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Lisbon, The Capital of Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is the capital and largest city of Portugal,
with a population of about 570,000 within its administrative limits. About 2,800,000 people live
in Lisbon Metropolitan Area, which represents approximately 26% of the population of the
country. It lies in western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the Tagus River.

Lisbon enjoys a Subtropical-Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures above 15.2C during
the day and 8.9C at night in the period December to February. The summer's season lasts
about 6 months, from May to October, although also in November, March and April sometimes
there is temperature above 20 C.

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(L) Interior of Air France aircraft (M) A steward is serving a beverage.
(R) Many wind power generators are observed on the route to Lisbon.

(L) Aerial view of a town, the name is unidentified, east of Lisbon, Portugal. (R) An apron of the Lisbon Portela Airport
Lisbon Portela Airport

(L) A slope to the Castle of Sao Jorge (M) The gate to the castle
(R) Castle barbican ( towered gateway ) in front of the main wall and tower

A panorama view of the town, Tagus River and the Pnte 25 de April (the 25 de April Bridge ) from the Castle of Sao Jorge

(L) A diagram of the Castle of Sao Jorge ( Castelo de Sao Jorge ) (R) Cstle walls and towers

A wall of the castle

A cafeteria, peahen and cat in the castle

A view of the wide Tagus river and classic buildings in Lisbon from the Castelo de Sao Jorge

A neat restaurant nearby the gate to the castle

(L) A souvenir shop and cafe service outside (R) Hanging and drying clothes in place face to the walkway

In Portugal, like in Italy, clothes is drying out during sunny days.

(L) A mini car and the decorated wall by the bluish classic tile
(R) An open street urinal is observed on the way to the Castelo de Sao Jorge, Lisbon.
Because of a constant flow of water in little, there hangs no actual unpleasant smell around here.

(L) A pancake ( a crepe ) and ice cream house
(M) The interior of Santa Maria Maior de Lisbona( Cathedral ) (R) A tourist in front of the Cathedral

(L) A group with the uniform got out of the church after a religious event in Lisbon.
(M)(R) A 100% electronic car, owned by the Lisbon Municipal police, seen at the Praca do Comercio.
The arch with a clock links the Comercio Square and Augusta street.

(L) People enjoy at an outdoor sitting cafe above the Baixa metro station. (R) Baixa street, Lisbon

Rossio Square, Lisbon, which is one of the busiest squares in the city. The square is
paved with cobblestones in wave patterns, a design seen in many Purtugal's cities.

(L) Vasco da Gama bridge, Lisbon at dusk (R) Oriente railway station in the early morning

(L) Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael twin towers (R) Vasco da Gama commercial complex
Photographed in April-May, 2010.


Portugal Portugal and Smoking restriction in Portugal
Portugal Smoking status in Portugal

Lisbon city Lisbon metro and railways Lisbon tram Lisbon-Porto express train
Porto city Porto metro Porto train station

禁煙席ネット主宰 医学博士 宮本順伯
The article was written in May, and photographs were taken in April-May, 2010、by Dr. J. miyamoto.

Lisbon Metro and railways

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