Asahikawa, Hokkaido

Asahikawa Airport

Animal pictures are pasted on a passenger board bridge: Daily flight by JAL and ANA land and depart from Asahikawa Airport.
There is a direct flight from and to Taipei, twice a week.

Asahikawa JR Station

Asahikawa Station is operated by the Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido). It is the central train station
for the city of Asahikawa, which is the second-largest city in Hokkaido by population after Sapporo. Asahikawa
Station opened in 1898. With the privatization of Japanese National Railways (JNR) in April 1987, the station
came into the control of JR Hokkaido. The new elevated station building was opened in October 2010.
The entire station complex was completed in autumn 2011. The station is the terminus for the following JR-
Hokkaido lines.=Hakodate Main Line, Soya Main Line, Sekihoku Main Line, Furano Line

(L) Station square (R) The south exit of Asahikawa station: It is faced to Chubetsu River.

(L) Asahiyama Zoo is one of the most important tourist spots in Asahikawa.(R) A corridor of the station building

There is a wide concourse of the Northside of Asahikawa station building.
(R) Open space is set on the Southside of Asahikawa station building.

Asahikawa station was designed by Professor Hiroshi Naito. His work includes major projects in other countries.
He is the principal architect at Hiroshi Naito Architect & Associates. Prof.Naito was born in 1950 in Yokohama.
His practice is based in Tokyo. He is known for his modern architecture. Naito is Professor emeritus at the University
of Tokyo. Naito received a Master of Architecture from Graduate School of Waseda University. He established Naito
Architect & Associates in 1981.One of his works is Asahikawa Station, in Hokkaido, which was completed in 2011,
and Takayama Station, at Gifu Prefecture, completed in 2016.

A lightning departure board

(L) A ticket gate and departure guide (R) A unique elevator to the departure platform

Platform and railway track at Asahikawa station

Platform 3 and 4 for Iwamizawa and Sapporo


Asahikawa Station ( In Japanese )

A special train campaigning Asahiyama Zoo


JR北海道「旭山動物園号」 座席 A special train campaigning Asahiyama Zoo.

JR北海道 札幌駅ホーム Sapporo Station platform.
Photographs were taken in September 2009, by a collaborator of Dr. Miyamoto.
This special train is not running after April 2018.

Asahikawa to Sapporo

The limited express train is leaving Asahikawa to Sapporo. There is Ishikari River appears on the left side of the train is heading.

(L) The limited express train runs through the countryside of Ishikari plain.(R) The train is now arriving to Sapporo station.

Arrival to Sapporo
Asahiyama Zoo, Hokkaido

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JR 旭川駅
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