Canada smoking ban
Smoking restriction in Ontario

Tobacco Control in Ontario, Canada

The London Health Science Centre provides a smoke-free environment. This sign board was posted in the
University Hospital, London, Ontario, Canada. There are several designated smoking place away from
the hospital entrance.

No-smoking sign at the entrance and a garden of the University Hospital, London, Ontario

(L) No-smoking sign at the garden of Hospital (M)(R) Cafeteria of the University Hospital, London, Ontario

(L) Smoking is prohibited within 9 meters from the entrance and/or exit of hospital.
(M) Smokers outside of the hospital
(R) A digital display of the London Health Science Centre at an elevator

University Hospital, in London, Ontario, is a large teaching hospital affiliated with University of Western
Ontario. It is part of the London Health Sciences Centre.

London Health Sciences Centre

(L) A sign board on a guest room of Raddisson Hotel, London, Ontario
It provides 10 smoking rooms ( 6.9% ) of 144 total guest rooms.
(R) The photo shows a restaurant-bar in the Raddisson Hotel, London.
The sign plate ' Smoke stage' does not mean a smoking place.
The space inside is completely smoke-free.

(L) Smoke-free Niagara Falls Marriott Hotel
(M) No-smoking sign on a floor of the Niagara Falls Marriott Hotel
(R) Niagara Falls viewed from a guest room of Marriott Hotel Niagara Falls

(L) A sign plate of the Region of Niagara By-Law, that shows ' Thank you for not smoking in this public place'.
This was posted at the main entrance of Tower Hotel, Niagara Falls.
(R) Hotels from left, Sheraton, Marriott, Tower Hotel and Embassy Suites, viewed from a park beside Naigara Falls, Canadia.

The Westin Harbour Castle Hotel is 100% smoke-free.

(L)(M) A designated smoking area is provided far from the main entrance of the Westin Harbour Castle.
(R) A lobby of the Westin Habour Castle Toronto

In the province of Ontario, Canada, smoking is prohibiting in the public place. The guest room in a hotel
is exempted from this rule. Each hotel can decide whether it eliminates a smoking guest room entirely,
or set a certain number of smoking guest rooms.

Marriott Niagara Falls ( 432 rooms ), Tower Hotel Niagara Falls( 42 rooms ), Raddison hotels ( 232 rooms ),
Sheraton Falls View Hotel ( 407 rooms ), and other two Sheraton's hotels in Niagara Falls, are
100% smoke-free. In these hotels,
no smoking guest rooms are available, but air should be clean.
Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls has a total of 956 rooms. Of these, about 60 rooms (
6.2% ) are smoking rooms,
which locate on the 10th, 11th, 28th and 29th floor. Comfort Inn Falls view,
Niagara Falls, Ontario has the total of 107 rooms. Of these, 10 (
9.3% ) are smoking guest rooms.
Embassy Suites Niagara has about 56 smoking rooms (
10.9% ) of the total of 512. After an inspection, we felt that
this hotel may not offer a first-class service.


Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.


(L) No smoking is allowed at the plateform of union Sation, Toronto.
(M) No-smoking sign on the body of a commuter train at the Union Station
(R) No-smoking sign at the East Tunnel railway station, Ontario

(L) A smoker outside of the station (R) Union Staion is the largest and most opulent train station erected in Canada.

No smoking policy has been adopted in all VIA trains, Canada. The VIA rail offers a completely smoke-free
environment in all trains, as well as in all stations. All railway trains should be completely smoke -free.

 Vancouver Skytrain
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 Edomonton Metro
パリ近郊鉄道・地下鉄 VIA train, Vancouver to Jasper

(L) The sign plate on the outside floor of the Roral Bank Plaza shows a smoking ban within 9 meter of the building entrance.
(R) Headqurter of the Detour Gold Corporation

(L) No-smoking sign plate at the concurse to the CN Tower, Toronto
( R) A view of the Lake Ontario and the city center of Toronto, from the observation deck of CN Tower

The Hospital for Sick Children is a major pediatric center in Toronto, affiliated with the University of Toront Faculty of Medicine.
No smoking is allowed in the hospital area.

(L) No-smoking sign plate posted in the Subway restaurant near Toronto
(R) The no-smoking sign board shows the maximum penalty is $5,000 if violate.

No-smoking sign plate with warning of a penalty of $5,000, observed at Oyshi Sushi restaurant, Toronto.

Oyshi Sushi restaurant by Korean provides a tasty Sushi in a reasonable price.

No-smoking sign plate issued by the city of Sudbury, Ontario, which prohibit smoking inside of the building
and within 9 meters of an entrance oe exit to a public premises.
The Best Werstern Hotel, Sudbury provide 4 smoking rooms ( 8.9% ) of the total of 45.

Smoke Free Ontario Act
  • Bans smoking in enclosed public places and all enclosed workplaces, including restaurants,
  • bars, schools, private clubs, sports arenas, work vehicles, offices and entertainment venues,
  • including casinos, bingo halls, bowling and billiard establishments.
  • Eliminates designated smoking rooms in restaurants and bars.
  • Permits residential care facilities to operate controlled smoking areas which are specially
  • designed to ensure nobody outside the room is exposed to second-hand smoke.
  • The law stipulates who may enter the area and under what conditions, as well as
  • requirements for engineering design, function and maintenance of the areas.
  • Protects home health care workers from second-hand smoke when offering services
  • in private residences.
  • Prohibits smoking on patios that have food and beverage service if they're either partially
  • or completely covered by a roof. (A roof includes an awning, tarp, canvas sheeting or
  • other permanent or temporary covering capable of excluding rain or impeding airflow,
  • or both. A stand-alone umbrella covering a single table isn't considered a roof. But
  • if umbrellas are used to serve as a roof, an inspector may view it as such and act accordingly.)
  • Toughens the rules prohibiting tobacco sales to minors.
  • Prevents the promotion of tobacco products in entertainment venues.
  • Prohibits smoking in motels, hotels or inns, expect in rooms designated as
  • guest smoking rooms.
  • Prohibits smoking in common areas of condominiums, apartment buildings and college
  • and university residences. Examples of common areas include elevators, stairwells,
  • hallways, parking garages, laundry facilities, lobbies, exercise areas and party or
  • entertainment rooms.
  • Prohibits smoking in public schools, private schools and on public or private
  • school property.
  • Bars smoking within a nine metre radius of any entrance or exit of a hospital.
  • (A hospital may choose to provide a smoking shelter outdoors, but must ensure
  • the structure consists of no more than two walls and a roof.)
  • Immediately restricts the retail promotion of tobacco products and imposes
  • a complete ban on the display of tobacco products by May 31, 2008.
  • Source: Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion


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Canada smoking ban
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