The tobacco company, JT, is trying to brainwash Japanese people.

lunch-time smoking restriction separate smokers' and non-smokers' rooms smoking allowed in a part of restaurant
(L) No smoking during the lunch time ( 11:30-14:00) is very odd setup, only seen in Japan.
I have never seen this kind ridiculous sign board in any part of the world.
This setup came from the idea that the selection of smoking and non-smoking seat during lunch-time
rush hour is inefficient. This is, absolutely, not from the point of health of customers or restaurant workers.
(M) It appears to be adequate to separate the smoking and non-smoking seats on each floor of the building.
However, there exists no consideration of the adverse effects of toxic floating gas on the restaurant workers,
at the floor level which allows smoking.
(R) The sign board shows that smoking is allowed on the counter seats, but not on the table seats.
This means all space of this restaurant is same to the smoking room, that does not protect a child's health.
A mother should recognize the high risk of cigarette smoke in this restaurant.
smokers' room in restaurant/pub same space for smokers and non-smokers
(L) This picture shows a restaurant or pub for smokers. In this food shop, all customers and workers will inhale a toxic cigarette smoke.
(R) A non-smoking seat in a space, in which smoking is allowed, is equal to the smoking seat.
A sign plate of 'non-smoking seat' in the smoking space should be forbidden.
It cheated a customer by the tricky 'sign against smoking'.
The above five pictures were photographed a TV commercial sponsored by Japan Tobacco Inc. in March 2010.

Tobacco industry promotes to establish a separate smoking room in a restaurant and pub for smokers, and is trying
to control the mind of all Japanese people that the combined systems of non-smoking and smoking spaces are just
like a standard form for an eating industry. Their method of a brainwashing is to put a commercial, as shown above,
on television in a frequent interval. All advanced countries in America, Europe and Oceania have abandoned the
method to separate an eating place into the non-smoking and smoking. However, Japan Tobacco Inc. insists and
supports to provide and keep a space, in which smoking is allowed. Their concept does not include the very dangerous
carcinogeniceffects of second-hand smoke. The company fears to adopt a total smoking ban in the entire area of Japan,
in that event, many smokers may quit cigarette, and the amount of sold tobacco would decrease in the significant degree.

TV commercial by Japan Tobacco Inc.( Broadcasted in November 2012 )
JT always opposes to the total smoking ban, and insists to provide a smoking-booth inside of a building.

Door-less Smoking Space in the Narita International Airport

Door-less Smoking Space in the Narita
Door-less entrance/exit of the smoking space at Narita International Airport
Door-less Smoking Space in the Narita
Door-less entrance/exit of the smoking space at Narita International Airport
Photographed in March 2010

Door-less Smoking Space in the New Chitose Airport

Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan
A special smoking space equipped with a potent ventilation system is called as 'SMOKERS STYLE',
provided by Japan Tobacco Inc., at the New Citose Airport, Hokkaido. There is no entrance and/or exit door.
This was photographed in September 2009. 
Japan Tobacco's separate smoking space Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan
(L) Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) is studying about the air flow in a smoking room to try to oppose a total prohibition.
Blue plate represents smoking area, red plate non-smoking area.
(M)(R) Smoking space in New Chitose Airport
Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan Japan Tobacco's separate smoking space Door-less Smoking Space in Sapporo Japan
(L) Door-less entrance/exit of the smoking space
(M) Japan Tobacco Inc.(JT), here, is campaigning about a strong aspiration power of tobacco smoke.
(R) JT insists to provide a ventilated smoking space in indoor public buildings.

The Japan Tobacco Inc.(JT) and tobacco retailer request and to provide a separate room for smokers, instead of the total
smoking ban in a public space, such as restaurant and pub. They disagree and deny the relation of cause and effect of
tobacco on the human body.

This shows an advertisement displayed attached to the wall of the platform st Tameike-Sanno subway station,
very closed to the prime minister's official residence.
It says Japan Tobacco Inc. will make an effort to create a comfortable society for smokers and non-smokers.
Three important items: keep smoking manner, do social activity to clean a street and supporting creating of
a separate indoor smoking room.

A scene of video commercial to promote a separate smoking-room system, appeared in TV Asahi
One by one, but is one step toward to the future: JT

TV advertisement by JT: Smoking style in a hotel, in an office and in a restaurant

What we want to make in this country is an advanced society in dividing smoking and non-smoking section in each place.
We propose the various kinds of space separation in society, making it as a new lifestyle. It is our desire to create various
forms of smoking room, that we want to go forward with new and consistent feelings. JT (2017)

TV tobacco advertisement by JT
Japanese Government allows this kind of tobacco advertisement.

A video created by WHO to stop tobacco-industry-interference campaign.

english index tobacco control 日本語

著作: 「一匹狼の国」著者 医学博士 宮本順伯
2009年9月執筆 2012年11月加筆 2016年1月加筆
The photographs were taken and the article was written in September 2009,
and last revised in January 2016, by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D., PhD.

Total smoking ban  in public indoor space
Department of Health, Labor and Welfare proposed the first time
to ban smoking in indoor public space.

Special Note: 日本語表示

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