Kasuien Minami

Minami's tradition and hospitality, formed from its long history their inn, Minami, was originally
an annex of Minamikan, a ryokan established in Matsue in 1888. In Tamatsukuri Onsen, they
carry on a tradition of hospitality and the spirit of good service. A hotel guest can enjoy the steamy
waters of Tamatsukuri Onsen, one of the best hot springs in the Sanin region, and tastes their
traditional cooking made from local ingredients. It has over 100 smoke-free guest rooms, and
a guest may enjoy an open-air bath at the top floor and at the ground floor of Kasuien Minami.

(L) Exterior of the Hotel (R) A view from 7F of the hotel towards Japan Sea 遠方の陸橋は山陰自動車道

A Japanese garden of the Hotel

The Japanese garden outside Kasuien Minami

(L) A female staff ( nakai-san ) serving breakfast and dinner 部屋食 (R) A variety of delicious breakfasts and dinners

(L) Crab dish (R) Conger eel cuisine

(L) Fillet steak (M) Rice, incense thing, pickles (R) After-meal dessert

A special celebration set:Crane turtle lucky charm 祝い膳

A breakfast and dinner are prepared in a private room.  部屋食

Desktop stove of breakfast

A twin-bedroom with a half-open-air private bath in the room

An open-air bath at the 9th floor 展望露天風呂

(L) The approach to a public bath at the 9th floor: Be careful for the High steps in the passage  通路段差に注意
(R) An electronic display shows the number of people who are using a public bath at the moment.

A large hot-spring bath on the basement: Open-air bath is located at the left. 一階大浴場

(L) A reception desk (R) A free shuttle bus to the Tamazukuri JR station 玉造温泉駅への送迎バス

Smokers get off sidewalks go insideOfficial website of Kasuien Minami
Smokers get off sidewalks go inside Smoking booth in Kasuien Minami
TripAdviser November 2021 日本語表示

I asked for a private in-room meal service, because I was worried about covid-virus infection. I was impressed by nakai-san
who prepared meals quickly. The amount of food is not too much, and everything is delicious. There is a celebration event
this time, so a "celebration set" was prepared by the Hotel. The Japanese garden in the courtyard that can be seen from the
room is also excellent. The public baths are on the 1st and 9th floors, and the open-air baths are surrounded by garden stones,
and the outside air feels good. The indoor bath on the first floor is very large. The semi-open-air bath, which is built into
the guest room, and flows directly from the hot-spring source, allows you to take a bath even at night, leading to a deep sleep.
All hotel staff are working lively. It is a facility I would like to visit again.

玉造温泉街 A hot spring town spreads around running water.

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Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Limited express, Yakumo, which runs between Izumo and Okayama 特急やくも

執筆 医学博士 宮本順伯

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