Travel sketch in respect to smoking       regulations


 Tobacco Mafia??
出典:Record China:G20 February 2013 in Moscow
Finance Minister of Japan Rocks Gangster-style for G-20 Trip.
Finance ministers are not often recognized for their fashion sense. However, Japanese finance minister Taro Aso
set ablaze with his gangster-style attire as he was leaving Japan for the G-20 meeting in Moscow.
Source: Wall Street Journal, Feburaury 15, 2013


Political Background: Abe-Aso Cabinet leaders to support smoking

In June 2017, the former Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Shiozaki has said that
the anti-smoke law should not be ashamed before the world. The minister
stressed that many citizens still suffer serious second-hand smoke in public facilities,
such as restaurants and workplaces. He also said,' For the 2020 Tokyo-Olympic,
we are responsible for succeeding the tradition of the Olympic without tobacco.

If a restricted exception was set up at a small-scale restaurant, the Minister said
that the principles and exceptions would reserve and in most restaurants and bars,
and the user can put a cigarette at a food-serving shop.

The flow of politics has changed greatly toward unfavorable direction, in August 2017.
Prime Minister Abe and Finance Minister, Aso dismissed Minister Shiozaki, because
he disagreed to a request of LDP members who admit smoking in the restaurant
and bars. As a result, the Tobacco Chairperson of LDP was nominated as a Minisiter in
demand of Tokyo Olympic Games. He is the brother in law of Finance Minister Aso.
At the same time, Representative Kato, who claims a separate smoking booth in
a restaurant, was newly appointed as the next Minister of Health.

Minister Aso was in good humor in a pub.

Aso Prime Minister approval rating fell to 17%. (2008)

Nobody can destroy the inherent natural beauties of the earth.
Japan government aims to keep the population at 100 million in 2060s.
No Government personals should visit to Yasukuni.
Abe-Aso Cabinet leaders to support smoking

Kintetsu Express with a smoking hazard