No-smoke snuff tobacco could cause an oral cancer.


The use of 'tobacco with no flame' could cause oral cancer.

Many restaurants, cafes, railway companies embarrassed for a new tobacco product which has
no flame and no smoke. JT does not release a full detail of the toxic substances which was exhaled
from a user of 'no-smoke tobacco'.

What is ' flame-less tobacco'? There are tobaccos of 'dip', 'snuff', 'plug', 'pinch' and 'spit'. These are
truly tobacco products and have the same adverse effect of ordinary cigarette. It has been reported
that the smokeless tobacco contains 2.5 time nicotine than that of cigarette. The use of this kind
of tobacco is very dangerous. The chew tobacco and snuff tobacco products will cause the throat
or mouth cancer in the high incidence.

The major problem of this kind of tobacco is the adverse effect on the health around the user.
When the user respirate, he or she may exhale all kinds of the tobacco toxin. This is entirely same
to the situation of cigarette smoking. Therefore, the smokeless tobacco products should be
forbidden in the enclosed public spaces.

Health Warning of Snuff Tobacco ' Zero Style Mint':

In a package of smokeless tobacco 'Zero Style Mint', a health warning is printed as follows: The use of
snuff tobacco may cause the oral cancer, and the incidence of heart attack will increase. The use of
this product may produce evil effects on a pregnant woman, causing the growth retardation of a fetus
and a premature birth.


無煙タバコ(Zero Style Mint、ゼロスタイル・ミント)はタバコの煙が出ない, ゼロの文字があるから無害の

比し小さいことを意味しません』 と、有害物質をかぎタバコで体内に取り入れても、それは本人の問題で


(L) He started smoking at age of 13, and found oral cancer at 17.
He had received operations for 30 times by the age of 25. He is now touring U.S.,
campaigning for the very frightful experience brought by a tobacco use.


(R) A snuff tobacco contains 28 carcinogens, including the following poisons.
Polonium 210 (Nuclear waste ), uranium 235, N-Nitrosamines (Cancer-causing agents), acetaldehyde, cadmium,
hydrazine, nicotine, formaldehyde, and benzopyrene (cancer-causing agent)
Source: The National Institute of Dental Research and the National Cancer Institute, U.S. National Institute of Health

ポロニューム210 は元ロシア情報機関員リトビネンコ氏が殺害されたときに使用された猛毒の放射性物質。

口腔がんは転移が早く、顔が破壊されて行く悲惨な悪性腫瘍である。これから 無煙タバコを使用する人で

引用: 2010年7月20日付聯合早報

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Narita airport smoking rooms JR-East
JR東日本の 無煙タバコ対応

Narita airport smoking roomsThe use of 'smokeless tobacco' allowed in JAL. However, it was refused by
all other internationally-operating airlines.

2010年7月執筆  執筆 医学博士 宮本順伯
The report was written in July 2010, by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD.

Tobacco, the most sophisticated and engineered products on the market.

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