Ise Grand Shrine

The Ise Grand Shrine, located within the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture of Japan, is a Shinto shrine
dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. Officially known simply as Jingu, Ise Jingu is
a shrine complex composed of a large number of Shinto shrines centered on two main shrines,
Naiku and Geku. The Inner Shrine, Naiku (also officially known as "Kotai Jingu"), is located
in the south of central Ise, and is dedicated to the worship of Amaterasu, where she is believed
to dwell. The shrine buildings are made of solid cypress wood and use no nails but instead
joined wood.

The Outer Shrine, Geku is located about six kilometers from Naiku and dedicated to Toyouke
-Omikami, the god of agriculture, rice harvest and industry. Besides Naiku and Geku, there are
additional 123 Shinto shrines in Ise City and the surrounding areas, 91 of them connected
to Naiku and 32 to Geku. Purportedly the home of the Sacred Mirror, the shrine is one of
Shinto's holiest and most important sites. Access to both sites is strictly limited, with the common
public not allowed beyond sight of the thatched roofs of the central structures, hidden behind
four tall wooden fences. However, tourists are free to roam the forest, including its ornamental

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Ise Grand Shrine  伊勢神宮 video

(L) A road map to Gaiku (R) Hiyokebashi bridge 火除橋

(L) The board to explain the origins of the Gaiku (R) cherry blossom flowers are in full bloom.

(L) Temizusha for ritual purification 手水舎 (R) Torii to the Gaiku

Gaiku 外宮(豊受大神宮)

Gaiku 外宮(豊受大神宮)

Kazenomiya 風宮

Sacred prize grant and Kaguraden 神札授与所と神楽殿

伊勢神宮ご神楽と御饌 Dedicating Kagura and praying to God


(L) Torii at Ujibashi bridge and rickshaw-man (R) A map guidance to Naiku

Ujibashi 宇治橋

Isuzu Riverside site for purification

Huge trees in Ise Grand Shrine 宮域林

(L) Huge trees in Ise Grand Shrine 宮域林 (R) Stone steps leading to the main sanctuary, Naiku 内宮(皇大神宮)

Sound to be heard in the sanctuary 神宮の音色 video

(L) Kagura-den 神楽殿 (R) Kazahinominomiya 風日祈宮

(L) Mishineno-mikura 御稲御倉 (M) Geheiden 外幣殿 (R) 荒祭宮

 Transition of the four seasons of Jingu  神宮の四季 video 

Ujibashi Bridge and Isuzu River

During the Edo period, it is estimated that one out of ten Japanese conducted an Okage Mai-Ri
pilgrimage to the shrine. As a result, pilgrimage to the shrine was flourished in both commercial
and religious frequency. Because the shrine is considered as a sanctuary, no security checkpoints
were conducted, as it was considered sacrilege by the faithful. The two main shrines of Ise are
joined by a pilgrimage road that passes through the old entertainment district of Furuichi.

Source: Wikipedia

Okage Street for souvenir and food shops

(L) Okage Street (M) Ise-Udon, a noodle (R) Assorted fresh fish and shrimp

(L)Okage Street (R A head shop of Akafuku, a delicious sweet rice cake

(L) Many Japanese food shops are joining eaves. (R) 'Meshi' means a cooked rice. It is derived from the meaning of that; 'please eat it.'

(L) A lucky cat that brings a fortune stands on the Okage street corner. (R) Isuzu River outside Naiku

Smoke-free Ushigin-Honten serving 'Matsusaka sukiyaki'

 Toba Aquarium

 Toba Hotel International Shiojitei

 Kintetsu Express

 Kashima Shrine

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