Kansai International and Domestic Airports in Japan

A sunset over the Kansai International Airport .

Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, 38 km southwest of Osaka
Station. The most practical means of getting to Osaka and Kyoto is by train. All trains leave from the Kansai Airport
station across the road from the arrival-hall.

(L) Satellite view of Kansai International Airport, which is seen at the lower-right island in Osaka Bay.
The central area of Osaka is at the upper-right corner.
(R) Access to Osaka Metropolitan area, by trains (Map source: Kansai International Airport )


A smokers' booth in the Kansai International Airport

 Matsuyama Airport 松山空港

Matsuyama Airport is the largest in Shikoku, Japan. It takes about 20 minutes from the center of the city by
a limousine bus. All restaurants and cafes are appeared to be smokers-friendly, and allows smoking inside.
A sidestream often flows out to the passage of the airport. This is one of the worst airports in view of smoking

Matsuyama Airport Terminal Building

A smoking cafe, saying that in all seats, smoking is OK. No door is present to separate from the corridor of the airport building.
An adverse side-stream of cigarette may flow out to the terminal building.

A smoking booth at Matsuyama Airport
These photographs were taken in November 2012, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.


 Kagoshima Airport 鹿児島空港

Terminal building of Kagoshima Airport

Welcome greeting from Kagoshima Airport workers

Kagoshima Airport is
a local airport located in Kirishima, and the second busiest airport in Kyushu. Airport Limousine runs
between the airport and Kagoshima Chuo Station in 38 minutes.

A smoker's booth in the Kagoshima Airport
These photographs were taken in April 2012, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

 Asahikawa Airport, Hokkaido 旭川空港

Asahikawa Airport is a single-runway regional airport in Hokkaido. Another runway extension, to 2,500 m, was
completed in 1997, and the parallel taxiway opened in 1998. In 2016, plans were finalized to build a new
international terminalto the south of the existing terminal. Construction began in October 2017, and opening
is scheduled for December 2018. The existing terminal will also be expanded and renovated by September 2019.
Asahikawa Airport is accessible by bus from Asahikawa Station, Asahiyama Zoo.

JAL aircraft is landing to the Asahikawa Airport.

Animal pictures are pasted on a passenger board bridge: A direct bus service, twice a day, connecting the JAL and ANA freight from Tokyo.

(L) Exterior of Asahikawa Airport building (M) A welcome to the Asahikawa Airport sign
(R) A smoking room is placed outside of the building, near the entrance.

日本最北、全国でも有数の動物園となっている。 JAL午前便とANA午後の便に接続して旭山動物園へのノンストップバスがある。

 Hakodate Airport, Hokkaido

Hakodate Airport is an airport located 7.6 km east of Hakodate Stationin Hakodate, a city in Hokkaido.
There are five smoking rooms in the airport, two on the first floor and three on the second floor.

Smoking rooms and a non-smoking cafe, at the Hakodate Airport, Hokkaido

A smokefree restaurant is on the third floor and a departure board at the Hakodate Airport, Hokkaido .

(L) Smoking is banned at the observation deck of Hakodate Airport.
(R) A smoking room on the first floor is located near the main entrance to the airport.
It is installed in front of the Gate 5; it exerts a health hazard to passengers waiting at a boarding gate,
and brings the third-hand smoking in the aircraft.
These photographs were taken in October 2012, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.


2021年12月、フィリップ モリス ジャパンは、函館空港ビルデングと協力し、開港60周年を迎えた函館空港を“日本初”の

 Odate-Noshiro Airport大館能代空港

(L)This map shows the location of the airport. (R) This picture shows a carriage porch and the entrance for a departure passenger

Odate-Noshiro Airpport locates 9.6 Kms west of Odate City, Akita Prefecture, and the median point between
Aomori and Akita Airports. It is convenient to take a rent-a-car to tour around the sightseeing spots in Tohoku,
particularly at Shiragami Mountains, Towada Lake and Hachimantai Heights. There are only two flights a day,
operated by ANA, which serves between this airport and Haneda, Tokyo.

(L) Check-in counter of ANA airline (R) The only restaurant in this airport is smokefree. The poster says ' A fresh air is the delicacies.'

(L) A campaign poster of Akita
(R) Smoking room which is located before a security check, provided with an automatic bending machine for tobacco.

Smoking room that is located after a security check point.

ANA air flight and the gate to an aircraft
These photographs were taken in March 2013, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.


 Misawa Airport 三沢空港

(L) Misawa Airport Building (M) Smoking booth faced to the outside. (R) A check-in counter of Misawa Airport

JAL aircraft is just arrived in Misawa Airport.

Misawa Airporti is an airport in Misawa in the Aomori Prefecture. It shares facilities and airport codes with the
Misawa Air Base.

An Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service base was established at Misawa in 1941, and nearby Lake Ogawara was
reportedly one of the locations used by the Imperial Japanese Navy to practice for the attack on Pearl Harbor due
to its shallow depth. The base was heavy bombed by the United States Navy in 1945, and subsequently occupied
by the United States after the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II.
The first Misawa Airport was opened in January, 1952, with Japan Airlines providing scheduled services to Tokyo
and Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. However, commercial operations were suspended from March, 1965 due to
pressure from the United States, citing safety and security concerns, and flight operations were transferred to
nearby JMSDF Hachinohe Air Base. Misawa
Airport reopened in May, 1975, with a new terminal building completed in 1977; the terminal was expanded and
rebuilt in 1986. Initially served by Toa Airways with McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and MD-80 aircraft to Tokyo
(Haneda), Sapporo(Chitose), and Osaka Itami, operations were upgraded to Airbus A300 aircraft after Toa
Airways became Japan Air System in 1988. These flights were taken over by Japan Airlines after its acquisition of
Japan Air System in 2002. However, with the opening of Tohoku Shinkansen to Hachinohe in December 2002,
the number of passengers has decreased and equipment changed back to the MD-80. Flights to Chitose were
discontinued in 2007.

Source: Wikipedia

As of August 2019, there are three flights to Tokyo ( Haneda ) , one flight each to Osaka ( Itami ) and Sapporo
( Okadama ), daily.


Arrival to Misawa Airport 三沢空港着陸 (by Dr JayMic)
Departure from Misawa Airport 三沢空港離陸

JAL aircraft is leaving from Misawa Airport. These pictures of the Misawa Airforce Base are quoted from a video screen taken
by Neo.
(L) Parked US Airforce aircraft and a residential area of a military personnel in the back
(R) A residential area, including condominiumis quite vast. The writer inadvertently put the camera in the overhead pin
and could not shoot.

 Memanbetsu Airport 女満別空港

(L) Exterior of Memanbetsu Airport (M) Smoking is prohibited inside, except for a smoking room. (R) Taxi and bus stop

(L) A large smoking room, which is the source to bring a harmful sidestream air, through the exhalation of smokers.
(R) Boarding gate of flights to Haneda and Sapporo

(L) JAL aircraft is leaving Memanbestu airport. (M) Aircraft is flying over Mt.Mokoto and Lake Kussharo.

Departure from Memanbestu Airport


 Izumo Airport 出雲空港

There is a smoking booth on the second floor, near the boarding gate.

(L) Marriage-tie-Airport (R) Exterior of Izumo Airport:
Photographer: 663highland (Wikipedia)


 Nannki-Shirahama Airport 南紀白浜空港

Exterior and interior of Shirahama Airport

Smoking booths for on the second floor, near the boarding gate. Right picture shows a regular smoking booth.

設置、管理する。和歌山県唯一の空港で、本州最南端の空港である。 2階出発ロビー、搭乗口横に2階出発搭乗口横に加熱式

 Okadama Airport, Sapporo 札幌丘珠空港

(L) Entrance to Okadama Airport (M) Air route campaign (R) Smoking room on the arrival floor

Security checkpoint

(L) Entrance to Okadama Airport (R) Airport building map

Propeller aircraft at Okadama Airport

札幌飛行場は陸上自衛隊丘珠駐屯地の飛行場であり、共用する民間施設や通称は丘珠空港 (Okadama Airport)と呼ばれる。

 Rishiri Airport 利尻空港

(L) Rishiri Airport building seen from runway (R) Propeller aircraft arrived the Rishiri Airport

Rishiri Airport terminal building


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