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Wisconsin's statewide Indoor Total Smoking Ban


Wisconsin is located in west of Lake Michigan, and south of Lake Superior. The state capital is Madison,
and the largest city is Milwaukee. As of 2008, there are estimated 5.6 million residents. Wisconsin's economy
is based on farming, mining and lumbering. In the late20th Century, tourism became important, as many
people living on former farms commuted to jobs elsewhere. In recent decades, service industries, especially
medicine and education, have become dominant as heavy industry declined.
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The Clean Indoor Air Act of Wisconsin

After Jyly, 2010, smoking will be generally prohibited in public places and workplaces, whether public
or privately owned, including taverns and restaurants.

The 2009 Wisconsin Clean Indoor Air Act 12 was signed into law by Governor Doyle in May, 2009,
addresses the growing concern in the state and nationally over the health hazard associated with
tobacco use and the effects of secondhand smoke. The neighboring states of Illinois, Iowa and
Minnesota have been banned smoking in public places.

Act 12 generally prohibits smoking in enclosed public places and places of employment.
A 'public place' is defined as a place that is open to the public, regardless of whether a fee is charged,
or a place to which the public has lawful access or may be invited.
A 'place of employment' is any indoor place that employees normally visit during of employment,
including an office or work area, an employee lounge, a restroom, a conference or meeting room,
a classroom, or a hallway.

The places of indoor smoking banned:

State or local government buildings, taverns, restaurants, bowling centers, theaters,lodging
establishments, retail establishments, day care centers, educational facilities, correctional facilities,
state institutions, college residence halls or dormitories, hospitals and clinics, assisted living
facilities, common areas of multiple-unit residential properties, sports arenas, bus shelters,
public conveyances, and private club facilities.
Source: Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau.

Wisconsin law bans smoking in all hotel guestrooms.

In July 2010, Wisconsin passed a statewide smoking ban that bans smoking in every hotel
guestroom. In many states, the legislation allows hoteliers to exempt a certain percentage
of guestrooms. However, in Wisconsin, there can be zero rooms" that allow smoking in
sleeping rooms, T Pugal, CEO of Wisconsin Hotel and Lodging Association told USA-today
in an interview. Wisconsin is the second state in the USA after Michigan to pass anti-smoking
legislation that doesn't exempt hotels. In fact, the group lobbied to let hotels retain a certain
percentage of smoking rooms, but the proposal was shot down. "People tend not to believe,"
she says. "We even created a signage guide for lodging properties to help educate the guest.
In the hospitality industry, you don't want to appear inhospitable." Wisconsin's roughly 2,000
hotels post signs declaring their building a non-smoking facility. They're also requiring guests
to initial a statement promising to comply or face paying a fee. Hotels are charging penalty
fees anywhere from $100 to $300.

Source: USA Today September 2, 2010

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow,
Russia 2014
Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg,
Russia 2014

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Michigan enforced smoking ban in May 2010.

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