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Austria, officially the Republic of Austria is a landlocked country of roughly 8.47 million people in Central
Europe. The territory of Austria covers 83,855 square kilometres and has a temperate with an alpine climate.
Austria's terrain is highly mountainous due to the presence of the Alps; only 32% of the country is below
500 metres, and its highest point is 3,798 metres. The majority of the population speaks local Bavarian
dialects of German as their native language, and German in its standard form is the country's official
language. The capital and largest city, with a population exceeding 1.7 million, is Vienna. Austria is one
of the richest countries in the world, with a nominal per-capita GDP of $46,330 ( 2012 estimate ).
The country has developed a high standard of living, and in 2011 was ranked 19th in the world for its
Human Development Index. Austria joined the European Union in 1995. Austria adopted the European
currency, the euro, in 1999.
Reference: Wikipedia

In Austria, no smoking is enforced in public places (e.g. airports, train stations, schools, universities,
government administration buildings) and on public transport (e.g. trains) (fineable offence). Smoking
is allowed in restaurants, bars and cafes. Bars and restaurants of more than 100 square meters must
have non-smoking sections.

Map source: CIA

Austria's smoking rate is among the world's highest.

Austrian experts sounded warnings on the grim situation facing anti-smoking campaigns in the country,
saying its smoking rate was among the world's highest. About 2.5 million, or 60 percent, of those in the
20-50 age group were regular or occasional smokers in Austria, said Horst Olschewski, director of the
Pulmonary Division at Graz University Hospital.

Austria has had in place a ban on smoking in restaurants since early 2009, requiring all restaurants with
a business floor area of more than 50 square meters to have non-smoking areas. Authorities were mulling
over a plan to implement a full ban on smoking in restaurants. However, only 19 percent of the
respondents in a recent survey in Austria supported a total ban on smoking in restaurants.

Source: Xinhua May 27, 2010

Austrian law limits or bans smoking in certain areas.

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public spaces with certain exceptions for eating and drinking
establishments. Smoking in the workplace can be permitted if no employee working in the enclosed
space objects. A January 2009 law mandates that all restaurants, bars, discos, and pubs larger than
50 square meters must either be non-smoker or introduce separate smoking rooms. Below 50 square
meters the owner may opt to either make the establishment a smoking or non-smoking place. The law
provided for a long transition phase ending July 2010. The smoking ban has since been a subject of
controversy, as the rules are widely ignored by bar owners and not actively enforced by the authorities.
Anti-smoking campaigners claim to have filed 18.000 reports with the authorities on non-compliant
businesses since the bans were introduced, to little effect. Smoking was prohibited on trains and
railway stations when Germany introduced a similar smoking ban in 2007.
Source: Wikipedia


Wien Westbahnhof provides a smoking place at plate-forms for a convenience of smokers.
However, there is no concept to protect a railway passenger from toxic side smoke released cigarette.

Smoking area is provided at the public places, eg. at the entrance to the building.

(L) A display of cigar in Wien: There is a health warning that smoking may cause the death.
(R) One of four important items is a tobacco shop at the world heritage, Schloss Shoenbrunn.

(L) A no-smoking sign at a beauty salon
(R) The entrance to a hotel is usually the place for smoking. When we get in a hotel, we have to breathe
a part of toxic side-smoke.

(L) The price of cigarette is shown when a customer presses a specific brand name.
(R) This restaurant/bar has a separate smoking seat for smokers and non-smokers inside.

(L) This cafe-shop at Wien allows smoking inside and outside of the building.
(R) An automatic vending machine is placed at the entrance to a tobacco shop at Wien

(L) A vending machine for a tobacco sale: The price of cigarette is shown when a customer presses a specific brand name.
(R) A cigarette-shape pole-type ashtray near the pedestrian crossing


Tobacco shops at Salzburg

Automatic vending machine for a cigarette sale at Salzburg

(L) The price of cigarette ranges from 4.00 euro to 4.70 euros.(R) Smoking at the horse pond, Salzburg

Smokers put light on cigarette at bus stop shelter and on their bike.

(L) Tobacco and lotto shop at Salzburug railway station
(R) An ashtray is placed on a table outside of Salzburg's hotel, which does not provide smoking-room.

The price of cigarette ranges from 3.90 euro to 4.90 euros per package.

A Malboro priced 4.50 euros at tobacco shop in the Salzburg railway station.
Health warning that smoking kills and smoking can reduce sperms and lead infertility.

Smoking is allowed in a bus terminal, providing an ashtray stand.

(L) A boy is smoking at the entrance of the underground station. The age limit remains at 16 years old in Austria.
(R) A tobacco shop at Salzburug

A no-smoking cafe at Salzburg


(L) An automatic bending machine for tobacco sale seen at Hallstadt, Austria
The price of cigarette ranges from 4.10 euro to 5.10 euros.
(R) A warning sign plate notifying smoking is prohibited in the boat on the lake of Hallstadt.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Germany
Switzerland  Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Switzerland
 Smoking Ban in Austria 2013
 Smoking Ban in Germany 2013  
Switzerland  Smoking Ban in Switzerland 2013

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