smoking is allowed in an outside quay wall, and under-road subway

Hong Kong International Airport

(L) Smoking in the terminals is prohibited by Hong Kong law. However, it is allowed in the designated room.
The sign plate shows the direction of a smoking lounge. (R) Hong Kong International Airport provides a designated smoking lounge in Terminal 1.
Smoking Lounge in the Hong Kong International Airport (Source: Airport Authority Hong Kong )

We often observed smokers standing near the hotel entrance or on the street near a dust bin. The majority of
street smokers are a traveler from China or other countries. The overall smoking rate in Hong Kong is 11.8%,
with 25% at males. In contrast, in the mainland China, the male-smokers rate is 63%. A man or woman who
is smoking while walking on a street appears not too many. This may be related the time we visited Hong Kong.
Although it was much warmer than that of Tokyo, this area was faced to the coldest season of the year. Even
though, sometimes, a pedestrian has to aspirate the side-smoke released from a smoker.

香港在住男性の喫煙率は25% である(男女平均は11.8%)。歩行しながら喫煙している人も見かけたが、比較的寒い
空間喫煙規制は厳しく、ホテル通路、ロビー、レストランなどは100% 禁煙である。香港国際空港はターミナル1の

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A photograph was taken in December 2012, and article was written in January, and
information was added in June 2019, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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