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Street Smoking Ban is strict and Indoor Total Smoking Ban is poor.

Tokyo enforced smoking ban outside.

A signboard to inform the outdoor smoking regulation in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

Smoking is not allowed on a street, but OK in a restaurant?

Get Off Those Sidewalks, Smokers, and Go Inside - In many countries, it is illegal to smoke indoors,
but legal to smoke outdoors. In Tokyo, people light up with abandon in restaurants,
*taxis and many
offices. However, now on some congested downtown sidewalks, red-and-white stencils mark zones
where it is illegal to smoke outdoors. Health-conscious Americans might suspect the new rules are
an effort to shield nonsmokers from secondhand smoke, or to put a dent in cancer rates. For
Japanese critics, an outdoor smoking ban suggests that officials in this tidy nation worry
more about singed suits than sooty lungs. The rules, which apply only to premier districts of
central Tokyo, are intended not to promote health, but rather to cut the litter of discarded cigarette
butts and to reduce damage to clothing on busy sidewalks.

* A taxi in Tokyo enforced a non-smoking policy in January 2008. This is not a government regulation,
but the decision was made by the Tokyo Taxi Association. Behind that movements to smoking ban in
taxis, there was a judicial support that said total smoking would be preferable to avoid passive smoking.

(L) Smokers get inside of a restaurant to put light on cigarette to avoid a penalty in the street.
(R) This space for tobacco vending machine sponsored by the Japan Tobacco Inc. is the only free shelter
for a pedestrian can smoke without fear to get a ticket of \2,000 ( $18.0 ). A big signboard at entrance
represents that tobacco leaves protect a smoker from the penalty imposed by the ordinance.

A tobacconist set up a smoking booth for smokers in his shop, since the local ordinance prohibits
smoking on a sidewalk of the city. This is a scene in Tokyo was photographed in April 2013.

Manners in public spaces must come ahead of individual habits," said Masami Ishikawa, mayor of
Chiyoda ward. The ward is the nation's spiritual, political, commercial and media nerve center,
encompassing the Parliament building, the Imperial Palace, part of the Ginza, downtown banks, hotels
and companies.

Chiyoda residents want the area to become free of cigarette butts on a very busy street,
" the 60-year-old mayor added. "I hope the ordinance will prompt new rules on the nation's smoking
culture. "With the measure here winning widespread publicity, a host of other cities across the country
had contacted the ward government for advice for their own outdoor anti-smoking laws. However,
despite the annoyance of a
**$20 fine for smoking on a downtown sidewalk in central Tokyo,
Japan is likely to remain a smoker's paradise.

The government earns
***$17 billion in taxes from the cigarette sales, and tobacco tribe of lawmakers in Parliament
makes sure that there is no serious financing for anti-smoking campaigns. Japan is the world's largest importer of cigarettes,
about 83 billion a year. Japanese smokers also pay the near-lowest taxes in the developed world, only
****$1.16 a pack.
***** 600,000 cigarette vending machines operating nationwide, the $2 pack costs the equivalent of eight minutes
of work in Tokyo, compared with 20 minutes in Los Angeles and 40minutes in London. Health advocates say the crackdown
in parts of Tokyo may push some smokers to quit. However, they concede that it may also simply force smokers inside,
sparing dresses perhaps, but exposing others to more second-hand smoke than before.

Source: James Brooke, The New York Times.

** $ 18.0
*** $22 billion earning from tobacco tax each year
**** about $ 2.7 a pack
***** over 800,000 cigarette vending machines
The numbers of new data are based on the current study and exchange rates in December 2009.
Revised by Junhaku Miyamoto,MD., in December 2009.

Full story by James Brooke Tokyo, The New York Times. November 28, 2002.

A campaigning parade to stop smoking in a street. Photographed in front of the Shinjuku Station, Tokyo,
the busiest train station in the world, in December 2009.

In the designated smoking space near JR Sinjuku station, an information board was placed in front of a stand cigarette disposal.
It says that, please cooperate with our separation policy of smokers from nonsmokers, and asked smokers to practice a good manner in streets.
(L)(M) Many smokers put the light on cigarette at the designated smoking place in the East Gate of JR Shinjuku Station, Tkoyo.
(R) A signboard to inform that the streets of the total area of Shuinjuku City (Ward) is smoke-free.

A smoking area in front of Shinjuku JR station was moved towards the one end of a rail track side in April 2013.
A man standing in uniform is a tobacco inspector.
(L) A campaigning parade to stop smoking in a Shinjuku street.
(M) 'No smoking in Street' signboard is placed in front of the Shinjuku station.
(R) A designated smoking place in front of the West Gate of JR Shinjuku Station, asking smokers to practice a good manner.

(L) A smoking area near Ochanomizuin JR station (R) A smoking area near Shibuya JR station

A smoking area on the central reservation strip at Ikebukuro

A smoking area in front of Ikebukuro JR station was provided at the central reservation strip in June 2013.
(L) A sign board placed on the pavement of Shinjuku streets, written in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
(M) A sign board placed on the pavement in front of JR Ikebukuro station, written in English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
(R) A signboard says ' No smoking here, in the park'.
(L) No smoking on a street, but you can freely smoke inside and outside seats of a cafe shop, Shinjuku district, Tokyo.
(R) A lot of cigarette butts found in the red-light district, a few blocks from the Shinjuku Station.
In Shinjuku City, no actual penalty is charged to a violator and an inspector usually do not patrol at this area.
All photographs were taken in December 2009.

Smoking Regulations in Japan is reverse to the world.
A campaign to stop smoking in the street in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Japan Tobacco Inc. is supporting aggressive street smoking bans in Japan,
    in order to foil to prevent clean indoor air policy?
Japan's effort to curb exposure to secondhand smoking is one of the worst in the world.
   Health Ministry white paper 2016

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Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.

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 Two South Kuril and two islands off Hokkaido are the own land of Japan.
 Smoke-free hotels in Japan
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 Smoke-free should be the minimum standard for the host city in the Olympic.
 WHO: Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.
 World population: seven billion v.s. Declining birth rate in Japan
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 Tax saving's rental housing is mushrooming.

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