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The city and suburb of Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the largest city in Michigan, and the seat of Wayne Country. It is located north of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
The city is well known as the world's traditional automotive center, with a nickname of the Moter City. In2008,
Detroit ranked as the eleventh the most populous city, with about 912,000 residents. At its peak in 1950, the city
was fourth largest in the United States. However, afterwards a major shift of population was occurred to the suburbs.

Detroit and the surrounding region constitute a major manufacturing center, most notably as home to the Big Three
automobile companies, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. The city is an important center for global trade with large
international law firms having their offices in both Detroit and Windsor.

Although crime has declined significantly since the 1970s, the city had the sixth highest number of violent crimes
among the twenty-five largest US cities in 2007. This rate was declined to 11 percent in 2008, though Wayne County
Prosecutor questions the finding.
Source: Wikipedia

The Renaissance Center is the world headquarter of General Motors.

(L) Children with a white dress are probably after the attendance to a marriage ceremony at a church.
(R) Looking over the city of Windsor, Ontario, Canada

(L) Friends are giving a woman in bridal costume their blessing at the entrance to Marriott Hotel.
(R) Comerica Tower overlooks the city's financial district.

GM World Headquarter

(L) GM World Headquarter (R) Overlooking the Canadian side from the Renaissance Center

(L) The Ambassador Bridge ( far end ), over the Detroit River, links Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario.
This suspension bridge is the busiest international border crossing in North America.
(R) All Avis and Budget rent-a-cars in Canada and United States have been smoke-free since October 2009.
A cleaning fee up to $250 will be charged to your credit if smoked.

(L) Route map of People Mover, Detroit (R) People Mover train at the Renaissance Center Station

Information board on the Detroit People Mover (R) To ride a train, a passenger inserts 50 cent at the ticket gate.
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

デトロイトは南北をエリー湖とヒューロン湖に挟まれており、東のカナダ、ウィンザー市とトンネルと橋(Ambassador Bridge,
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel)で結ばれている。失業率が高く、貧困層を抱えている。自動車産業の中心都市である。GMがテナント

 The safe and attractive city, Troy

トロイはデトロイトの着たの郊外にある都市で高級ショッピングモール(Somerset Collection)がある。裕福な住民が多く、

Troy located in a suburb of Detroit. Troy was recently ranked the 5th safest city in the nation, and at the top in Michigan.
In 2008, Troy was ranked 22nd on a list of Best Places to Live in the US,by CNN Money research, using criteria, including
housing, quality of education, economic strength, and recreational opportunities. In 2008, Troy ranked as the fourth
most affordable U.S. city with a median household income of $90,000. Troy is a thriving center of business, particularly
in the automotive and financial sectors, and is home to a number of major companies. Based on property value, Troy is
the second-largest city in Michigan, after only to Detroit.

(L) The West Big Beaver Road, Troy (M) A chinese restaurant, China Bistro (R) A Coach shop

The Skywalk inter grates the twin center of Somerset Collection.

(L) Somerset Collection hall (M)(R) A furniture and interior shop

A very attractive shop for kid's

(L) Somerset Collection includes many relaxing water displays. (R) A colorful interior shop

Stores for Lingerie and women's clothing in Somerset Collection

The Sony Style and Swarovski shops

MAC offers a large selection of skin care products.

Somerset Collection is an upscale shopping mall with over 180 stores, including the Louis Vultton.

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The article was written and photographs were taken by Dr. Junhaku Miyamoto, in October 2010.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

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 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
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