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Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Re-visit in fifty-one years

Narita to Vancouver by Japan Air Lines

Anchorage was a common stopover for passengers flying to East Asia until the 1980s because Chinese
and Soviet air space were off-limits and because the first generation of jets and wide-body airliners did
not have the range to fly non-stop across the Pacific Ocean. Carriers using Anchorage for this purpose
included, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) began a transpolar flight from Copenhagen to Tokyo via Anchorage
in 1957. Japan Airlines served Seattle through Anchorage in the early 1960s, and offered flight through
Anchorage to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and other European cities from the 1960s until as l
ate as 1987. Air France, British Airways, KLM and Lufthansa all used Anchorage as a stopover point
between Europe and Tokyo into the 1980s.

Top of the World

This is the certificate to prove this passenger passed the top of the world, North Pole, on the flight from Tokyo
to Copenhagen, via Anchorage, on April 25,

Mountain view of British Columbia, Canada: This picture was taken from JAL aircraft.

Mountain view of British Columbia, Canada

Mountain view of British Columbia, Canada

Alaska Airlines is the seventh largest American airline and is based in the Seattle suburb of SeaTac, Washington.
It now has service to more than 100 destinations in the contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico, and
four Hawaiian Islands.

(L) Alaskan Airway jet craft arrived in Seattle from Vanchouver.
(R) Mount McKinley that is viewed from an aircraft.

Alaskan Mountain ranges

For about ten minutes, a Dazzling landscape of Chugach mountain ranges and Turnagain Arm is in sight
as an aircraft is approaching Anchorage.
Seward highway (Route 1) and Alaskan railway trucks (Anchorage-Seward) are seen from the aircraft flying along the coastline.

A topographical map of the Anchorage area

Alaskan Airline aircraft has been lowering the altitude very slowly along the coastline of Turnagain Arm.

An aircraft is approaching Anchorage area, which is in the left side.

The city of Anchorage is now clearly in our vision. The city's seacoast consists mostly of treacherous mud-flats
in Turnagain Arm. We can see the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in the foreground.

We arrived to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

Many people consider the period between May and September to be the best time to visit Anchorage.
Renting a car in Alaska can be more expensive than pretty much anywhere else in America, ranging up
to $200 per day for a large vehicle sufficient to carry multiple passengers and outdoor gear during
the peak season.

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This picture shows the Fourth Avenue looking east from near Barrow Street. The southern edge
of one of the several landslides in Anchorage, this one covered an area of over a dozen blocks.
Most of the area was razed and made an urban renewal district.
Source: Wikipedia

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