Tennoji Zoo, Osaka

Osaka Tennoji Zoo

Osaka Tennnouji Zoo is the third zoo to be built in Japan, with a history of more than 90 years.
The natural living environments are reproduced in the African Savanna Zone, among others.

An easy access from Tenouji railway station ( Map source: Tennouji Zoo )

The Tennoji Zoo was opened in January 1915. It celebrated the 100th anniversary from the opening
in 2015 and is currently known as the third oldest zoo in Japan. The zoo has about 1,000 animals of
about 200 species in an approximately 11 hectare site and attracts many visitors as an urban oasis.

(L) Tenshiba Gate of Tennouji Zoo (M) Hippopotamus (R) Zebra

(L) Crocuta (M) Gireffe (R) Common eland

(L) Lions in rest (R) Very active charming wolves

(L) A tiger (R) A zoo keeper and capybaras

(L) Red panda (M) Penguin (R) Emu

Mufflon on the rock in the zoo.

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Osaka, Shitennouji, Dotonbori, Railway in Osaka Tennoji Zoo

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