Smoke-free Hotels in Osaka and Kobe

Osaka is the capital of Osaka Prefecture and the biggest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area,
the second- largest metropolitan area in Japan and among the greatest in the world with over 19 million
inhabitants. Situated at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the second-largest city in Japan
by daytime population after Tokyo's 23 wards and the third-largest city by nighttime population after Tokyo
and Yokohama, serving as a major economic hub for the country.

A North view from the 52nd floor guest room of Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel, the tallest hotel in Japan

Smoke-free Hotels in Osaka and Kobe

This site has no interesting relationship with the posted hotels.
The guest room of the presented hotels here are non-smoking and prohibits smoking in all guest rooms.
It excludes hotels, which provide more than one guest room in which smoking is allowed.


  Hotel Monterey Osaka

The hotel imitates the grandeur of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna, and captures the Austrian royal court
atmosphere that flourished at its cultural peak. It is located close to JR Osaka Station and Umeda Subway Station,
making it convenient to get around in all directions in Osaka and surrounding areas. All 194 guest rooms
are smoke-free. The front desk is situated on the 8th floor, and smoking booth is provided on the same floor.

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

It is very conveniently located in one-minute walking distance from JR Namba station. All 348 guest rooms
are situated on the high floor of 24th to 31st levels. The front desk is on the 22nd floor.
No smoking is allowed in a guest room. Smoking booth is located on the lobby floor.

ホテルモントレ グラスミア大阪

Hotel Hanshin Osaka

Hotel Hanshin Osaka is located near JR and Hanshin Fukushima station. All 290 guest rooms
became smoke-free from July 2018. Smoking booth is provided on the first floor, near the front desk.
There are some defects in the hotel's web side.

  Hotel New Hankyu Annex

This economy-class hotel is situated in a central location in Umeda, Osaka, just next to Hankyu Umeda station.
That means the place is very convenient to go anywhere in the metropolitan Osaka area.
All 302 guest rooms became smoke-free from April 2017.
ホテル・ニュー阪急 アネックス

Hotel Hankyu International

A luxurious hotel stands with reminding guests of a European residence in the Medieval.
It is conveniently located in the bustling retail and commercial district of Umeda in Osaka City.
Acess: Three-minute walking distance from Hankyu Umeda station
Ten-minute ride from Shinkansen Shin-Osaka station by a taxi
Total numbers of gust rooms are 168. All are situated at 26th floor and above.

Hotel Web Kitafunaba East
Hotel Web Kitafunaba East is located at 6-minute walk from Yodoyabashi station of Osaka Metro Midousuji Line
It was open in June 2018. All 168 guest rooms are smoke-free.

 Dotonbori Hotel

Dotonbori Hotel in Osaka is located at the 3-minute walk, near Namba subway and Kintetsu stations.
All 116 guest rooms at this business hotel became smoke-free since June 2014. A designated smoking area
is available. Hotel staff members speak four different languages. The rooms and meals are compatible
for Islamic travelers.

Hotel Universal Port

This resort and entertainment hotel, Hotel Universal Port, is located within the Osaka Bay area,
right next to Universal Studios Japan. All 600 rooms have a bathroom with a washing space, and
a separate toilet. No smoking is allowed in a guest room. By a train, it takes 20 minutes from Shin-Osaka
and Umeda stations.

 Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport

Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport is directly connected to the Terminal 1, located on the second floor of
' Aero Plaza'. If it is the Terminal 2, take a free shuttle bus to ' Aero Plaza'.
Take the limited express train operated by JR to Tenouji, Osaka. It takes 30minutes.
The railway station is located at the three- minute walking distance.
Because of user's demand, all 576 guest rooms became smoke-free since September 2018.
A smoking booth is provided on the second floor.
The hotel reserves the right to charge 50,000 yen to a user for a violation of non-smoking policy.


  Kobe Motomachi Tokyu REI Hotel

The hotel is located at five-minute walking distance from the subway Daimarumae station, and
three-minute distance from JR and Hanshin Motomachi station. It provides women-only floor,
that eliminates male guests. All 191 guest rooms became the smoke-free sine Jyly 2017.
A smoking booth is situated on the second floor, where there is a reception desk.
The hotel won the awards from TripAdviser for eight consecutive years.

 Hotel Monte Hermana Kobe Amalie

Hotel Monterey Amalie is being reborn under a new brand name as Hotel Monte Hermana Kobe Amale.
Hermana means "sisters" in Spanish. All 180 guest rooms are smoke-free. Smoking booth is provided
on the first floor. It is located at two-minute walking distance from Sannomiya subway station.
ホテル モンテ エルマーナ神戸 アマリー

english index tobacco control International and domestic smoke-free hotels in Japan ( Japanese version 日本語 )
There are many other smoke-free hotels and ryokan in Japan.
However, in the Japanese version, English correspondences with the listed hotels are not perfect.

A partial smoking ban in a hotel does not protect guests from dangers of tobacco.

Hotels, that have the smoking and non-smoking rooms, do not adequately protect people
from the dangers of tobacco. That is the conclusion of a new San Diego State University study
published in the Journal Tobacco Control.

Researchers took air quality readings and tested surfaces for evidence of tobacco-smoke
in a random sample of San Diego hotel rooms. Ten hotels had complete smoking bans
while 30 others had some dedicated non-smoking rooms. Compared with hotels that
prohibit smoking, hotels with only partial ban had higher surface and air nicotine levels.

That was true even in the non-smoking rooms in hotels with a partial ban. Only five U.S. states,
Indiana, Michigan, North Dakota, Vermond and Wisconsin, require all motels and hotel rooms
to be smoke free. Four cities in California, including Santa Monica, have such a law.
Researchers say guests who want to avoid tobacco exposure should stay only in smoke-free hotels.
Source: KPBS, San Diego, May 15, 2013

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 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
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