Geneva: a global city and the most expensive city in the world

Jet d'eau ( jet fountain ) of Geneve is also one of the largest fountains in the world.
It is situated at the point where Lake Geneva empties into the Rhone River.

Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zurich) and is the French-speaking
part of Switzerland. Situated where the Rhone exits Lake Geneva, it is the capital of the Republic
and Canton of Geneva.The municipality has a population as of March 2013 of 195,000. Geneva is
a global city and worldwide centre for diplomacy. The most important UN international co-operation
centre, including the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations, including WHO,
sits in Geneva. It was ranked as the world's ninthimportant financial centre for competitiveness
by the Global Financial Centres Index, ahead of Frankfurt, and third in Europe after London and
Zurich. The city has been referred to as the world's most compact metropolis, and Geneva was
ranked as the fifth highly expensive city in the world, in the year of 2011.
Source: Wikipedia

World Health Organization, WHO
A large no-smoking sign stands out to all visitors to the office.

A signboard saying that our entire campus is a healthy smokefree zone.

The front view of the United Nations at Geneva

A city bus runs to WHO. About six ticket-examiner personals suddenly got on a bus and started to check
whether a passenger has a valid ticket. If not carried, you should pay a fine of CHF 120.

A shopping district, Place du Molard and La tour du Molard

(L) Mant terrace restaurant/cafe near Place du Molard, Geneva (R) Horloge Fleurie at the Jardin Anglais

Le Rhone: Water is flowing from Lac de Geneve: This picture was taken in front of Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

International Cost of Living in Zurich in July 2013

Zurich in Switzerland is ranked as the overall most expensive city to live in, world-wide, according
to thereport of Xpatulator.com's July 2013, international cost of living rankings. Thimphu in Bhutan,
is ranked the cheapest. Tokyo dropped 2nd place in April, and 3rd place in July to become the
sixth most expensive place to live, while Geneva moves down slightly, and became the fourth in
the world.

The cost of living in Switzerland is very high in comparison to other places. This is based on a
comparison of locally collected prices for defined quantities of the same goods and services,
converted to USD. Sources include local service providers in each location, international service
providers, official governmental statistics and global agency data.
Reference: Xpatulator.com on 1 July 2013.

The price display shows a small-size cheese bagel costs 11.5 Fr. and a medium-size 12.7 Fr.
This picture was taken at Bern Railway Station in July 2013

Tokyo has been the most expensive city in the past several years; however, when compared to the
prices of Zurich and Geneva, a living cost, for instance, a food, is not so expensive. For examples,
here, a small-size cheese bagel costs 11.5 Fr. and a medium-size 12.7 Fr. This is equivalent to 1,222
yen or 12.2 USD, and 1,350 yen or 13.5 USD, respectively, The price of big-mac costs 13.5 UDS in
Geneva, where its price in Tokyo is 320 yen, equal to 3.2 USD. The price of Coke and side dish are
about three times higher in Zurich and Geneva, compared to that of Tokyo, in July 2013.

A seat-reservation ticket that is obtained at Geneva Railway Station to Zurich International Airport.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on the on-the-spot investigation.

 Smoking Ban in Austria 2013
 Smoking Ban in Germany 2013  
Switzerland  Smoking Ban in Switzerland 2013
 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Austria
 Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Germany
Switzerland  Non-smoking-room rate of hotels in Switzerland

Jet fountain o f Geneva
A convenient train connecting the city of Geneva with Geneva Airport

Germany. Austria and Switzerland 2013
Narita to Frankfurt EU trains 2013 Heidelberg Heidelberg University Munchen
Salzburg Hellbrunn Hallstatt Wien Bern Ovronnaz Geneva
Zurich Station/Airport London Heathrow Airport 2013

写真撮影 2013年6月撮影 2013年7月執筆
執筆 医学博士 宮本順伯
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Zurich Railway Station/Airport

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