Lisbon Trams and Cable Car

Lisbon Trams

A traditional form of public transport in Lisbon is the tram. Originally introduced in the 19th century, the trams
were imported from the U.S. and called the 'americanos'. These distinctive yellow trams are one of the tourist
icons of modern Lisbon, and their size is well suited to the steep hills and narrow streets of the central city.

(L) The Santa Maria Maior de Lisbona and a tramcar in Lisbon
(R) A tramcar runs beside the house decorated with the classic blue tile wall.

(L)Tourist family is waiting for a tram car. (R) No.28 Tram car runs through the Santa Maria Maior de Lisbona.

No.28 Tram car runs in front of the Santa Maria Maior de Lisbona.

No.28 Tram car runs in front of the Santa Maria Maior de Lisbona.

Tram cars are in a line at the downtown Lisbon.

No.28 Tram car runs Martim to Prazeres.

A classic tram car at the downtown Lisbon
Photographed in April-May, 2010.

Cablecar in Lisbon
 Ascensor da Bica

The Bica Funicular (Portuguese: Elevador da Bicaor Ascensor da Bica) is a funicular, a cable railway, in
Lisbon. It was opened in 1892. It climbs the Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo for 245 meters from the Rua S.
Paulo. The lower station of this funicular railroad is almost hidden behind a facade on Rua de S. Paulo
with the inscription 'Ascensor da Bica'. In 2002 it was designated a National Monument.

(L) A cable car departs from the basement floor of the ' Ancensor da Bica' building.
(M) An information board about the cable railway (R) A simple motor man's plateform

The Bica cable car ascends slowly in a narrow space between houses.

People live around here are not concerning about a cable car until it approaches at the very close point.

(L) Many graffiti are seen on the wall of houses. (R) Two cars are exchanged at the middle of the slope.

The Bica cable car at Lisbon, Portugal
Photographed in April-May, 2010.


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