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This website is aimed to report the present state of smoking restriction
and to distribute an information of the smoke-free air law in the world,
to protect the people from hazard of the secondhand smoke.
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Smoke-free Hotel and Travel

Travel sketch in Japan and the world in respect to smoking regulations

(C) 2012 Mt.Fuji photographed in April 2012 by Junhaku Miyamoto, PhD.

English Index

Indoor smoking ban in each country
Source: Book, The Lonely Wolf Country, '一匹狼の国' by Junhaku Miyamoto
Copyright (C)2015 Junhaku Miyamoto All rights are reserved.

1. gray: No known smoke-free regulations (or no data)
2. wine-red: No national smoke-free law, and no plan to establish a national law to restrict smoking in an indoor public space.
Note: The capital of China, the city of Beijing prohibits smoking in indoor public places, such as in a restaurant.
3. pink: No national smoke-free law, however, some localities have more comprehensive indoor restrictions.
4. orange: National smoke-free law has been established; however, the law is not strictly enforced.
5. yellow: National smoke-free law for public indoor areas has been established; however, enforcement in entertainment areas is weak.
6. light-green: There is no national smoke-free law; however, sate or city law prohibits smoking in indoor public space.
7. dark-green: A nationwide total smoking ban is enforced covering all public indoor areas.
Note: There is some exception in total smoking ban, e.g. at area in which service is not provided.

A book entitled [ The Lonely Wolf Country ] disclosed the memoir of history of inadequate Japanese smoke-free laws.
English version of the book report

Countries in the world, including smoking restrictions:

France smoking ban France  Netherlands smoking ban Netherlands  Denmark smoking ban Denmark  Copenhagen smoking ban Copenhagen Airport Paris airport smoking ban Paris Airport  Paris city smoking ban Paris City
Iceland smoking ban Iceland  Finland smoking ban Finland  Sweden smoking ban Sweden Norway smoking ban Norway 2015 Switzerland smoking ban Switzerland 2008 Portugal smoking ban Portugal
Spain smoking ban Spain Italy smoking ban Italy  Malta smoking ban Malta  Ireland smoking ban Ireland North Ireland smoking ban North Ireland  UK smoking ban UK   Greece smoking ban Greece Belgium
Rent-a-car smoking banRent-a-car smoking ban Smoking Ban in a rent-a-car   Scandinavia hotel smoking banScandinavia hotel smoking banScandinavia hotel smoking ban Choice Hotel Chain in Scandinavia
Paris city smoking banGermany smoking ban France and Germany 2011 Germany smoking ban Germany 2013  Austria Switzerland smoking ban Switzerland 2013
Ukraine  Rusia smoking ban Russia 2008-2014

Taiwan smoking ban Taiwan   China smoking ban China Hong Kong smoking ban Hong Kong  Macau Singapore smoking ban Singapore Thailand smoking ban Thailand   India smoking ban India
Iraq  Iran smoking ban Iran  Turkey smoking ban Turkey South Korea smoking ban Korea   The First Nonsmoking Nation, Bhutan


New Zealand smoking ban New Zealand  Australia smoking ban Australia Guam smoking ban Guam  Hawaii smoking ban Hawaii

Chicago smoking ban Chicago   Miami smoking ban Miami  Sheraton Marriott smoking ban Sheraton and Marriott Hotels in North America
Apartments smoking banApartments smoking ban Smoking Ban for Apartments  Apartments smoking banApartments smoking ban Hotels Smoking Ban
Apartments smoking banApartments smoking ban Smoking Ban in a rent-a-car   Sheraton Marriott smoking ban A smoking control in US airports
Apartments smoking ban Smoking Ban in Canada 2011  Puerto Rico  
Brazil smoking ban Brazil  Uruguay

Hawaii smoking ban Smoking Ban in Alaska 2014

Japan tobacco control Japan's current situation

Narita airport smoking rooms Hotel Smoke-free hotels in Japan
    Such a movement to eliminate the smoking from the hotel has begun in Japan that accepts a guest from abroad.

Narita airport smoking roomsSmoking-Room Rate at the major Hotels in Tokyo
   An actual survey how to cope with the smoking problems in hotels of Tokyo
Narita airport smoking rooms Airport Smoking Restriction at Airport in the World: Actual survey
    Narita International Airport provides at least 43 smoking rooms, the world's second largest. 
    Tokyo Haneda International Airport provides 69 smoking rooms, the world's largest. 
    A door-less smoking room is provided at the New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido.
Smokin ban in taxi at Tokyo
Taxi Smoking ban in Tokyo's Taxis
LDP Japan neglects smoking ban
Train The smoking space in a train is necessary for all smokers? Is that the superb service to a train passenger?
   A smoking booth or smoking vehicle is provided in a super-express train operated by three major Japanese railway companies

Narita airport smoking rooms Politics Tobacco-friendly Japanese Government always secures to maintain the place of smoking indoors of trains and restaurants.

Narita airport smoking rooms Japanese Government is to promote a policy of the opposite.
   In 2013, Department of Health, Labor and Welfare announced to assist an establishment of indoor smoking room
in restaurant and hotels, and will increase the financial support rate from
   the present 25% to 50% of the whole construction fee.
JT inc. TV commercial Tokyo Metropolitan Government denies a total smoking ban in restaurants and public places.
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government advised to establish a separate smoking-space in a public place
   to avoid second-hand smoke.
New Tokyo Metropolitan Government will give the financial support rate from 80% to 90% of
    the whole construction fee of smoking indoor space.
Narita airport smoking rooms Smoking Regulations in Japan is reverse to the world.
Narita airport smoking rooms Omotenashi: The Olympic Games participants should be hospitable with a smoke-free policy in all restaurants and cafes in Tokyo.
Narita airport smoking rooms How to protect you from toxic tobacco smoke when you use a restaurant in Japan.

JT, inc. supports outside smoking ban Street Smoking Ban:
Japan Tobacco Inc. is supporting aggressive street smoking bans in Japan,
    in order to foil to prevent the clean indoor air policy?

Smokers get off sidewalks go inside Smoking Restriction in Street: Smokers, Get off sidewalks and go inside.
Total smoking ban The indoor total smoking ban is the rule of the world.
Symposium for smoke-free society The countries which enforced a total smoking ban and the enforced start time.
The world map on smoking ban is created by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.
Symposium for smoke-free societyThe Second Annual Meeting of Tobacco-Free Advocacy held in September, 2013
Symposium for smoke-free societyThe Forth Annual Meeting of Tobacco-Free Advocacy held in September, 2015
Symposium for smoke-free societyThe Sixth Annual Meeting of Tobacco-Free Advocacy held in September, 2017

Symposium for smoke-free societySmokefree Olympic 2021
Japan's  anti-smoking law Newspaper Herald Tribune International: Japan must move faster on anti-smoking law.

 Smoking causes cancer, heart diseases, and emphysema.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated based on-the-spot investigation.

Footprints on the earth of Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto

 Japan tobacco control Domestic Travel in Japan:Hot-springs, Ryokan, Hotel, Mountains, Shrine, Trip by train and aircraft

Japan government aims to keep the population at 100 million in 2060s.Japan tobacco control
Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.Japan tobacco control
Earthquake at Kumamoto 2016 and Tsunami at Tohoku 2011 Japan tobacco control
The Operation Tomodachi by US Military forces played a Key Role in Post-Tsunami action.
Japan tobacco controlChicago smoking ban
Overpopulation of the World
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
YouTube original 1960 -

Obama speech at Hiroshima
  President Obama is the first American President to visit the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima.
Smoking ban in train, restaurant and hotel in Japan

Travel Sketch 2006-2019

Italy travel sketch Italy/Malta 2006   Ireland travel sketch Ireland 2006   USA travel sketch Hawaii 2007  New Zealand travel sketch New Zealand 2007 Australia travel sketch Australia 2007 

Italy travel sketch Ireland travel sketch New Zealand travel sketch Australia travel sketch

Canada travel sketchUSA travel sketch Canada/USA 2007 Denmark travel sketch Denmark 2008  Sweden travel sketch Sweden 2008 USA travel sketch Florida 2008  

Canada USA travel sketch Denmark travel sketch Sweden travel sketch

Paris travel sketch France2008/2010  Iceland travel sketch Iceland 2009 Finland travel sketch Finland 2009  Taiwan travel sketch Taiwan 2009/2016       

Paris travel sketch Iceland travel sketch Finland travel sketch Taiwan travel sketch          

Thailand travel sketch Thailand 2009    India travel sketch India 2010  Netherlands smoking ban Netherlands 2010     Portugal smoking ban Portugal 2010  Spain smoking ban Spain 2010  
Thailand travel sketch India travel sketch

Canada travel sketchUSA travel sketch Canada/USA 2010 Paris travel sketch France2011     Germany smoking ban Germany2011  Switzerland smoking ban Swiss2011  Canada travel sketch Canada2011   

South Korea smoking ban Korea 2012    USA travel sketch USA 2012   Bhutan 2012     Macau2012    Hong Kong smoking ban Hong Kong 2012

China smoking ban Shanghai 2013    Germany smoking ban Switzerland smoking ban Austria/Germany/Swiss 2013  Rusia smoking ban Russia 2014 USA travel sketch Alaska, USA 2014 

Australia smoking ban Australia     Norway smoking ban Norway 2015     Norway smoking ban Norway 2016      China smoking ban Beijing 2019

Travel Videos
A spectacular landing on the Paro Airport, Bhutan 2012 ( Video length: 14 minutes )
A thrilling helicopter-ride over the South Alps in New Zealand 2006
( Video length: 21 minutes )
Movie Record in North America 2012
2012 - JayMicDr ( by Dr.Junhaku Miyamoto )
after 2013- and before 2011 DrJayMic ( by Dr.Junhaku Miyamoto )

A selected photograph in the World 2006-2007 ( by Dr.Junhaku Miyamoto )
Image search of Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto

Travel by Train
All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

イタリア鉄道旅行・シシリア Italia Rail: Trenitalia
アイルランド鉄道旅行 Rail Travel Ireland
フィンランド鉄道 路面電車 地下鉄 Railways in Helsinki, Finland
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Train in Norway, Trondheim to Oslo

米国・東北部鉄道旅行 Amtrak Acela Express: Boston-Newyork
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Washington DC Metro/Union Station
シカゴ鉄道 Chicago CTA Rail
マイアミ鉄道 Miami Metro Rail

ストックホルム・空港鉄道 Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Express
ストックホルム地下鉄 Stockholm County Railways
スエーデンX2000の旅 X2000:Stockholm-Copenhagen Express
コペンハーゲン近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Greater Copenhagen Railways
パリ鉄道ターミナル駅 Paris Rail Terminals
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Paris Metro-RER-Tram

韓国高速鉄道 Korea Train Express, Airport Express and Metro
タイ・バンコク鉄道 Bangkok Mass Transit/Thai Railways
韓国高速鉄道 Indian Railway
韓国高速鉄道 Dehli Metro
米国横断鉄道旅行 Airport Express and MTR, Hong Kong
台湾高速鉄道 Taiwan High-Speed Rail
台湾高速鉄道 China High-Speed Rail

シカゴ鉄道 Portugal Metro, Railways
マイアミ鉄道 Amsterdam Rail
シカゴ鉄道 High-speed train in Spain 2010
マイアミ鉄道 Barcelona Railways
 Railway Travel in France 2011
 Railway Travel in Germany 2011
サンフランシスコ鉄道 High-speed train in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2013

 Vancouver Skytrain
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Edomonton Metro
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 VIA train, Vancouver to Jasper
米国横断鉄道旅行 Amtrak: Seattle to Glacier National Park
サンフランシスコ鉄道 San Francisco: cable-car, tram and Bart
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Alaskan Railroad

 Moscow Metro
 Saint Petersburg Metro
 Sapsan, high-speed train of Russia
 Allegro, high-speed train between Finland and Russia

パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Railways connecting Canberra and Sydney, Australia
米国・東北部鉄道旅行 Gold Coast Light-Rail
ニュージランド鉄道旅行 NZ Rail: Tranz Alpine/Scenic
オーストラリア鉄道旅行 Brief Journey by Australian Rail

 Narita Airport-City Rail Service
 Japanese high-speed train 'Hayabusa'
 Japanese high-speed train 'Super-Komachi'

高速鉄道網建設 高速鉄道網建設高速鉄道網建設 高速鉄道網建設 Market Booms for new High-speed Trains
Total smoking ban in the railway trains is the common sense of the world.

Health warning tobacco Smoking Prevalence and Cigarette Consumption in 187 Countries, 1980-2012
Source: JAMA 2014

Health Warning

Health warning tobacco Canada Canada   Health warning tobacco Brazil Brazil

Health warning tobacco Photographs: Health warning for smoking.
Health warning tobacco Beware of Third-Hand Smoke
Health warning tobacco Second-hand smoke doubles the risk of heart attack and diabetes.
Health warning tobacco Smoking rate in Japanese 2019
Health warning tobacco Smokers, can you see your life 30 years after?

Smoking Ban in Airports
Malta  Ireland   North Ireland   London 2007  London 2013 London 2016 New Zealand-Christchurch 
 New Zealand-Auckland   Adelaido and Brisbane  Canberra and Sydney Montreal  Vancouver   Calgary 
Boston   New York France-Paris  Finland-Helsinki   Iceland Norway smoking ban Bergen  Norway smoking ban Oslo  Rusia smoking ban Moscow 
Guam   Chicago  Miami    Hawaii   Bangkok  Taiwan   Bhutan 
 Spain Portugal   Netherlands Germany smoking ban Berlin Germany smoking ban Frankfurt Germany smoking ban Munich Switzerland smoking ban Zurich China smoking ban Shanghai 
Haneda Sapporo Narita Kansai and Local Airports

States in USA and Province of Canada

smorking ban bc canada BC Canada
smorking ban alberta canada Alberta
smorking ban Saskatchewan Saskatchewan 
smorking ban manitoba canada Manitoba 
smorking ban ontario canada Ontario 
smorking ban quebec canada Quebec 
smorking ban new Brunswick New Brunswick 
smorking ban nova scotia Nova Scotia 

smorking ban New Jersey  New Jersey 
smorking ban Illinois USA Illinois 
smorking ban California USA California
smorking ban Beverly Hills California Beverly Hills 
smorking ban condominium Condominium of California
smorking ban Washington state State of Washington
smorking ban Oregon USA Oregon  
smorking ban Montana USA Montana
smorking ban Colorado USA Colorado
smorking ban Arizona USA Arizona 
smorking ban Maine USA Maine
smorking ban Vermont USA Vermont 
smorking ban Massachusetts Massachusetts
smorking ban New York New York 
smorking ban Maryland USA Maryland 
smorking ban Washington DC Washington,D.C.
smorking ban Virginia USA Virginia
smorking ban Minnesota USA Minnesota 
smorking ban Delaware USA Delaware 
smorking ban Ohio USA Ohio 
smorking ban Iowa USA Iowa 
smorking ban Utah USA Utah 
smorking ban Rhode Island Rhode Island 
smorking ban Nevada USA Nevada 
smorking ban Michigan USA Michigan 
smorking ban Wisconsin USA Wisconsin

Item-specific Index in English

Special Note: 日本語表示

Russia unduly occupies our Northern Territories of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
Domestic travel in Japan
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
Stop merging war criminals and war victims at Yasukuni Shrine.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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