A financial establishment of indoor smoking room


Department of Health, Labor and Welfare proposed the idea to provide
a separate room for smokers, or the space in reducing the concentration of tobacco-smoke,
and announced to assist a financial establishment of indoor smoking room.

Japanese Government will examine the concentration of tobacco-smoke
in the indoor public space before giving an advice to the firm.

Department of Health, Labor and Welfare started to restrict smoking in restaurants and hotels to protect a person
who works in the smoking space. Asahi Shimbun reported to determine the acceptable minimum concentration of
tobacco-smoke found in public spaces, e.g. restaurants, bars, and a lobby and passage in a hotel. If it is above
the set concentration of cigarette-smoke, then, the government advice to the firm to take a total smoking ban or
to provide a separate room for smokers.


The revision of the Industrial safety and Health Act in 2011 was released by the Department of Health, Labor
and Welfare on October 1, 2011. However, against our expectation, the concept is not a total smoking ban
in a workplace, but the ideato provide a smoking space apart from the area in the main working place. The
Health Ministry officer said to assist the cost in the construction of indoor room for smokers. This means that
a taxpayer must share the expenses for a space which is clearly harmful to the human health. Officer further described he will permit the working space, if the concentration of tobacco-smoke is under the 0.15mg/1 cubic meter. They completely ignored the fact that there is no safe level for the cigarette side-smoke.

The Health officer in the central and local government had no definite health philosophy to protect people
who live in the country, as far as the avoidance from smoking hazard. The academic society, the Japan
Society for Tobacco-Control supported the establishment of Kanagawa-Prefecture ordinance, in 2009.
This local law legally approved setting a separate smoking room inside. The new law justified the legal
concept of separating the public space into the non-smoking and smoking. The TV commercials by Japan Tobacco Inc. promoting an installation of the space for smokers are remaining in force. Sadly, Japan is now becoming an ideal country for a tobacco company.

October 1, 2011, by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD

Japanese Government now adopted that the public indoor space to be divided into the non-smoking and smoking.

(L) Government will give a financial support for setting up a smoking space.
(M) An inhalation of tobacco-smoke from others will be the trigger to cause a heart attack and lung cancer.
(R) Government requests all business operators to obligate to protect a worker,
should be free from the hazard derived from cigarette smoke.

(L) Health official announced to start a new system that supports a finance to provide a smoking indoor section
in restaurants/bars and Ryakan (hotel).
(R) A firm which can get a financial support to construct an indoor smoking room and/or ventilation system
should be the number of employee is under 100. The maximum assistant payment is 2,000,000 yen.
Source: NHK News October1, 2011.

Department of Health, Labor and Welfare announced to assist an establishment
of indoor smoking room
in restaurant and hotels, and will increase the financial
support rate from the present 25% to 50% of the whole construction fee in 2013.

Japan is a country which officially ratified the treaty by the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.
However, Japanese Government always neglected this fact and rather supported making a smoking room
for smokers. It is very regrettable to hear that an announcement that the Government positively supports
the newly constructed smoking room inside of the restaurants and hotels.

Most of European countries, countries of North America and Oceania abolished, or assertively destroy a
smoking booth or room provided inside of a public space. The local government and Department Health
and Laborand Welfare of Japanese Government chose the total opposite way since 2009, when Kanagawa-
Prefecture ordinance approved a separate smoking booth in a food industry and hotel.

Unfortunately, many Japanese people thought that the separating space for smokers and non-smokers,
is a good way, and further, the Japan Society for Tobacco-Control supported the Kanagawa-Prefecture
ordinance, which legally approved a separate smoking room. These factors contributed to the awful
decision of the Government to increase a financial aid to constructing the definitely noxious smoking room.

May 15, 2013. The comment by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD

Department of Health, Labor and Welfare will grants to the applicants for a construction of indoor smoking room.
    ( The Government assists half of the total construction expenditure. The document 2014 is written in Japanese. )

AED ( automated external defibrillator ) is placed at the smoking booth on a restaurant-floor of a department store in Tokyo.
AED stands in a smoking room of the major airport in Hokkaido.

Kanagawa Anti-smoking Ordinance
条例 2008年12月、神奈川県受動喫煙防止条例で分煙設定

Kanagawa plan was expected to spark opposition from owners of restaurants and bars. However, Gov.Matsuzawa
made a complete about-face, and decided the fields of the total smoking ban are limited to schools, hospitals,
department stores, government buildings and some other public places. He indicated that the prefecture might
allow and promote creating the facilities to introduce smoking rooms apart from non-smoking section. The grand
mistake of the policy of Kanagawa Pref. is to abandon a total carpet smoking ban and to create a separate smoking
room for smokers. A further serious mistake Gov.Matsuzawa did is to authorize laborers to work in an enclosed
space with full of toxic smoke. This is definitely against the purpose of the indoor clean-air act: anti-smoking law.
He completely neglects the health of employees who work in a smoking space. Gov. Matsuzawa only considers
a health of the users of restaurants, bar, pachinko parlors and other public places.
This comment was written by Junhaku Miyamoto, MD., PhD, in April 2009.

 A tobacco company is trying to brainwash Japanese people.
Herald Tribune International Junhaku Miyamoto Newspaper
Herald Tribune InternationalJapan must move faster on anti-smoking laws.
新聞 Herald Tribune International (ヘラルドトリビューン紙掲載)
It's your turn, Prime Minister Noda *
After he played a regime, he introduced the 25% financial assistance to make a smoking room in a building.
Of course, this is not the reason, but he finally resulted that he fell from power after 2013 election.


Russia enforced a total smoking ban in public indoor space in June 2014.
A new proposal about smoking regulation by the Health Ministry in January 2018
This is
the worst anti-smoking measure in the World , neglecting WHO and IOC agreements.




禁煙制度移行をを非常に困難なものする。フィンランドでも、フランスでも助成措置をとらなかったために 円滑に全面禁煙




2011年10月執筆  禁煙席ネット主宰  日本タバコフリー学会顧問 医学博士 宮本順伯



失望: 2012年12月の総選挙で民主党は大敗した。何も公約を実行できなかったことに国民が反発した、

2013年1月 医学博士 宮本順伯

執筆 医学博士 宮本順伯
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The article was written in August 2011, and revised in May 2013 and October 2014,
by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.,PhD.
Information on new Japanese Government policy was added in January 2017.

Health ministry urges smoking ban for restaurants, other indoor spaces.

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