Arrival to Washinton, DC, via Chicago

Tokyo to Washington, DC, via Chicago

(L) JAL aircraft to Chicago at Narita International Airport (R) Crossing an international date line at dusk

Fly through Bering Sea and over Canadian Rockies

Flying above the cloud to the Chicago O'Hare Airport

Chicago's O'Hare Airport

(L) The business district of Chicago (R) To Washington DC, by American Airline

(L) A coffee service by American Airlines (R) Interstate Freeways at the Washington metropolitan area

(L)Towns faced to the Potomac River (R) A condominium and a park along Potomac River, Washinton, DC

A plane flying over the river, approaching by the Lincoln Memorial

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

An airport shop and a concourse of the National Airport

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Metro railway station of Ronald Regan Washington National Airport

The River Visual approach was instituted due to safety and noise abatement concerns. The approach,
which follows the course of the Potomac River, is only possible with a ceiling of at least 1,067 m and
visibility of 4,828 m or more. There are lights on the Key Bridge, Theodore Roosevelt Bridge, Arlington
Memorial Bridge, and the George Mason Memorial Bridge to aid pilots following the river. Aircraft using
the approach can be observed from various parks on the river's west bank. Source: Wikipedia


Washington, D.C.
Arrival to Washington, D.C. The U.S.capitol Metro railway Union Station Museums Socioeconomic aspect
Smoking ban in Washington, D.C.

Ontario,Canada and Michigan, USA
Detroit Airport London Hospitals Niagara Falls Toronto Around Lake Houron Upper Michigan Lower Michigan
Smoking Ban in Ontario

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National Capitol, Washinton, DC

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