Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Ueno Zoo, Tokyo

Ueno Zoo first opened its doors in March 1882, and has the distinction of being Japan's first zoo.
The Ueno Zoo is a 14.3-hectare (35-acre) , managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and located
in Tokyo. It is Japan's oldest zoo, opening on March 20, 1882. It located in five-minute walking distance
from from the Park Exit Ueno Station, with convenient access from Tokyo's public-transportation network.

の動物を飼育している。北海道旭山動物園と共に、日本一の入園者数を記録する動物園である。 2020年9月以降、

Oct 2023

(L) The main entrance of Ueno Zoo (R) Sumatran tiger スマトラトラ

Gorilla ゴリラ

(L) Aomekibatan アオメキバタン (R) Budgerigar セキセイインコ

Nov 2019

(L) Admissio fee is \600 or \300 for a senior visitors. (R) Giant panda ジャイアントパンダ

Prairie dog プレーリードッグ

(L) Prairie dog (R) Asian elephant アジアゾウ

Japanese macaque ニホンザル

(L) White gibbon シロテナガザル (M) Black-and-white ruffed lemur クロシロエリマキキツネザル (R) Pallas's cat マヌルネコ

Western lowland gorillas ゴリラ

(L) Shoebill ハシビロコウ  (R) Condor コンドル

(L) Sulphur-crested cockatoo キバタン (R) Sumatran tiger スマトラトラ

Sumatran tiger

The pond for California sea lions

California sea lions カリフォルニアシーライオン

Polar bear ホッキョククマ

Polar bear

Polar bear

Polar bear

Flamingos ベニイロフラミンゴ

Orio bat オリイオオコウモリ

Steller's sea eagle オオワシ

Steller's sea eagles fly to Japan to spend a winter. This Steller's sea eagle that lives here was rescued in 1985. When
it was found unable to move along the seashore of Jyoetsu city in Niigata prefecture. After being cared for at the bird
sanctuary of Niiigata, it was brought to this place of Shinobazu pond in 2003.

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Ueno Toshogu Shrine

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