Smoking ban in train, restaurant and hotel in Japan

  WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
  Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city of Olympic.
  Railway companies allowing smoking in a train vehicle: JR-Tokai, JR-West and Kintetsu Express.
   Japan is the major country that allows smoking in a train.
  NHK broadcast reported WHO comment of Japan is the worst country in smoking ban.
  Smoke-free hotels in Japan

  Travel sketch in Japan and the world in respect to smoking regulations
  Domestic Travel in Japan

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 Smoke-free air law is the most effective means to protect our children
  from secondhand smoke.
受動喫煙防止条例  屋内全面禁煙  車内完全禁煙レストラン バー 飲食店 ホテル 公共空間 喫煙規制
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