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Cigarette Prices and Taxes

Tobacco prices and Tax rates 2008-2016: International differences

There was a considerable difference between the various states of the United States,
because of the tax rate that is determined at each state. The tax rate in Australia is 68.9%,
and in New Zealand, it is 74.5% in the year of 2008. However, a selling price of tobacco
is almost the same at both countries. A similar trend is observed in Spain and Portugal.
A tax rate to tobacco product is different between these European countries. The retail
price of cigarette is the same and 3.6 Euro per package in both countries.

Tobacco prices in 2008-2016: Differences by countries

 B.C.and Alberta  
 Chicago Airport
 Salt Lake City Airport
 San Francisco

 Paris Airport
Germany France and Germany
Germany Germany
Norway smoking ban Norway

 Australia 2014
 New Zealand

 Hong Kong
China  Shanghai
Korea Korea

The study found that cigarette prices tended to be higher in nations with strong tobacco control programs.
Norway, Australia Hong Kong raised a cigarette price. However, in wealthy nations where tobacco control
policies were weak, including the Japan and Switzerland, the study found that prices remained relatively low.
Marlboro costs smokers $6.48, in Norway. On the other hand, in Japan, the price was $2.34 per pack.
Source: Feb 28, 2002 The New York Times

Cigarette prices in the city have been going up steadily in recent years, and taxes now total $4.25 a pack:
$2.75 for the state and $1.50 in city taxes that began in 2002. As a new $1.25 state tax took effect
in June 2008, making the combined tax in the area of New York City to be the highest level and pushing
the price of a pack of cigarettes above $8 in most places.
Source: June 4, 2008 The New York Times

The tobacco prices around the world: WHO

The diagram shows the cost of a pack of a Marlboro cigarette or equivalent international brand in selected
countries, and the minutes of labour required to purchase 20 cigarettes.

Tobacco tax is determined as a proportion of cigarette price. Countries or states with tobacco taxes
dedicated to tobacco control, health promotion or general health care. Smoking goes down as prices go up.

New York City and State health officials cited studies showing that smoking rates decrease as cigarette
prices rise, and said they expected that up to 140,000 of the one million smokers in the City would quit
because of the increased cost.
Source: June 4, 2008 The New York Times

The cigarette prices and taxes in the EU countries in Japanese Yen

The cigarette price showed in an Ireland automatic vending machine (2006).

A Cost to the Smokers (2008)
Price Tax Tax rate
Norway 1454 1084 79%
UK 1148 884 77%
Ireland 1165 909 78%
Denmark 671 496 74%
Sweden 798 483 72%
Finland 673 504 75%
Germany 736 559 76%
France 829 454 80%
Belgium 709 546 77%
Holland 641 468 73%
Austria 563 424 75%
Malta 563 428 76%
Luxemburg 500 350 70%
Italy 532 399 75%
Greece 468 342 73%
Spain 390 300 77%
Portugal 509 407 80%

Source: Facts and Figures: EU Cigarette Prices by the Tobacco Manufacturing Association,
calculated in Japanese Yen as of June 2008.


Tobacco prices and smoking rate in the 20 ODCE countries.

Tripadviser disclosed the smoking rate and price of cigarette during 2006 and 2011
in 20 OECD countries. The highest percentage of smokers reported was 39.7% in Greece.
The countries from top to the bottom are ranked as follows: Greece, Chile, Ireland,
Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, France, Spain, Korea, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Italy,
Austria, Holland, Germany, UK, Norway, Belgium, and Switzerland. The highest price of
Marlboro was sold in Norway, followed by Ireland and UK. The cheapest Marlboro was
sold in Korea.
Source: Tripadviser, February 2012


This is very unusual as a well-known, travel-related website disclosed the smoking rate and
tobacco price in the OECD countries. However, the data presented there is from the various
investigated times, e.g., at Austria in 2006, Switzerland and Ireland in 2007, other countries in 2011.
We thank their information; although it is not accepted as an accurate scientific document,
we should read it as a reference data.
- Commented by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.

Source: Tripadviser, February 2012

TripAdviser disclosed the tobacco prices and the smoking rate in the top 20 countries.
However, the time of a survey is different, and we cannot evaluate it very scientific.
We should understand the reported numerical analysis is as a reference data.

Prices. Now and then - Top 10 cities Average US$ price 20 branded cigarettes

   Tokyo  Osaka  Sydney  Oslo  Melbourne  Singapore  Zurich  Paris  Caracas  Geneva
2013  $5.57 $5.57  $15.48  $15.24  $15.72   $9.76    $8.32   $8.10  $7.30  $8.32
2012  $5.73 $5.73  $14.65  $15.83  $15.16   $9.94    $9.87   $8.43  $6.53  $10.13
2008  $2.82 $2.82  $7.44   $11.48  $7.49    $7.63    $5.71   $7.26  $0.74  $5.71
2003  $2.37 $2.37  $3.90   $8.37  $3.84   $3.87    $3.27   $3.56  $0.97  $3.27

Source: The Economist 2013

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.


Cigarette Prices and Taxes
This article was written by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD, in June 2008,
and last updated in Decemberr 2014.

Cigarette price should be raised to 1000yen a pack.

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