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Smoke-free hotels in Japan
Kyoto temples in autumn
Smoke-free hotels in Kyoto and Nara
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Smoke-free hotels in Tokyo
The smoking and non-smoking guest room ratio in
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The survey in a local hotel in Japan
Smoking Restriction in Hotels of the World

Smoking restrictions in the world 2006-2020
  Actual survey and a current information
No-smoking policy in all trains throughout the world
Over 50 countries and regions prohibit smoking in
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A twin bedroom of the Four Seasons Hotel at Saint Petersburg

Special Note:
 Russia unduly occupies our Northern Territories of Japan.
Smoke-free hotels in Japan
 Domestic travel in Japan
 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
 Nobody in the earth can destroy the natural beauty of the land.
 Stop merging war criminals and war victims at Yasukuni Shrine.
 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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Smoke-free Hotel and Travel

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