India, The society of a cheater and insincerity

India, The society of a cheater

Cheating is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically
is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own business, and often at the expense of
others. Cheating implies the breaking of rules. Cheating is a primordial economic act: getting more for less.
This act is very common in Indian society, particularly in large cities.

A cheat (British English) or a cheater (American English) will approach to an international traveler at the
very arrival moment in the airport of Dehli, Mumbai or Kolkata. Their methods to employ in a fraud are:
unreasonable, excessive charge for a taxi at the destination point, intended error of the designated place
of a hotel or shop. A cheater will take you the shop which sells an imitation or sells with extra-ordinal price.
We recognized the price of an elephant figurine made by marble stone in a shop, which rickshaw driver
took us because of receiving a commission from the shop, was about 10 times higher than the government-
approved one. However, be careful; there are a lot of imitate shops. That name is almost same, but just
a bit different from the right one.

A rickshaw driver will say like; 'The road you are going is closed for construction, or for a demonstration
parade against a government policy', 'the hotel you are going is closed because of fire', The price we could
negotiate with the rickshaw driver is usually for carton unit, but the number of people. However, even both
of two passengers and a driver agree the total price, the driver claimed the double fee.

A liar continued saying that 'You cannot go in the bus terminal, because it is for Indian only', 'You cannot
go to the railway station, unless you have valid ticket', 'This E-ticket of the railway is not good, since no
government seal' You should pay $95 for a government stamp. Actually, there was no government stamp
or seal, but only a signature of a person, who may be in a group of impositions.

This paper shows the E-ticket of Indian Railway from New Dehli to Agra, obtained through a net site.
The signature of the right corner, by a man sitting on a desk in front of the Indian Tourist Bureau,
represents the government stamp
The above signs appear to be camouflaged 'Indian Travel Bureaw'.

India, The society of insincerity

The internet site of airline agency is not the exception. In Agra hotel, we were informed that the air flight of
Kingsfisher between Agra and Dehli was canceled due to airline' reason. Since this was an only flight
throughout that day, according to the advice of Jaypee Palace Hotel, we had to take a taxi to the area of
New Dehli, in lieu of air transportation.

However, the travel agency, the Make-My-Trip com., after my request for a refund of an air fee which has
been withdrawn by a credit, refused the refund of a total amount of the air fee, because we did not come to
the Agra Airport at that time. They suggested to pay a penalty for No-show, and they will tell us how to get
the rest of money back.

To clear the situation around the day of air flight from Agra and Dehli, I wrote E-Mail to a flight information
service of the Kingsfisher Airline, two times. No answer was given at all. I also wrote the Jaypee Place Hotel,
Agra to verify the fact that a travel desk of the hotel said to us, there was no Kingsfisher Airline flight on that
day. No answer was given at all. They, the airline company and the Agra hotel, just neglected our requests and
did not send the answer even with a few lines of a sentence. It is certain that India is the society of insincerity.

Now, I still have to question why I have to pay the penalty money? I suppose most people do not go to the
airport if the flight was canceled and no other flight on the same day! We sent E-Mail to the agency three
times, requesting to send the necessary form for a refund by E-Mail. The agency neglected my request, and
suggested to use a telephone to them, and to get the way how to get a refund, after reducing the No-Show
penalty money. After all, we made an international call to the Make-My-Trip. However, all lines were composed
by automatic telephone guidance and was unable to talk to any person who is in command of a ticket refund.
I assume that this travel net site does not want to money back, and just wait until we give up the refund by
requesting customers to follow further complicated procedures, also in the case of flight cancellation clearly
by airline's side reason. Forty days has passed since the incident. However, no refund even a part of payment
has been made to me by the Indian net side.

I strongly advise all international travelers not to use the Indian-basis travel agent and/or the net site of
ticket office, such as Make-My-Trip com.

British movie film, 'Slumdog Millionaire' which was released in 2008, was nominated in 2009 for Academy
Awards, well described a slum and the dark underworld of Indian society. A cheating act would be one of
their important activities. However, I shall say and hope that there are many good, reliable people living in
India. I demand the Indian Government start to take an action to control the telling-a-lie business in the city,
railways, tourist spots, Indian-based untrustworthy internet sites.

Authorized pre-paid ticket for an auto-rickshaw. Two rubies handling charge has to pay.

Fraud could be habitually performing in Agra Fort and other tourist spots. We saw that a man standing for
check an admission ticket and tear the half of a ticket and hand it to visitors, did, as if he tore the ticket
under the box, not be seen from a visitor. I assume he handed a half ticket to us. However, it was already
half dirt. Why an admission ticket changed to a paper which looked used. This new ticket, which may not
to hand to a visitor, but is that they circulate a new ticket instantly and sell it at the same ticket office,
or sell it by another hawker. The tick of this fraud business can be proven by photographing a ticket and
compare the ticket number printed.

At the exist of Itimad-Ud-Daulah, they collected a rest of half ticket. This is usually kept by tourists for
a record of a visit of that buildings. We cannot neglect of the possibility that a collected ticket to be
abused in the similar tourist spot.

(L) An admission ticket to the Red Fort (R) Iron bridge over the Yamuna River

Agra is one of the worst cities in all of India for touts (commission agents) and rip-offs. It is best to be
prepared for this from the minute you get off the train or plane. If you want to go to a hotel that does
not give commissions, it can be difficult to get a rickshaw driver to take you there. Some women told
me that a few auto-rickshaw drivers absolutely refused to bring them the designated house, which does
not provide a commission to a driver, but brought them to a few other places with similar names. Be
careful of auto-rickshaw drivers willing to bring you somewhere for Rs 5. If you agree, expect to be
taken to a shop or shops, and possibly they may bring you to where you want to go. I have seen this
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外国人にはインド政府のスタンプ( government stamp )が必要と迫る。筆者はこれが明らかな、いいがかりだと







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