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Mount Takao

Takaosan, Mount Takao

Procession of the warrior priest (yamabushi ), blowing the conch
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Mount Takao, Takaosan, is a mountain in the city of Hachioji, Tokyo. It is protected within the Takao Quasi-National Park.
Standing 599 meters high, and located within an hour of downtown Tokyo, it is a popular hiking spot, with more than 2.5 million
annual visitors. Mount Takao is closely associated with tengu, a braggart. A Buddhist temple, Takaosan Yakuohin is located
in the mountain. Visitors to Mount Takao can choose to start climbing from the base, or take a funicular or ropeway ride
halfway up to the mountain.

Trail-1 from the base of the mountain is a somewhat arduous climb, but it is paved and leads past the top stations of both
the ropeway and the funicular on the way to the summit. Trail-4 passes through the dark green of the mountain from
the upper station of funicular station to the area near the mountain top. Some visitors to Takao ride up the mountain and then
walk back down.

Despite the mountain's proximity to the metropolis of Tokyo, Mount Takao is rich in wildlife, with more than 1,200 species
of plants and a wide variety of native animals and insects, including wild boars and monkeys. This diversity was under threat
from the construction of the Ken-O Expressway, which involved the drilling of two 10 m tunnels through the heart of the mountain.
The Ken-O Expressway opened to traffic in 2012.

(L) A guide board of the Takao Quasi-National Park (R) Flowers along the road to the lower station of a cable car

(L) A ropeway of Mount Takao (R) A view from the seat on a ropeway ride

(L) A bill awarding office of the Yakuouin (R) The main hall of Yakuouin temple

Yakuouin temple, seen from Gongendo


(L) A main gate to Takaosan (R) A bill awarding office on the approach to Yakuouin

Amulet luck hole: Happiness will visit you if you pass through this hole.

Takaosan soba (buckwheat) tray, which is specially provided by Yakuouin temple.
All temple houses are smoke-free.

The warrior priest is blowing th conch to serve a soba (buckwheat) dedication.

(L) A part of Yakuouin temple complex (R) Bright flowers on the mountain trail

(L) A suspension bridge on the Trail-4 (R) Ken-O Expressway seen through the rich natural environment
Mount Takao Funicular Railway

 Mount Takao

A day trip from the Metropolitan Tokyo

Railway map of Kanto Region

The Keio railway network connects the western suburbs of Tokyo and Shinjuku Station.
The Keio Takao Line runs between Takaosanguchi and Shinjuku stations.

(L)Takahatafudo Station (R) Kitano Station, the branch point of Takaosan and Keio-Hachiouji

(L)Tamagawa Bridge of Keio Railway: It is located between Bubangawara and Takahatafudo on the Keio Takao Line.
(R) ) A tunnel to Takaosanguchi

(L) The left track is for Takaosanguchi. The right track is for Kofu. (R) A train runs in a rich green field to Takaosanguchi.

(L) A woman train-driver (M) A bridge near Takaosanguchi

(L) Platform of the Takaosanguchi station (R) Automatic ticket bending machine

(L) The main entrance to Keio Takaosan Onsen (R) Access
to the facilities

It is a convenient to take a bath at the Takaosan Hot-spring after a day trip to the Mount Takao.
It is located in front of the Takaosanguch station, Keio Line.

 Prince and Princess Akishino visited Takao 599 Museum.

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 Hakone-Tozan Railway

 Usui Pass

 Ohyama in autumn

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