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Australian airports

Sydney Airport is the major airport serving Sydney, a state capital of New South Wales. It is the busiest airport in Australia.
The airport is accessible by road and via the underground rail line of Airport Link. The railway stations locate under the
International and Domestic Terminals, and the railway is operated as a part of the Cityrail network.

(L) A display in the cabin showing the aircraft is approaching to the Sydney airport.
(M) A young man is smoking at the site of entrance to the Sydney air terminal.
(R) Forbidden clauses posted at the entrance to the air terminal buildings.

Adelaide Airport is the principal airport in the South Australian capital of Adelaide and the Located next to West Beach, it is
approximately 6 kilometers from the city center.

Adelaide Airport and a Quantas Airline aircraft
(L) The city of Adelaide viewed from the international airport.
(R) A bar stands seen in the Adelaide airport terminal. No-smoking sign was in the center of shop.

A sign plate of 'No Smoking Area' written in a small letter pasted on the glass window of
the air terminal building.

Brisbane International Airport

Brisbane Airport in Queensland is the sole passenger airport serving Brisbane. It is the third busiest in Australia, after Sydney
and Melbourne, and located in the suburb of the city of Brisbane. The airport has international and domestic passenger
terminals and a cargo terminal. Brisbane Airport is accessible by the central business district by the Gateway Motorway and
the Airtrain rail service, which is linked to the Citytrain suburban network.

(L) A notice to call passengers' attention to extinguish cigarettes at the entrance of Brisbane international airport.
(R) This photo shows the Brisbane domestic airport station, the terminal of Airtrain, Brisbane.
(L) The sign board shows the 4-meter restriction of smoking from the entrance of the air terminal building.
(M) A smoke-free workplace sign plate is posted in the domestic airport of Brisbane.
(R) A smoking is prohibited in the airport terminal buildings.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

A rainbow was seen from the site of Brisbane international airport terminal building.
The view of a Brisbane city center n the distance ( The center bottom of this photo )

ニューサウスウエールズ州では2000年に施行された「Smoke-Free Environment Act」に基づいたタバコ規制が敷かれている。しかし、
「NO SMOKING AREA」の標識が貼られていた。


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