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At which hotel, would you like to stay in Tokyo?
A reference to find out non-smoking room and smoking room
in major hotels at Tokyo, Japan

A survey on a smoking room ratio to non-smoking room of hotels in Tokyo

Forty-one hotels in Tokyo are presented in this site. They are located in the central part
of Tokyo. Most of the hotels listed here are an internationally known accommodation.
All hotels awarded Traveler's Choice 2013 by Tripadviser were also included.
This site has no interesting relationship with the posted hotels.

Around the Imperial Palace

Hotel Century Southern Tower

Total guest rooms: 375
Smoking rooms: 53
Non-smoking rooms: 322
*14.1% = The ratio of the number of smoking guest rooms to the number of total guest rooms
Smoking booth: 2, on 19th and 20th floor

(L) The entrance of Hotel Century Southern Tower
(R) A closed small smoking room is located on the 20th floor at the hotel.

(L) A designated smoking area is located in the passage of 19th floor in the hotel.
A toxic tobacco-smoke may spread over the entire hotel corridor.
(R) An elevator hall of the Hotel Century Southern Tower

All restaurants on the 20th floor are smokefree.
Lounge Bar South Court on the second floor is smokefree.
Restaurant, Hirokazu is smokefree, except for a separate private room.
China Grill is smokefree.

A clean, high -rise this hotel has a closed smoking booth on the 20th floor.
However, there is a designated smoking corner of the passage on the 19th floor
of this hotel. A toxic tobacco-smoke diffusing over the same space may affect
a person who is passing through this area. .A closure of the smoking area of
this place should be done.

Hilton Hotel Tokyo

Hilton Hotel Tokyo

Total guest rooms: 808
Smoking rooms: 145
Non-smoking rooms: 663
Smoking area: outside

Marble Lounge is smokefree.
Brasserie Checkers is smokefree.

This is a well-known international hotel in Tokyo, located at Shinjuku district.
The spaces around a lobby hall and passage are smokefree.

Keio Plaza Hotel

Total guest rooms: 1435
Smoking rooms: 344
Non-smoking rooms: 1091
Smoking area: outside

(L) Many hotel guests spent the time for smoking. (R) A smoking booth inside the hotel

Smoking area with an air cleaner is provided at the corner of passageway of 47th floor at the entrance to a toilet.
Tobacco smoke is spread over the pathway, and a hotel guest has to aspirate the adverse side-smoke of cigarette.

Instead of above, Keio Plaza newly built enclosed smoking booth ( photograph in February 2016)

(L) Three restaurants on the 7th floor are smokefree. (R) Exterior of Keio Plaza Hotel

(L) A total smoking ban in a restaurant
(R) Incomplete separation of smoking and non-smoking seats

A sign plate is with the name of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Three restaurants on the 7floor, which include Teppan-Yaki, Tempura and Suchi shops,
are smokefree. Other restaurants and bars, are not completely smokefree.

This hotel is the first high rise-hotel on the re-development project at the site,
where the water purification plants. The hotel was opened in 1971.
It is conveniently located in one-minute walking distance from a subway station.

Shinjuku Prince Hotel

Total guest rooms: 571
Smoking rooms: 291
Non-smoking rooms: 280
Smoking booth is located inside of the restaurant (25F)

(L) Prince Hotel Shinjuku and JR railway bridge (M) A sign board of the non-smoking floor
(R) A smoking booth with a view of Tokyo is provided at the Japanese dining and bar on the 25th floor.
Two-round holes are the duct to aspirate a tobacco-smoke.

A restaurant in this hotel is the first to be smokefree. It was in circa 2003.
Although the smoking room ratio is relatively high, there is a designated non-smoking floor.
This hotel is located near Shinjuku JR and subway stations.

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

Total guest rooms: 744 (6F-26F)
Total floors: 21
Smoking and flexible floors: 15
Non-smoking floors: 6
*71.4% if included flexible floors
Smoking place: outside

The main entrance to Hyatt Regency Hotel (R) smoking place outside

This hotel provides a flexible room, which is at times non-smoking, sometimes smoking,
depending on demand. Non-smoker may get sick from so-called third hand smoke
caused from the sediment attached wall or carpet of the guest rooms.

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Total guest rooms: 177
Smoking rooms: 52
Non-smoking rooms: 125
Smoking booth: 0

(L) A guest room corridor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo
(R) The hotel is occupying the top 14 floors of Shinjuku Park Tower.

In New York Grill on the 52nd floor, no smoking is allowed in a daytime.
However, after 5 pm, bar section allows smoking inside.
Restaurant, Kozue on the 40th floor is smokefree, except for a separate private room.
Girandole and Peak Lounge-bar, located on the 41st floor, are smokefree.

A night view of New York Grill is magnificent. However, a staff of restaurant sometimes
lacks a hospitality. This restaurant allows smoking in a bar section, which share the same
space of the restaurant.

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

A lobby hall of the Grand Hyatt

Total guest rooms: 387
Smoking rooms: 31
Non-smoking rooms: 330
Flexible 26- This includes a sweat-type room.
*14.7% - Flexible rooms are included in a smoking room.
Smoking booth: 0

This hotel also provides a flexible room, and smoking is allowed in most restaurants.
It is located at Roppongi, an active night club area.

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan  All guest rooms of Grand Hyattl Tokyo are now smoke-free.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

The entrance of a surface level

Total guest rooms: 245
Smoking rooms: 71 ( 47F and 52F )
Non-smoking rooms: 174
Smoking booth: 0

The lobby lounge ( 45F ) and a reception desk

This is a well-known first-class hotel. All restaurants are smokefree, except for a bar.
A tobacco-smoke from a bar section of lobby lounge possibly affects the health of
non-smoking guests and employee.

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

(L) The hotel entrance of the Prince Park Tower (R) A lobby hall

Total guest rooms: 681
Smoking rooms: 267
Non-smoking rooms: 414
Smoking booth: 1 on B1F

(L) Tokyo Tower viewed from a garden of the hotel
(R) A tobacco bending machine is placed at the corner of the lobby hall.
However, this is not unusual for the hotels of Tokyo.

Restaurant: Only sushi shop here is smokefree.
Most of the hotel restaurants are not completely smokefree.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo

(L) Hotel New Otani Tokyo: Left-side building is the Main Building, and the right-side building is Garden Tower.
(R) Hotel New Otani Tokyo viewed from Akasaka Moat.

Total guest rooms: 1,479, Main building, 29 floors. Garden Tower, 12 floors.
Smoking rooms of Mian building: 6 floors/12 floors
Smoking rooms of Garden Tower: 19 floors/29 floors
Non-smoking rooms of Mian building: 6 floors/12 floors
Non-smoking rooms of Garden Tower: 10 floors/29 floors
*Main Building, about 50.0%
*Garden Tower, about 65.5%
Smoking booth: 1, on the first floor, 1, on the second floor

(L) Smoking booth on the second floor (R) smokefree Garden Lounge

(L) Smoking booth is provided on the first floor, banquet floor. (R) A passage between the Main Building and Garden Tower

Restaurant: The following restaurants in the hotel are smokefree.
Garden Lounge, Sekishintei/Seisentei, Noodle-shop, Nakajima, Nadaman, Tempura-Hirikawa,
Isehiro and Tully's Coffee.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo is an urban hotel in a quiet area, away from the bustling city center.
It was open in 1964. There are a wide Japanese garden and traditional tea house.
Access: About five to ten minutes walk to three different subway stations.

Hotel Okura Tokyo

(L) The Main Building of Hotel Okura (R) A passage connects the Main Building and South Wing.

Total guest rooms: 798
Smoking rooms: 276
Non-smoking rooms: 522
Smoking booth: 1 on 2F ( banquet floor )

Smoking rooms on the second floor, which is mainly for banquets.

Sushi, Kyubei is completely smokefree. Restaurants, Yamazaki, Sazanka, La Belle Epoque restricts
smoking, except for a private room. The inner space of Terrace Restaurant is non-smoking.

(L) La Belle Epoque -12F South Wing (R) A corridor to the restaurants

This prestigious hotel was opened in 1962, as the international hotel in Tokyo. It consists of
the Main Building and South Wing, and is located a quiet hillside.
It takes about 10 minutes' walk to and from a subway station.

Coming in 2019, a new Hotel Okura will be constructed.
Despite being newly rebuilt, there are many smoking rooms.

Park Hotel Tokyo

(L) Park Hotel is located inside of the building of Media Tower, Shiodome.
(R) A view of Tokyo Tower and high-raised buildings within a business district

Total guest rooms: 271 ( 27F-34F )
Smoking rooms: 23 ( 34F )
Non-smoking rooms: 258
Smoking booth :0

Smoking is allowed in a corner table of the reception lobby on the 25th floor.
All 2 restaurants are smokefree. Smoking is allowed in a bar.

It was a real surprise to see a woman from abroad was smoking in a lobby hall.
Later, it was found that this hotel officially admits smoking at a corner of the lobby,
and provides several tables exclusively for smoking. A toxic tobacco-smoke from
a tip of cigarette would be diffused over the whole lobby and possibly affects
the health of non-smoking guests and employee.

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan  All guest rooms of Park Hotel Tokyo are now smoke-free.
The Park Hotel Tokyo changed the smoking policy from May 2015.
All 237 guest rooms became non-smoking. Smoking booth is provided on the 25th floor.

Conrad Tokyo

(L) The main entrance of Conrad Tokyo (R) A view from the lobby floor

Total guest rooms: 289 ( 30F -37F )
Smoking rooms: 65
Non-smoking rooms: 224
Smoking booth: 0

A lobby lounge and bar

Four restaurants in the hotel are smokefree. A lobby bar in the lounge allows smoking.
A tobacco-smoke from a bar section possibly affects the health of non-smoking guests.

Hotel Villa Fontaine

The hotel entrance

Total guest rooms: 497
Smoking rooms: 141
Non-smoking rooms: 356
Smoking booth: 0

A breakfast is served on the lobby floor, for a hotel guest only. This hotel is located
next to Condad Tokyo, and directly connected with Shidome subway station.

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
The name of Hotel Nikko Tokyo was changed to Hilton Tokyo Odaiba in October 2015.

(L) The Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay (R) Daiba station

Tokyo Waterfront New Transit train starts Shinbashi Station and stops at Shiodome.
It is automated transit system controlled by computers.

Total guest rooms: 553 → 453 ( 2015 )
Smoking rooms: 145 ( 2013)
Non-smoking rooms: 408 ( 2013 )
Smoking booth: 1 -3F
Smoking place: 2 -outside

(L) A lobby hall (R) A smoking room is provided on the third floor.

A passage to restaurants and the entrance to Sakura, Japanese restaurant

Nikko Hotel Tokyo was the key accommodation of JAL airline partners. It located off Tokyo
central distract at Daiba district, surrounded Tokyo Bay. The hotel is next to the Daiba
station of an automatically operated transit system.

Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

Total guest rooms: 336
Smoking rooms: 9F, 10F, 15F, 16F, 18F, 20F and 21F ( max. 170 )
Non-smoking rooms: 11F, 12F, 13F, 14F, 17F, 19F and 22F
Flexible: 23F and 24F ( Club Intercontinental Rooms )
about *50.6%
Smoking booth: 2 on 2F and 3F
Smoking place: 1 -outside

All four restaurants are smokefree, except for a private room. Hotel Tokyo Bay offers
a 40-sqm floor space, with a spectacular view over the Tokyo Bay. It is conveniently
located in front of the monorail Takeshiba station. The railway fee is 180 yen to
Shinbashi station, where JR and many subway lines are in service.

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan  
All guest rooms of Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay will become smoke-free from March 2019.

Grand Pacific le Daiba

RoLan, a chinese restaurant on the lobby floor provides an open smoking area at the entrance.
A restaurant user often has to aspirate a bad tobacco-smell.

Total guest rooms: 854 ( 6F - 28F )
Non-smoking floors: 9F, 10F, 11F, 12F, 15F, 16F, 17F, 18F, 19F, 20F, 22F, 24F, 25F and 27F
Total number = 530
Smoking floors: 26F, 28F ( definite ) and others
Total number = 350
After pointed out the discrepancy of the number ( 530+350=880 ),

the hotel refused to disclose the further details.
* A smoking-room rate: uncalculated.

There appear many flexible rooms, sometimes for smokers, in some cases for non-smokers,
at Grand Pacific le Daiba. It means the hotel might be using the non-smoking rooms for smokers.
This hotel neglects the risk of the third-hand smoke, which may affect to the health of
a non-smoking guest who stayed in this hotel.

Health warning tobacco
Beware of Third-Hand Smoke


Grand Pacific le Daiba was sold to OkuraNikko Hotel Management after the stock fall in 2016, later transferred to Hulic Company.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

The entrance hall and passage

(L) Direct access to the Subway at B2 Floor (R) A meeting place at a basement

Total guest rooms: 251
Smoking rooms: 79 ( 18F, 25F and 28F )
-There is a plan to renovate the smoking floor ( 25F ) to the non-smoking.
Non-smoking rooms: 172
Smoking booth: 1 on 1F

(L) The entrance into the smoking room (R) The interior of the smoking room

A subway station guide of Tameike-Sanno

All restaurants are smokefree, except a separate private room.

A well-designed smoking room exists on the first floor: There is the windbreak room before
a smoker enters the smoking room. There are a few cases of the well-equipped security system
to avoid a toxic tobacco-smoke to another space.

ANA Intercontinental Tokyo

The exterior and Atrium Lounge on the second floor

Total guest rooms: 844
Smoking rooms: 231 ( 7F, 8F, 15F, 19F, 26F and 32F ))
Non-smoking rooms: 613
Smoking booth: 1 on 2F, and 1, outside

A smoking booth is located on the second floor, in front of business center and besides a toilet.

Restaurants in a hotel are, in general, smokefree. However, there is a slight risk of that
side-smoke from a bar may flow into a non-smoking area of restaurants in this hotel.

This is a key hotel of the ANA airline group, and is located near Roppongi district,
where Roppongi Hills' building and famous as an active night club scene.

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

Total guest rooms: 487
Smoking rooms: 194
Non-smoking rooms: 293
Smoking booth: 0 inside, 1 at outside passage on 2F

An open-air smoking place of the Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

Most of the restaurants are not completely smokefree.

This hotel is conveniently located next to the Akasaka-Mitsuke subway station, and
a hotel guest may go to the central part of Tokyo at a short time.

Hotel Niwa Tokyo

(L) A view from a street (R) A small Japanese garden makes a traveler feel an exotic mood.

(L) The entrance into the hotel (R) A signboard that shows the 2013 Tripadviser winner

A smokefree restaurant in the Hotel Niwa Tokyo

Total guest rooms: 238
Smoking rooms: 40
Non-smoking rooms: 198
Smoking booth: 1 on 2F, 1 on 3F

The pictures show a smoking area of the third floor (left) and the second floor (right).

Two restaurants and cafes are completely smokefree.

The Niwa Hotel Tokyo is located near Suidoubashi JR and subway stations.
'Niwa' means a garden in Japanese. This hotel stands in an ordinary city area.
However, a skillful setup of Japanese cushion makes a traveler feel somewhat different.
This hotel appears to create a warm homey atmosphere. A coin laundry is convenient
for a long-stay guest.

Tokyo Dome Hotel

(L) Tokyo Dome Hotel (R) A smoking booth on the fourth floor

Total guest rooms: 1,006
Smoking rooms: 712
Non-smoking rooms: 294
Smoking booth, 1 on 1F (outside ) , 1 on 4F

Smokefree restaurants are two on the first and 4th floor. No other restaurants are
completely smokefree.
This hotel stands next to the large baseball stadium, called The Tokyo Big Egg and
an entertainment complex. Suidoubashi railway station is nearby.

Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya

Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya

(L) A smoking booth on the B1F floor (R) An open-smoking place exists in the second floor of the hotel.

Total guest rooms: 197
Smoking rooms: 39
Non-smoking rooms: 158

There are smoking booth on the first and second floors of the East-Wing,
and a smoking booth on the B1F of the West-Wing.
A completely smokefree restaurant is not available at this hotel.
This hotel may be inadequate for a healthy-minded guest.

KKR Hotel Tokyo

(L) Banquet rooms on the 11th floor
(R) Advertisement is displayed attached to the wall of the platform at Takebashi subway station.

A directory showed on the elevator panel.

Total guest rooms: 161
Smoking rooms: 14
Non-smoking rooms: 147
Smoking booth, 1 on 11F and 1, outside

An inside smoking booth on the 11th floor and outside smoking place on the 1st floor

Banquet rooms on the 10th and 11th floor are smokefree.
Restaurants and cafes are not completely smokefree.
KKR Hotel Tokyo is located near the Imperial Palace and directly connected with
Takabashi subway station. The bridal service is the key business at this hotel.

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan  All guest rooms of KKR Hotel Tokyo are now smoke-free.
The KKR Hotel became a smoke-free hotel since May 2014.
All 161 rooms are non-smoking.

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo

The Imperial Hotel Tokyo

(L) An entrance hall with a reception desk (R) A view from the 17th floor towards the Imperial Palace

(L) Elevator hall (R) Well-known shops are open on the B1F, including a flower shop.

A smoking room on the banquet hall of the third floor

Total guest rooms: Main Building, 931, Imprial Tower, 360
Smoking rooms: Main Building, 467, Imprial Tower, 180
Non-smoking rooms: Main Building, 464, Imprial Tower, 180
Main Building, *50.2%, Imprial Tower, *50.0%
Smoking booth: 1 on the 3F, banquet floor

Smokefree restaurants are Parkside Diner, Nakata and The Imperial Viking.

The Imperial Hotel was first constructed in 1890. The second hotel was built 1923 by the design
of well-known Frank Lloyd Wright. The recent luxury Imperial Hotel was constructed on the same
site in 1968, and the Tower was added in 1980s. Subway Hibiya Station is nearby.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

(L) Palace Hotel Tokyo (R) A swan swam over the moat of the Imperial Palace.

(L) Elevator hall (R) A part of the reception hall

(L) The main entrance of Palace Hotel
(R) A view from the fourth floor towards the business district and the moat of Imperial Palace

Total guest rooms: 290 ( 8F-18F and 20F-23F )
Smoking rooms: 78
Non-smoking rooms: 212
Smoking booth: 1 each on B1F, on 1F and on 2F, banquet floor

A well-equipped smoking room on the second floor, where a banquet is held.
A windbreak room exists between a smoking room and hotel passage.

Restaurant: Wadakura, three Japanese restaurants are smokefree. You may smoke in a bar.

Palace Hotel Tokyo was rebuilt in 2012 at the same site beside the moat of the Imperial Palace.
It stands next to the Marunouchi business district. The newly constructed facilities are modern
and clean. A wedding and banquet services are the important part for this hotel.
The windbreak room is provided at the place where a smoker enters the smoking room,
to avoid tobacco-smoke diffuses to other spaces.

The Peninsula Tokyo

Lobby hall and a guardian lion placed in both sides of the main hotel entrance

Total guest rooms: 314
Smoking rooms: 60
Non-smoking rooms: 254
Smoking booth: 0

(L) A rickshaw man and a guardian lion (R) The hotel is just above a subway station.

Restaurants: Peter (24F) and The Lobby (1F) are smokefree.
In bar, smoking is allowed.

A 24-story luxury world-famous hotel was opened in 2007 in the center of Tokyo.
A subway station is located just underneath of the hotel and is convenient to visit
any place in the busy metropolitan city of Japan.

Tokyo Station Hotel

Tokyo Station, Marunouchi site

The entrance to the Tokyo Station Hotel

Total guest rooms: 150
Smoking rooms: 30
Non-smoking rooms: 120
Smoking booth :2 on B1F and South Wing

(L) A smoking booth place on B1F (R) A restaurant guide

The interior of renovated Tokyo Station

All ten restaurants are smokefree, except for Oak Bar.

Tokyo Station Hotel was first open in 1915. An extensive renovation of the hotel was performed
and re-opened in 2012. This station hotel is very convenient to go far using a super-express
Shinkansen train which starts here at the Tokyo station. According to the concierge, there is
a plan to reduce the number of smoking rooms from the present 30 to 20. If so,
the smoking-room ratio to total will be down to 13.3%.

Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi

The entrance to the Four Seasons Hotel Marunouchi

Total guest rooms: 57 ( 1F-7F )
Smoking rooms: 15
non-smoking rooms: 42
smoking place - outside

A restaurant here is not completely smokefree.

This Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo is located near Tokyo Station. If requested,
a hotel staff will personally greet and send the hotel guest of at Tokyo Station.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

The entrance to the Hotel Ryumeikan and a view from the lobby floor

Total guest rooms: 135
Smoking rooms: 20
Non-smoking rooms:115
Smoking booth: 1 (15F)

(L) Smoking booth on the lobby floor (R) Exterior of Hotel Ryumeukan

Restaurant: 1 - smokefree, except for a separate private room.

Hotel Ryumeikan recently gained a high reputation by TripAdviser Traveler Rating.
It is located within the district at five-minute walking distance from Tokyo Station.

Smoke-free Hotels in Japan  All guest rooms of Hotel Ryumeukan Tokyo are now smoke-free.
The hotel changed a smoking policy to turn to the entire 135 guest rooms to be smoke-free, mainly because of
high demand from guests from North America and Europe. The occupancy rate of a non-smoking guest room is 91%,
compared to 74% in guest rooms, which allow smoking.

Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo

(L) The ground-level entrance of Shangri-La Hotel: Women receptionists are very friendly.
(R) The entrance signboard of the hotel

Total guest rooms: 200
Smoking floors: 34F and 36F ( 2 floors )
Non-smoking floors: 31F, 33F, 35 F and 37F ( 4 floors )
Flexible floor: 32F
about *42.9% The guest rooms on 32F were calculated as a smoking floor.

(L) A view from an elevator hall of 28F (R) A smokefree Italian restaurant, Piacere

Restaurant: 3 - Only Italian restaurant, Piacere is completely smokefree.

Shangri-La Hotel is a well-known international accommodation. The head office is located
in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, a distinct difference between smoking and non-smoking
guest rooms in this hotel appeared to be unclear. In December 2011, the writer checked
the hotel rooms at Island- Shangri-La of Hongkong; their response at the reception desk
was very quick. However, the answer obtained here in Tokyo was somewhat undecipherable.

Daiichi Hotel Tokyo

(L) A signboard cerebrating 75the anniversary of Daiichi Hotel (R) The lobby lounge

Total guest rooms: 277
Smoking rooms: 107
Non-smoking rooms: 170
Smoking booth: 1 on 1F

All tobacco products, including no-smoke cigarette is prohibited in a Lobby Lounge.

Daiichi Hotel was first established in 1937. The hotel was one of the most deluxe hotels in Japan,
with Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. However, in 2000, because of business failure, it became once bankrupt.
The location of the hotel is in the central business area of Tokyo, with two-minute walking distance
to JR Shinbashi station. A lobby lounge on the first floor is smokefree.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

(L) A restaurant on the 37th floor (R) A passage across the lobby floor

Total guest rooms: 178
Smoking rooms: 54
Non-smoking rooms: 124
Smoking booth: 1 - near the exit of 1F

Restaurants, Sora and Kshiki on the 38th floor are smokefree.
Restaurants on the 37th floor are basically smokefree. However, smoking is allowed in the center
space of Mandarin Bar. As a result, toxic tobacco-smoke may flow out to the nearby restaurants,
since they share the same inner space.
In this hotel, there may be the lack of recognition on an adverse effect of a toxic substance
released from the tip of cigarette. Healthy-minded guest should avoid using restaurants
on the 37th floor.

Prince Hotel Shinagawa

(L) The main building and East tower (R) All non-smoking N-Tower of Shinagawa Prince Hotel

(L) The hotel entrance of the Main-Tower (R) A smoking place next to the entrance of East-Tower

Total guest rooms: Mian building 1700, East Tower 1,015, N-Tower 257
Smoking rooms: Main 800, East 272, N-Tower 0
Non-smoking rooms: Main 900, East 778, N-Tower 257
Main, *47.1% East *26.8% N-Tower *0%
Smoking place: 2 outside

There is no completely smokefree restaurant in Prince Hotel Shinagawa. However, it is very
pleased to know that, in March 2013, the prince hotel renovated guest rooms of the N-Tower,
and re-open as all non-smoking style. This could be possible because of a giant hotel scale,
although, it is an epochal event in a hotel in Tokyo.

The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo

(L) Shinagawa Intercity and an open passage in front of Shinagawa East Tower (R) A lobby hall on the 26th floor.

Total guest rooms: 205 on 27F -32F ( Shinagawa East Tower )
Smoking rooms: 87
Non-smoking rooms: 118
Smoking booth: 1 on 26F

The main entrance of The Strings Hotel and the commemorative shield by Tripadviser

(L) Smokefree restaurant, China Shadow
(R) There is no sign plate that shows the designated smoking place at the entrance on 26th floor.

Two restaurants, China Shadow and Dinning Room of the lobby floor are smokefree.
This hotel is conveniently located with a two-minute walking distance to Shinagawa
station, where Shinkansen trains stop.

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

A lobby hall of Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotal

Total guest rooms: 411
Smoking rooms: 120
Non-smoking rooms: 291
Smoking place- outside

Two restaurants, Karamelo and Garden Lounge on the first floor are smokefree.
Other restaurants on the second and 40th floor allow smoking in a restaurant or bar section.
Many restaurant guests in this hotel do not care about an adverse side-stream of
tobacco-smoke. Several women were smoking while eating. However, no non-smokers
nearby appeared to complain about that her companion is smoking at the same table.

The Westin Tokyo

(L) The signboard that shows the direction of The Westin Tokyo at the Ebisu Garden Place
(R) The main entrance to the Westin

(L) A passage connected a lobby (R) A lobby lounge

(L) No-smoking lounge on the second floor (R) A moving walkway to the Ebisu Garden Place

Total guest rooms: 438
Smoking rooms: 140
Non-smoking rooms: 298
Smoking booth: 0

Westin Hotel is an internationally well-known hotel group, and is also known for a strict
smoking ban, particularly in North America. However, as like other hotels in Japan, the
smoking-room ratio is relatively high. All 5 restaurants are smokefree, except for a private
room. This hotel is next to Ebisu garden Place and at the 10-minute walking distance
to the JR Ebisu station. A long moving walkway is very helpful for a hotel guest and
a restaurant user.

Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

(L) Exterior of Sheraton Miyako Hotel
(R) A free shuttle bus to Shinagawa and/or Meguro JR and subway railway stations

Total guest rooms: 495
Smoking rooms: 152
Non-smoking rooms: 343
Smoking booth: 1 on 1F
Smoking place: 1 -outside

(L) A computer desk on the lobby floor (R) Smoking room supported by Japan Tobacco Inc.

(L) A passage to the Japanese restaurant, Yamatoya-Sangen
(R) A notice saying the Lobby lounge become smokefree from April 2013

It is well known that Sheraton Hotel in North America had been smokefree for years.
However, as like other hotels in Japan, the smoking-room ratio to total is over 30%.
Three restaurants recently became smokefree, except for an out-door seat.

Sunshine City Prince Hotel

(L) The hotel entrance within the Sunshirne-City building, Ikebukuro
(R) The 240-meter tall Sunshine City building complex viewed from Mejiro

Total guest rooms: 1,109
Smoking rooms: 684
Non-smoking rooms: 425
Smoking allowed in the lobby Lounge ( 1F )
Smoking area: outside

No smokefree restaurants, except for Bayern Restaurant ( B1F )

This hotel is one of the major hotels in the Prince-Hotel group in Japan.
A smoking-room ratio in this hotel is relatively high. Tour groups often use this hotel.
The hotel is directly connected with a Metropolitan Expressway. However,
this place is not so convenient to a railway access.

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo

Exterior and reception hall of Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo, at Ikebukuro

Total guest rooms: 814
Smoking rooms: 424; 374 after July 2013
Non-smoking rooms: 390; 440 after July 2013
*52.1% ; 45.9% after July 2013
Smoking booth: 2, on 2F and 3F
Smoking place: 1 -outside

Outside smoking area and inside smoking booth

The only complete all-day smokefree tea lounge is Suzukake on the M2F.
Other restaurants have a smoking space or allow smoking after evening time.

This hotel is conveniently located at 5-minute walking distance from Ikebukuro JR and
subway stations. The hotel provides several automatic bending machines for tobacco sale.

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

The main entrance to the Hotel Chinzanso

The reception hall of Chinzanso

Total guest rooms: 260
Smoking rooms: 54 -11F and 14F
Non-smoking rooms: 206
Smoking area: 2 - outside

Hotel building and passage of Chinzanso

A garden of Chinzanso

It creates a world of fantasy by a fine mist covering the water surface of a garden pond. (R) A red-painted bridge in a garden

(L) A Japanese-dressed visitors (M) Three-story pagoda (R) Petals cover the surface of the pond.

A corner chair and a display on the passage of Chinzanso

No smoking is allowed in all 12 restaurants, with the exception at a private room.
A guest may put a cigarette on at the bar on the second floor.

This hotel with a woody garden is one of the most magnificent hotels around the world.
A lage garden, which is densely covered with green, is very precious in area within
the Yamanote railway-loop line of Tokyo. Only disadvantage in this hotel is relatively
far from a public railway transportation. Although, when you take a taxi, it will take you
to the central part of Tokyo without much time. The minimum taxi fee is 410 yen.

Summary of the smoking-room ratio studied in 41 hotels of Tokyo

Prince Hotel Shinagawa ( N-Tower ): 257rooms/ smoking 0 rooms ( 0.00% )
Park Hotel Tokyo: 271 rooms/smoking 23 rooms - 34th floor (
8.5% )
KKR Hotel Tokyo: 161 rooms/smoking 14 rooms (
8.7% )
Hotel Century Southern Tower: 375 rooms/smoking 53 rooms (
14.1% )
Grand Hyatt Tokyo: 387 rooms/smoking and flexible 57 rooms (
14.7% )
Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo: 135 rooms/smoking 20 rooms (
14.8% )
Hotel Niwa Tokyo: 238 rooms/smoking 40 rooms ( 16.8% )
Hilton Hotel Tokyo: 808 rooms/smoking 145 rooms (
17.9% )
The Peninsula Tokyo: 314 rooms/smoking 60 rooms (
19.1% )
Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya: 197 rooms/smoking 39 rooms ( 19.8% )

Tokyo Station Hotel: :150 rooms/smoking 30 rooms (
20.0% )
Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: 260 rooms/smoking 54 rooms-11F and 14F (
20.8% )
Conrad Tokyo: 289 rooms/smoking 65 rooms (
22.5.% )
Keio Plaza Hotel: 1,435 rooms/smoking 344 rooms (
24.0% )
Hotel Nikko Tokyo: 553 rooms/smoking 145 rooms ( 26.2% )
Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi: 57 rooms/smoking 15 rooms (
26.3% )
Prince Hotel Shinagawa ( East-Tower ): 1,015 rooms/smoking 272 rooms ( 26.8% )
Palace Hotel Tokyo:290 rooms/smoking 78 rooms ( 26.9% )
ANA Intercontinental Tokyo: 844 rooms/smoking 231 rooms
-7F, 8F, 15F, 19F, 26F and 32F (
27.3% )
Hotel Villa Fontaine: 497 rooms/smoking 141 rooms (
28.4% )

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo: 245 rooms/smoking 71 rooms-47F and 52F (
29.0% )
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel: 411 rooms/smoking 120 rooms (
29.2% )
Park Hyatt Tokyo: 177 rooms/smoking 52 rooms, (
29.3% )
Mandarin Oriental Tokyo: 178 rooms/smoking 54 rooms (
30.3% )
Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo: 495 rooms/smoking 152 rooms (
30.7.% )
Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu: 487rooms/smoking 194 rooms (
31.5% )
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu: 251 rooms/smoking 79 rooms-18F, 25F and 28F (
31.5.% )
The Westin Tokyo: 438 rooms/smoking 140 rooms ( 32.0.% )
Hotel Okura Tokyo: 798 rooms/smoking 276 rooms (
34.6% )
Daiichi Hotel Tokyo: 277 rooms/smoking 107 rooms (
38.6% )

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo: 681 rooms/smoking 267 rooms-7F and 10F (
39.2% )
The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo: 205 rooms/smoking 87 rooms (
42.4% )
Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo: 200 rooms, 7 floors/smoking and flexible 3 floors (42.9% )
Prince Hotel Shinagawa ( Main Building): 1,700 rooms/smoking 900 rooms ( 47.1% )
Hotel New Otani Tokyo( Main Building ): 12 floors/smoking 6 floors (
50.0% ) *
The Imperial Hotel Tokyo ( Imperial Tower ): 360 rooms/smoking 180 rooms (
50.0% )
The Imperial Hotel Tokyo ( Main Building ): 931 rooms/smoking 467 rooms (
50.2% )
Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay: 336 rooms/smoking 170 rooms (
50.6% ) *
Shinjuku Prince Hotel: 571 rooms/smoking 291 rooms (
51.0% )
Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo: 814 rooms/smoking 424 rooms (
52.1% )

Sunshine Prince Hotel: 1,109 rooms/smoking 684 rooms (
61.7.% )
Hotel New Otani Tokyo ( Garden Tower ): 29 floors/smoking 19 floors (
Tokyo Dome Hotel: 1,008 rooms/smoking 712 rooms (
70.8% )
Hyatt Regency Tokyo: 744 rooms/smoking and flexible 531 rooms (
71.4% )
* rough estimate

A smoking-room ratio (percentage) in the selected hotels in Tokyo


Forty-one hotels in Tokyo are included this survey. They are located in the central part of Tokyo. Most of the
hotels listed here is an internationally known accommodation.

The smoking-room ratio to the total guest room is very much different from 8.5% to 71.4%, except for all
non-smoking hotel recently renovated building by a largest hotel group. In my study abroad, in Whistler,
British Columbia, all ten hotels have no smoking-guest room. In Vancouver, eight hotels out of 12 hotels
abandoned a smoking-guest room. In Seattle, six of eight hotels provides no smoking -guest rooms. The
smoking-room ratios of the remaining two Seattle hotels are 1.1% to 5.7%. In San Francisco, California, the
15 hotels out of the 17 hotels are smokefree. Smoking-room ratios at the remaining two Cisco hotels are 1.6%.

In Hong Kong, 22 hotels were surveyed. The smoking-room ratio of 18 hotels was under the level of 20%.
No smoking-guest rooms in two hotels.

In Tokyo, a smoking booth was installed at almost all hotels. It may be a closed room with an independent
air-flow system. The hotels of Hotel Century Southern Tower and Hotel Grand Hill Ichigaya had an
open smoking area in the passage, without putting a wall or a door to separate the space from others.
Palace Hotel Tokyo and The Capitol Hotel Tokyu provided a windbreak room between a smoking booth and
a hotel passage, to prevent tobacco-smoke to flow out to other public spaces.

It was a surprise to see a guest from abroad smoking a corner of the lobby. Park Hotel Tokyo provides several
tables in a lobby hall for smokers. In the hotel which provides a bar in a lobby space, tobacco-smoke flowing
out to even to the reception desk. The smoking-room ratio is exceptionally high in Tokyo, as well as other
Japanese cities, compared to hotels in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Several hotels in Tokyo are planning to reduce a smoking-guest room from the present high level. Now, it
appears that when a hotel is near full-house, they assign a smoking-room to a non-smoker after spraying ]
to remove the bad smell caused by smoking. The flexible room is also used for smokers and non-smokers.
This action clearly neglected an adverse effect of the third-hand smoking.

At times, a very bad smell remained inside the room as a designated non-smoking room. This is caused by
many smoker-tourists violate the no-smoking policy and smoked inthe room. To prevent the intolerable
discomfort and the adverse third-hand health effect, each hotel should accept a penalty rule, for instance,
to decline $200 from the guest's credit card account in case of neglecting the rule of smoking is prohibited
in the room.

The following hotels provide a smoke-free restaurant: 1) Tokyo Station Hotel, 2) Hotel Niwa Tokyo,
3) Shinjuku Prince Hotel, 4) Nikko Hotel Tokyo, 5) The Westin Tokyo, 6) The Strings Tokyo Hotel,
7) The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, 8) The Peninsula Tokyo and 9) Hotel Chinzanso, Tokyo. However, in bar, smoking
is allowed. In other hotels, you may find a restaurant which prohibits smoking, although, in many cases,
you cannot expect a complete smokefree environment, since the adjacent bar, or a private room shares a part
of the building space, or it may be changedto allow smoking in the evening hours.

This study was conducted by Junhaku Miyamoyo, M.D., PhD in April 2013.
A new information was added in January 2017.
Copyright (C) 2013-2017 Junhaku Miyamoto. All Rights Reserved.

Smoking regulations in a hotel in the U.S.

Twenty-seven states have laws regulating smoking in hotel and motel rooms.
The state law enacted that the minimum percentage of non-smoking hotel guest rooms
to the total rooms.

* 100 percent - 0% for a smoking guest room: Michigan, Wisconsin
* 80 percent - 20% for a smoking guest room: Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, New Jersey,
North Carolina and Ohio
* 75 percent - 25% for a smoking guest room: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland,
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Washington

A partial smoking ban in a hotel does not protect guests from dangers of tobacco.

Hotels, that have the smoking and non-smoking rooms, do not adequately protect people from the dangers
of tobacco. That is the conclusion of a new San Diego State University study published in the Journal Tobacco

Researchers took air quality readings and tested surfaces for evidence of tobacco-smoke in a random sample
of San Diego hotel rooms. Ten hotels had complete smoking bans while 30 others had some dedicated non-
smoking rooms. Compared with hotels that prohibit smoking, hotels with only partial ban had higher surface
and air nicotine levels.

That was true even in the non-smoking rooms in hotels with a partial ban. Only five U.S. states, Indiana,
Michigan, North Dakota, Vermond and Wisconsin, require all motels and hotel rooms to be smoke free. Four
cities in California, including Santa Monica, have such a law. Researchers say guests who want to avoid
tobacco exposure should stay only in smoke-free hotels.
Source: KPBS, San Diego, May 15, 2013

Health warning tobacco Beware of Third-Hand Smoke

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Japan high speed railways Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Tokyo
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Korea
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Macau
Thailand Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Bangkok
Hong Kong Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Hong Kong
Canada smoking ban Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Vancouver
United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Seattle
United States Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at San Francisco
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Shanghai

 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Nice
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels at Berlin
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Germany
 Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Switzerland
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Moscow, Russia
 Total smoking Ban in hotels at Saint Pertersburg, Russia

Australia smoking ban Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels of Canberra and Sydney
Australia smoking ban Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels of Gold Coast
australia Non-smoking-room ratioin hotels in Canberra, Sydney, Australia
australia Non-smoking-room ratioin hotels in the east-coast sea resort, Australia

Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Oslo
Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Bergen
Norway Non-smoking-room ratio in hotels in Norway Fjord

 How to protect yourself from toxic tobacco smoke when you use a restaurant in Japan.
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The article was written in May 2013, and last revised in January 2019,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

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