Seoul, Korea

Gangnam district in Seoul

South Korea had the world's second-fastest growing economy from 1960 to 1990. The economic success
in South Korea is often called the 'Miracle on the Han River'.It refers to the period of sudden accelerated
export. The fueled economic growth, overnight industrialization, technological achievement, educational
boom, exceptional rise in living standards, rapid urbanization, skyscraper boom, modernization, fast
globalization successfully transformed South Korea from the ashes of Korean War, which occurred during
the years of 1950-1953, to a wealthy and highly developed country today, with a global influence trillion
dollar economy. There are well-known multinational conglomerates, such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai
in Korea.
Source: Wikipedia.

Han River and South Korea

Condominiums in Seoul viewed from J.W.Marriotte Hotel and in Busan seen from an aircraft.
The picture of Soul was taken in 2007, and the picture of Busan in 2012.

Historical and modern architectures in Seoul

(L) Throne Hall of Geunjeongjeon ( 2012 ) (R) Gyeongbokgung palace ( 2007 )

(L) The earliest known book printed with movable metal type in 1377 (R)Gyeongbokgung palace



Korea move to ban smoking in public places from 2011.

South Korea will enforce to ban all indoor and outdoor smoking in public places, starting in 2011, to
reduce the country's smoking rate, the government said. The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family
Affairs said the move aims to bring down the smoking rate among men in the country, from 47 percent
at present to 20 percent in the target year.
Smoking has been cited for causing various forms of cancer and other life-threatening diseases, and
could put a strain on the economy by causing a rise in medical outlays down the line. secondhand
smoke is also a problem as it endangers the health of non-smokers.
It said posters and pictures highlighting the health risks associated with smoking will be placed on
cigarette cases, with support to be offered to companies that implement programs to get workers to
quit smoking.

YONHAP NEWS, Decenber 9, 2009


People walk on a non-smoking street in Tonam-dong.

In 2003 the street around Sungshin Women's University in South Korea was designated as a non-smoking
zone in an effort to reduce the soaring rate of smoking among teenagers and women, the district near
Sungshin Women's University has now been designated as a smoke-free zone. It is the first to its kind
to adopt such an ordinance in the nation, and other district offices are following suit. According to the
office's health department, the female smoking rate also declined from 3.2 percent to 2.3 percent over
the last three years.

Source: Korea Times April14, 2006


経済協力開発機構(OECD)加盟諸国のうち、韓国人の喫煙率は高く、男性が2位である。 OECDOは1980年代
半ばから毎年、各国の保健医療関連の統計をまとめた「OECD健康白書」を発表している。「OECD健康白書 2007」
女性の喫煙率は4.6%で最も低い。 世界保健機関(WHO)によると、世界で最も喫煙人口が少ない国はスウェーデン

引用 OECD Health Data 2007


引用 東亜日報 April 25,2009 dong A.com



引用 聯合ニュース 2009年12月9日

Taiwan Total smoking ban in public places in Taiwan
Hong Kong Total smoking ban in public places in Hong Kong
China China may start to work to prohibit smoking in public places.

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韓国 公共的施設内での喫煙禁止へ

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Restrictions on Smoking in Korea

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