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Portage Glacier, Alaska


Portage Glacier, Alaska

Prince William Sound, Alaska

Prince William Sound and Begich Boggs Visitor Center

Between Girdwood and the road to Whittier, just off the scenic Seward Highway about 80 kms south
of Anchorage, is the stunning Portage Valley. Portage Glacier is located in the and is one of Alaska’s
most visited attractions. The Portage Glacier Road winds about eight kms from the Seward Highway.
To get up close to the glacier, take an hour-long narrated sightseeing boat tour on Portage Lake that
cruises out to the face of the glacier. It is available every day from late-May through early September.

Begich Boggs Visitor Center and cruise ship

(L) Portage Valley iceberg in September 2014
(R)Picture source: Alaska Volcano Observatory

Portage Valley iceberg

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