Hells of Beppu

Umi Jigoku: One of the more beautiful hells, the "sea hell" features a pond of boiling, blue water.

The hot spring Hells of Beppu are a nationally-designated "Place of Scenic Beauty" in the onsen town
of Beppu, Ohita, Japan. The "hells" are for viewing rather than bathing. These all interesting spots are
privately owned and commercialized, in contrast to the Yellowstone park is owned by American people
and managed by the US National Park Service.

(L) A boiling steam to cook chicken's (R) A ticket office of Umi Jigoku

(L) The entrance board of Umi Jigoku (M) A Hakuryu Inari Jinjya ( white dragon shrine ) at Umi Jigoku
(R) Palm trees at Umi Jigoku

(L) Oniishibozu Jigoku: This hell is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look
like the shaven heads of monks.
(R) Oniyama Jigoku: A large number of crocodiles are bred and kept on the grounds of the 'monster mountain hell'.

Chinoike Jigoku: The blood pond hell, it features a pond of hot, red water.

(L) Chinoike Jigoku and the place when a huge volcanic eruption was occurred in 1927. The height of eruption reached
to the level of 220 meters.
(R)Tatsumaki Jigoku:It means 'spout hell' features a boiling hot geyser, which erupts every 30-40 minutes for about 6-10 minutes.
A stone plate above the geyser prevents it to reach its full height.


One of the well-known open-air baths in Yufuin

Yufuin is a town located in Ohita Prefecture. It is located in a mountainous, agricultural area filled with
natural beauty such as lush greenery and pure streams beneath the spectacular Mount Yufu.
Yufuin is a sightseeing spot and a popular destination for many tourists. Some hotels provide outdoor
baths called open-air bath with a view of the mountain.

(L) JR's Yufuin station (R) Yufuin is a still town with a natural environment. Mount Yufu is on the back.

One of the well-known open-air baths in Yufuin, ' Hotspring for meditation'

An open-air bath in Yufuin, ' Hotspring for meditation'

A tourist town of Yufuin

(L) Old gas pump which is not used. The price of gas in 1960 was 44 yen per liter.
(M) A yellow iris garden near the Lake Kinrin
(R) A Chinese tourist taking a souvenir picture

JR Kyushu
Suginoi Hotel, Beppu


Beppu-Jikoku, Volcanic activity
Beppu Ropeway to Mount Tsurumi
An one-hour rail trip from Ohita to Yufuin

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