Smoking ban in Portugal

Smoking Restriction in Lisbon

Lisbon Portela Airport, also known as Lisbon Airport, is located 7km north of the city of Lisbon. In Portuguese,
it is called Aeroporto de Lisboa.

From February 2008, Portugal introduced a smoking ban in enclosed spaces in public places and commercial
establishments. The Portuguese airport authority followed by announcing a full ban on smoking in areas of all
airports except at Lisbon, where there are designated smoking areas.

(L) TAP Portugal aircraft at the Lisbon Portela airport
(R) The sign board at the arrival terminal says ' Lisbon Airport is a smoke free zone.

(L)Air Apron and control tower of the Lisbon Airport (R) No-smoking sign board at the hall of the arriving terminal

An indoor smoking room is provided in the Lisbon Portela international airport.
This is the only space for smoking among the airports in Portugal.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

(L) A woman smoking outside of the Lisbon Portela international airport
(M) Lisbon taxi is smokefree
(R) Many hotels show the sign board which indicates no smoking in the reception floor or corridor.

Man and woman smokers in the central shopping area of Lisbon

(L) Tobacco is on sale with a whisky and wine at a small cafe in Lisbon.
(M) A pole ashtray is provided outside the Holiday Inn Porto
(R) No smoking sign plate pasted on the wall of Tivoli Oriente, Hotel, Lisbon

A main restaurant and no-smoking sign plate at the Tivoli Oriente Hotel, Lisbon

(L) The entrance and Exterior of Tivoli Oriente Hotel
(R) A sign plate observed in the smoking section of a bar lobby on the second floor of the Tivoli Oriente Hotel.

Photographed in April-May, 2010.

The total guest rooms of Sheraton Lisbona Hotel are 369. Of these, 60 rooms are designated as a smoking room ( 16.2% ).
The Panorama Restaurant has a bar, in which smoking is allowed. No wall is present between a restaurant and bar section.
Tivoli Oriente Hotel, Lisbon has a total room of 279. The number of smoking room is 40 (
14.3% ).
A lobby bar on the second floor has a smoking section. However, the non-smoking and smoking areas are in the same floor space.
A hotel staff explained there is a good aspiration system, which remove a tobacco smoke from a bar lobby.

(L) A guest room of the Sheraton Lisbona Hotel
(R) No-smoking sign plate in the cafeteria at the Castle of Sao Jorge, Lisbon

(L)(M) Women are smoking at the plateform of Oriente station, Lisbon.
(R) No-smoking sign board was placed on an entrance of the express train to porto.

According to the data presented by the Tobacco Manufacturing Asocation, about the cigarette prices & tax,
the tax incidence is 80 % for Portugal and 78% for Spain, respectively. However, the price of a cigarette
appeared to be equal in both countries. Marlboro, for instance, costs 3.6 Euros in Lisbon, and 3.6 Euros
in Barcelona, which is the same. Duty-free shops are retailing outlets that do not apply local or national
taxes and duties. It is a bit of misnomer though because shoppers may still have to pay duties in their home
country on items purchased from the shops which are exempt from taxes. They are often found in the inter-
national zone of airports, sea ports or on board passenger ships. They are not as commonly available for
road or train travelers, although several border crossings between the United States and Canada have
duty-free shops for car travelers. These outlets were abolished for travel within the European Union in 1999,
but are retained for travelers whose destination is outside the EU. They also sell to intra-EU travelers but
with appropriate taxes.

Smoking Restriction in Porto

(L) An automatic vending machine for tobacco sale at a cafe near the Dom Luis 1st Bridge, Porto
(R) The Holiday Inn, Porto is smoke-free. Double expression of 'no smoking'

(L) Holiday Inn, Porto (M) Hotel Infante de Sagres, Porto (R) Qualty Inn, Porto

Total rooms of Holidai Inn Porto are 134/all rooms are smoke-free. No-smoking booth is provided inside of this hotel.
Hotel Infante de Sagres, Porto is a classic hotel with a true icon of sophisticated design. A lobby and restaurant are luxurious.
Total guest rooms are 70, of these 8 are smoking rooms (
11.4% ). Quality Inn Porto locates in the Porto Batalha Square.
It has total guest rooms of 113. The number of smoking rooms is 41 (
36.3% ). No smoking booth is provided inside of the hotel.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

Smokers with cigarette at the plateform and in front of the Sao Bento train station, Porto
Photographed in April-May, 2010.

There appears no smoking ban is enforced at the platform of a railway station, bus stop in the country of

A smoking ban at the larger public places in Portugal

In January 2008, Portugal new law prohibited smoking in public areas, including bars and restaurants.
However, the law allows owners of establishments such as bars, restaurants and clubs with less than
100sq m, the right to choose whether they will allow smokers or not. If they choose to allow smokers,
they must have ventilation systems installed to eliminate the smoke. Most premises may ban smoking,
as the costs of adapting the space with ventilation systems is too high.

A tax-free tobacco shop in the Port internationl airport

(L) Port international airport apron
A crewman of Ryanair was selling an E-cigarette in an aircraft cabin after the landing off Porto airport.
He holds the cigarette package in his left hand while explaining to an air passenger.
Nobody, however, was appeared to smoke inside at the time of this flight.
Photographed in May, 2010.

Ireland-based Ryanair is selling smokeless cigarettes on all the company’s flights. Ryanair says a survey
showed many passengers would like the option to smoke during flights. The air line company sells the air
passengers a pack of smokeless tobacco for 6 Euros. The company spokesman, S.McNamara believes the
smokeless nicotine-delivery device do not emit any toxins or chemicals to nearby passengers. There are
many hostile criticisms on the extra-charge enforced by the Ryanair. Recently, when the Iceland's volcanic
ash caused European disruption, Ryanair did not support their passengers. Italian civic aviation authority,
in May 2010, said to impose a fine on Ryanair 3 million Euros for failing stranded customers when their
flights were canceled.
Source: Cigarettes, and others.

 100sqm 以上の面積のあるすべてのレストラン、カフェ、バー 2018年よりすべての飲食店で全面禁煙とする
 船舶 (国内線、国際線)

飲食店は分離した喫煙スペースがあれば規制から除外されている。また,100 sqm以下のレストラン、パブ、バーでは


資料引用 2008年1月2日、ロイター通信


In April 2015, New law bans smoking in closed public space.

Portugal's government has approved amendments to the law on tobacco that foresee the prohibition of electronic
cigarettes containing nicotine and of smoking in all closed public spaces, according to a statement released after
the weekly cabinet meeting.

The government "approved a bill for the protection of citizens from the involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke
and for the reduction of demand relating to addiction, as well as for the cessation of its consumption and the
reinforcement of the information available to consumers.

The bill bans smoking in areas with service in all types of restaurants, cafes and bars, including in concert venues
and cinemas, casinos, bingo halls, games rooms and other spaces that host non-artistic shows. The minister of
health, Paulo Macedo, noted that the new bill comes eight years after the current tobacco law took effect.

Among changes to cigarette packaging are the replacement of text warnings with pictures aimed at dissuading
people from smoking, and the elimination of "subjective" descriptive words such as "light". Tobacco products
with distinctivearomas, such as menthol, are also to be banned. Until now smoking has been allowed in closed
public spaces with the appropriate air extraction systems, as specified under the existing law. A moratorium
of five years is foreseen for the application of the new law for establishments that have invested in these systems.

New smoking law set to come into force

A new law which clamps down even further on smoking is to come into force on 1 January 2018. Under the
new law e-cigs and other devices will be governed by the same laws as traditional tobacco, and smoking will
be banned in all places frequented by minors. The law further states that designated outdoors areas should
be created for smokers, and covered to protect against the elements.

The government "approved a bill for the protection of citizens from the involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke
and for the reduction of demand relating to addiction, as well as for the cessation of its consumption and the
reinforcement of the information available to consumers," the statement said.
The bill bans smoking in areas with service in all types of restaurants, cafes and bars, including in concert
venues and cinemas, casinos, bingo halls, games rooms and other spaces that host non-artistic shows.

Source: The Portugal News on Line, 10-08-2017

The new packs will feature the product name in standard font on the front below a huge health warning.

Why do all cigarette boxes now have plain packaging? The aims of the laws are simple - to cut the number of
people taking up smoking by making it less appealing to children and young people. Tobacco products have
already been hidden under the counter, and now they are losing their colorful branding. According to Cancer
Research, two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18 - the beginning of an addiction which will kill up to
two in three long-term smokers. The cigarette companies will be stripped of their branding, with boxes only
displaying graphic images of smoking-related illnesses. Two-thirds of smokers start before they are 18,
according to Cancer Research. Several studies have shown standard packs change attitudes and beliefs around
smoking, by reducing its appeal and making health warnings more prominent. Australia has had standardized
packs since December 2012, and figures suggest smoking has declined since then.


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