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Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Asahiyama Zoo

Asahiyama Zoo is a municipal zoo opened in July 1967 in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and is the northernmost zoo in Japan.
In August 2004, over 320,000 people visited the zoo, the second highest number of visitors among all the zoos in Japan.

Animal pictures are pasted on a passenger board bridge: There is a direct flight from and to Taipei, twice a week.

There is a direct express bus service to Asahiyama Zoo from the airport, twice a day, connecting the JAL and ANA freight from Tokyo.

Mountain ranges viewed from Asahiyama Zoo

Wild cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

(L) An admission ticket to zoo (R) Animal character welcomes visitors.

Map of Asahiyama Zoo

Popularity No.1, polar bear

Polar bear in water and on the land

Polar bear in water and on the land

Polar bear with various expressions

Polar bear in water and on the land

Polar bear in water

(L) A polar-bear foot stamp (R) Polar bear with a lovely face like a dog


In 1964, Mount Asahi was determined as the building site due to its geology and traffic convenience. Construction of
the Asahiyama Zoo began in April 1966, and was completed in June 1967, at a total expense of 250 million yen.
The zoo was inaugurated in July 1967, with 75 species of animals. As the population of Asahikawa has increased, the number
of visitors rose to a peak of 597,000 in 1983. In 1994, when a western lowland gorilla and a ring-tailed lemur in the zoo
died of an echinococcus infection; the zoo was closed before the regular season to prevent the disease from spreading.
This resulted in a decline in the number of visitors. In 1997, the zoo has started to undertake the construction of
unique interactive animal viewing facilities, including Polar Bear Aquatic Park, penguin aquarium, an orangutan trapeze,
and a seal aquarium, which includes a vertical tube through which the seals can swim.

(L) Red panda (R) Owl

(L) Cranes (R) Golden Eagle

(L) Eagle (M) White-tailed eagle (R) Chimpanzee is receiving food.

(L) Raccoon dog (R) Red foxes

(L) Various shades of rabbits (R) Peacock

(L) Sheep ranch (R) Giraffe

(L) Giraffe (R) Hippo in water

Hippo in water


(L) Penguin (R) Ostrich

Amur tigar

Amur leopard

In August 2004, the monthly number of visitors exceeded 320,000, which surpassed Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. In 2006,
the annual number of visitors reached 2 million, and the following year; the number was 3 million, which was surpassed
only by the Ueno Zoo (about 3.5 million people in the same year). Over the years, the Asahiyama Zoo has drawn
a number of media attractions, and some TV programs and publications featuring the zoo's success have also been


The day we visited Asahiyama Zoo, the sky is clearly blue, the air is dry in 11.2℃, it was very comfortable.

Asahiyama Zoo ( In Japanese )

Tenooji Zoo

Toba Aquarium

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Asahikawa Station

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