Smoking Ban in Germany 2013


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Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt am Main Airport, commonly known as Frankfurt Airport and known ( German: Flughafen
Frankfurt am Main ) is a major international airport located in Frankfurt, Germany.

A man is smoking before the sign plate of 'welcome to the smokefree Frankfurt airport'.

Many smokers are putting the light on the outside of the airport.

A smoking booth is very common for Frankfurut International Airport.
It may be built by the financial aid of the tobacco maker, in order to advertise Camel.

Airport Restriction: Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the terminals except in the enclosed
smoking booths, which are located in the transit areas of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

(L) Camel filter cigarette after JT has acquired: JT= Japan Tobacco Inc.
(R) JT's Camel with a subtle flavor for the Swedish specification

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The Turkish tobacco that is used in Camel cigarettes has a much more distinctive odor when burned as
compared to other cigarettes. Filtered Camel cigarettes sold outside the US by JT International do not
contain Turkish flavor, instead they are produced in Romania with local tobacco.


(L) A tobacco advertisement on a street of Heidelberg (R) Smoking is prohibited at Heidelberg's Cablecar.

(L) A large no-smoking sign was observed at the cablecar station of Heidelberg.
(R) Heidelberg DB station provides a smokefree place.

(L) Ashtray placed on the rest area of Molkenkur station of Bergbahnen Heidelberg (M) A tobacco shop in Heidelberg
(R) A customer eats and drinks under the parasol with the brand name of cigarette, Gauloises.

Cigarette prices range from 4.80 to 6.80 euros in Heidelberg. This photograph was taken at Heiderberg in June 2013.
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Munich airport

Munich Airport viewed from satellite.

Munich International Airport (German: Flughafen Munchen) is an international airport located 28.5 km
northeast of Munich, Germany, and is a hub for Lufthansa. There are still smoking lounges and smoking
cabins at the Munich Airport. They are located in both terminals in every departure area.

The strictest smoking ban in Germany is in force in Bavaria, despite massive protests. Failure to comply
will result in fines for smokers and restaurant owners who have to pay, 5 euros minimum or 1,000 euros
maximum. For the restaurants at the airport, the goal is to deal with this issue in the most liberal way
possible, but the law is the law. As a result, effective immediately, smoking is permitted only outdoors,
which means outside the entrances and in the outdoor area of the Munich Airport Center. Ashtrays are
available at those locations.

A train to Munchen airport departs Hauptbahnhof, via Ostbahnhof.
This picture shows a plateform of DB train to the Munchen International Airport.

Munchen railway station

Munchen railway station, Munchen Hauptbahnhof is a smokefree station.

An open smoking area in the middle of plateform of Munchen Hauptbahnhof: Is it smokefree?

(L) So many tobacco butts on the entranceway to the station.(R) A sign plate of Non-smoking station

(L) Does it mean that the cigarette, Gauloises is freely from conventions and other additions?
(R) Grafing Bahnhof ( railway station ), 32 kms southeast of Munchen, where this tobacco advertisement was posted.

Munchen city

Cigar shop in the city

Automatic vending machine is placed on the wall of tobacco shop for a cigarette sale. The price for Malboro per pack is 6 euros.
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Smoking in a street is quite common in the city.

(L) Munchen is well-known beer city. Many customers were smoking while drinking beer.
They may not concern about the combined adverse effects of alcohol and tobacco.
(R) Many young women were smoking in a public place outside. This is not uncommon in Austria, Germany and
Switzerland. Do they realize the toxic effect of tobacco to a fetus when get pregnant?

Anti-smoking laws in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

Tough new anti-smoking laws come into force in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) in
May 2013. Pubs and restaurants in NRW will no longer be able to provide designated smoking areas.
Until now, smoking has been allowed in smaller bars and in certain areas of restaurants.

Martina Potschke-Langer of the German Cancer Research Centre welcomed the law, saying that businesses
had benefited from far too many exceptions allowed by the previous ban. The only exception under the
new law applies to private events like family parties.

The ban also applies to electronic cigarettes and shisha pipes, Egyptian hookah. The only other German
state with similarly strict regulation is Bavaria. Elsewhere, anti-smoking laws are more lax. In Baden
-Wurttemberg and Bremen people are allowed to smoke in marquees and in the side rooms of bars and
clubs. And in Hamburg and Berlin, pubs of 75 square meters or less can be designated "smoking" bars.
However, there is some claim the new law puts businesses at risk. The German Hotel and Hospitality
Association in NRW said that the survival of up to 3,000 businesses could be in question.
Source: The Lokal, April 30, 2013

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

German Government agrees to ban smoking in public places 2007
 Berlin 2011

 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Germany
Switzerland  Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Switzerland
 Smoking Ban in Austria 2013
 Smoking Ban in Germany 2013  
Switzerland  Smoking Ban in Switzerland 2013

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