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Why Japan only cannot enforce a total smoking ban in a public place?
Article by Kyosen Ohashi


Why Japan only cannot enforce a total smoking ban in a public place?
Article by Kyosen Ohashi ( Weekly Magazine, Shuhkan-Gendai )
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選挙の時にあらゆるパブリック・スペースでの禁煙をマニフェストに掲げた首長を選べば、実現への道が開ける。 ・・・・後略
引用 平成21年4月25日発行 「週刊現代」54頁55頁、「今週の遺言」大橋巨泉

  立ち上げた「神奈川県受動喫煙防止条例」を真っ向から批判し、 「屋内全面禁煙が世界の常識」で
  今評価してもすばらしいと思います。 そうした方がこの世を去ったことは非常に残念です。
  ご冥福をお祈りします。  2016年7月 宮本順伯



Mr.Kyosen Ohashi, known as a TV host and writer, also known runs his 'OK Gift Shop' in Canada,
Australia and New Zealand, made a comment on the Kanagawa ordinance to regulate smoking in
a public indoor space. I feel it the same way to that Ohashi pointed out. Now, almost all advanced
countries have enforced a total smoking ban in an enclosed space in restaurants and bars.
However, the Governor Matsuzawa dared to choose the measures to divide a public indoor space
into the smoking and the nonsmoking. He also exempted about 70% of small-size eating industries
from the prefecture law.

For the persons that know the smoking restriction of public space, all actual situations in Japan are
quite abnormal, as far as a ban to put a light on cigarette. There are so many tobacco-bending
machines in streets, which is the world's largest, highly apart from other countries. In Japan, the
main building of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Japan provides ashtrays on a desk in rooms.
Government'policy is to follow the rules of Kanagawa. Department of Health, Labor and Welfare
of Japan allowed to provide a smoking room in the area in the main working place. Further,
the department office announced to assist the cost for the construction of indoor room for smokers.
Officer also approved a working space, if the concentration of tobacco-smoke is
under 0.15mg/1 cubic meter. They are completely ignoring the fact that there is no safe level
for the cigarette side-smoke.

All federal policies to ease the smoking restriction came from the local ordinance setting in Kanagawa.
Many prefecture council members and members of the Diet are smokers, and the majority opposed
an upright smoking ban in an indoor space. Governor Matsuzawa is the non-smoker. However, he took
priority to 'establish the first anti-smoke law in the while country', rather than to 'protect all people
from the adverse tobacco-smoke'. So, he accepted the policy that tobacco companies claimed.
If the Governor abandoned and gave up the system separating smoking from nonsmoking, until all
members agree to accept a total smoking ban, he could do so. Nobody would blame his action to go
back to the start line. Rather, many people would support with our best to improve this unfavorable
condition. However, unfortunately, he did not.

A tourist from America, Europa and Oceania will lose their heart, since many restaurants are
smoky with cigarette-smoke, that is harmful to human health. The establishment of the undesirable
bad Kanagawa anti-smoke law cannot be undone. Former Governor Matsuzawa is now a member
of the Yoshimoto Kyogyo Co., a major Japanese entertainment conglomerate, that employs most
of Japan's comedy talent.

The article is written in April 2009, and revised in November 2011, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

   It is regret to inform that Mr. Kyosen Ohashi died in July 2016, at age of 82.  
   We pray for the souls.
   Junhaku Miyamoto

Do not repeat the mistake of the Kanagawa anti-smoking ordinance.


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2009年4月執筆 2011年11月加筆  2016年7月加筆  2020年8月一部修正
「禁煙席ネット」主宰 医学博士 宮本順伯
This article was written in April 2009, and last revised in August 2020,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.


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