Lisbon-Porto Express Train

Lisbon-Porto Express

The express train from Lisbon, Portugal's capital, to Porto, the second- largest city, is operated by Portuguese
Railways (CP), up grated in 2004. The length of route is 329 kms. Maximum line speed is, at present,
220 kms/h. There are two types of trains that travel across Lisbon to Porto: Alfa Pendular (AP) and Intercidade
(IC). The difference is the time ( AP train is faster ) and the price ( IC train is less expensive ).

Oriente station in Lisbon, before and after sunrise

(L) The CP 2600 at the Oriente station (R) International trains arrive and leave the Oriente station, Lisbon.

The Oriente Station (Gare do Oriente ) is one of the main transport hubs in Lisbon, Portugal. It was designed
by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was finished in 1998 for Expo '98 world's fair, where it is located.
It encompasses a Lisbon Metro station, a commuter and regional train hub, and a shopping center.

The AP express train to Porto entering to the plateform of Oriente station in Lisbon and departing for Porto

(L) Interior of the first class of the express train (M) A passenger comfortably using an internet service
(R) A train conductor checking an E-ticket of passengers

(L) E-ticket of Portuguese Railways, Oriente, Lisbon to Campanha, Porto (R) A motorized window screen controller

(L) A train waiter serving a breakfast to the first class passengers (R) A wide comfortable train seat provided in the first class train.

(L) A service breakfast
(M) Electric signboard is showing the destination, time, inside and outside temperatures and a train speed.

(L) A train is now crossing Douro River of Porto (M) Douro River seen from the railway track
(R) The AP express train from Lisbon arrived at Campanha station in Porto.

The plateform of the Campanha station in Porto

Campanha station, Porto, Portugal

ポルトガルの鉄道(CP)サービスは全土にわたっているが、 そのドル箱線がリスボンとポルトとを結んでいる線で、

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  All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

 Smoking ban in the railway trains of the world

Smoking status in Portugal


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