A very pleasant view of Helsinki Cathedral Dome and Port, seen from the restaurant terrace of Palace Hotel

(L)The sunset of Vanha Munkkiniemi ( Gamla Munksna ) , Helsinki overlooking Gulf of Finland
(R) Helsinki Central Railway Station Square

(L) Map showing a main area of Helsinki (R) Air view of a suburb of Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital and largest city in Finland. It is the southern part of Finland, on the shore of the Gulf
of Finland. The foreign-born population stands at around 10%. The grater Helsinki area has a population
of over 1,300,000, almost equivalent to a quarter of total Finlander. The immigration of rural residents to
Helsinki has made it one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Europe.

Because of the high latitude, a daytime lasts less than six hours in the winter solstice, and the very cloudy
weather at this time of a year accentuates the darkness. Conversely, Helsinki enjoys long days in summer,
almost nineteen hours at the summer solstice. The average maximum temperature June through August is
around 19 to 21 C.

Women wearing a colorful dress and shoes seen in front of the Helsinki Central Railway Station

(L) Hilton Hotel Strand, Helsinki (R) The view of river from a Hilton guest room

(L) Executive lounge with unlimited internet access (M) Our web site of '' (R) View of a river at dusk

(L) A bicycle road in the city (M) Turtles advise a car driver to go slowly. (R) An advertisement board often seen on streets

Hakaniemi Market Square, Helsinki

Helsinki Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Helsinki Cathedral Dome Square

Helsinki Cathedral Dome Square

Kauppatori Market Square, next to the port of Helsinki

Helsinki City Park next to Kaserngatan Street

Standard condominium buildings, near the beach of KataJanokka, Helsinki

(L) Car delivering a tap water bottle (M)(R) Automatic vending machine for gas sales

Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport

Helsinki International Airport is the main airport of the Helsinki metropolitan region and the whole of Finland.
It is located from 17Km north of the Helsinki city center. The airport's three runways provide a platform for
future growth, while the airport can accommodate extra-wide aircraft such as Airbus A350. The airport is
the international and domestic hub for Finnair, the Finnish flag carrier. It is also the hub for Blue1, a regional

Diagram shows local temperatures at various Europeans Cities.

Moomin Shop and a newly constructed international departure terminal of Helsinki

(L)(M) An air view of the Hersinki suburb (R) Return air route back to Tokyo
All above photographs were taken in July 2009.
A smoking room in the newly constructed international departure terminal of Helsinki

Arrival to Reykjavik Blue Lagoon Pingvellir, Strokkur Gullfoss Hekla Skogafoss, Vik Glacia
Akureyri, Husavik Dettifoss, Myvatn City of Reykjavik

Arrival to Finland Tobacco Control in Finland Railways in Helsinki City of Helsinki
Rental car smoking ban in Finland

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All photos were taken in July 2009, and this article was written in August 2009,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD.
Information was added in June 2016.

Apartments smoking banApartments smoking ban
Ban smoking on all rental cars

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