Sapporo, Hokkaido

Tourist Spots of Sapporo

South side of JR Sapporo Station

Sapporo Station is a railway station, and is served by Hakodate Main Line and other lines of Hokkaido
Railway Company (JR Hokkaido), and is also connected to the Subway Sapporo Station.
Sapporo Station is the starting point and terminus for most limited express services operated by JR Hokkaido.

(L) A map information panel that is placed at the city center (R) Sapporo Clock Tower

(L)Sapporo Clock Tower (M) The Sapporo TV Tower, 147 m high, is located on the ground of Odori Park (R) Odori Park

(L) The entrance to Odori subway station: It is covered with transparent walls considering the surrounding landscape.
(R) Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

(L) A guidance panel of the Former Hokkaido Government Office Building
(R) A pond in the garden of Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building: The roof, stairway and an exhibition room

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building: Red-Brick Northern Territories Museum

(L) Mamiya Rinzo, ŠÔ‹{ —Ñ‘ , was a Japanese explorer of the late Edo period. He is best known for his exploration and mapping of Sakhalin.
(R) A cherry blossom in the garden in Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

A cherry blossom in the garden of Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

The facility of the former Hokkaido Government Office is located in Sapporo. Visitors can enter the building for free.
The Gallery of Hokkaido's History was designed to display panels, and is a branch exhibition room of the Historical
Museum of Hokkaido. The Northern Island Related Resource Library shows materials related to the South Chishima
Island, which is used to be the Japanese territory, and has been occupied by Russia since the end of World War II.
Flower gardens@and a pond are located in front of the building.

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building

(L) The thermometer shows 13Ž in the air of this place on Odori Park
(R) Lilac flower: A Lilac Festival is usually held in Mid-May at Odori Park of Sapporo.

In May, Odori park is full with a rich natural sprout, colored by flowers.

In May, Odori park is full with a rich natural sprout, colored by flowers.

(L) Former Sapporo Court of Appeals (R) Red-purple magnolia in Odori Park is in full bloom.

Sapporo is the fifth biggest city Japan by population, and the largest city on Hokkaido.
It is the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture. The approximate city population is 2,000,000, as of May 2018.

Hokkaido Shrine –kŠC“¹_‹{

The Hokkaido Shrine, is a Shinto shrine located in Sapporo. Sited in Maruyama Park,
the Hokkaido Shrine enshrines four 'kami' including the soul of the Emperor Meiji.
A number of contributors of the Exploration in Hokkaido such as Mamiya Rinzo are also enshrined.

(L) Chozuya, Shinto water ablution pavilion (R) A carp streamer and the main gate of Hokkaido Shrine

(L) Main Gate (R) Shimenawa, a sacred Shinto straw festoon

(L) Main Gate (R) Haiden( Hall of Worship )


(L) A carp streamer (M) Chozuya (R) A snow was still remained on the Shrine ground.

(L) A squirrel is searching foods on the ground of the Shrine. (R) Cherry flowers are scattered by the wind.

(L) It is filled the ground with scattered cherry blossoms.
(R) The Shrine ground is filled with light-pinkish cherry flowers and yellow dandelion.

(L) A wild cherry tree (R) A fresh-green big tree, which extends to sky.

The Hokkaido Shrine ( In Japanese )

Transportation in Sapporo

The Sapporo Municipal Subway is a mostly-underground rubber-tires metro system in Sapporo. Operated by
the Sapporo City Transportation Bureau, it is the only subway system throughout the island of Hokkaido.
All lines through the subway use rubber-tires trains that travel on two flat roll ways, guided by a single
central rail. This system is unique among subways in Japan and the rest of the world.

(L) Sapporo subway station, Odori (M) Interior of the subway train: No cooling system
(R) Sapporo subway guide rail and flat steel rollways
( Picture source: Wikipedia)

The Sapporo Streetcar is a tram network located in Sapporo. The system is sometimes referred to by residents
as simply the 'shiden'. It was electrified in 1918. The Transportation Bureau took over the network in 1927.
At its peak in 1958, the network was 25 kilometers in length with 11 lines and seven routes. The lines were
combined into a single circle route following the opening of the link between Susukino and Nishi-Yon-Chome
in December 2015.

(L) Sapporo's tramcar runs on the circle route. (R) Susukino stop
@ @
(L) A tramcar is running in the direction of south. (M) Interior of tramcar (M) A free rental service of an umbrella
(R) A tramcar is running in the direction of north.

(L) A tramcar is passing around Nishi-4-choume (M) A tramcar runs between Susukino and Nishi-4-choume
(R) Tram stop at Susukino

(L) Susukino, the entertainment district of Sapporo
(R) Taxi lines up in front of Sapporo station without clearance.
There are few customers, and the taxi industry in Hakodate appears to be pressed for an extremely painful management.

Sapporo station building

All food stores of Station Building, Stellar Place Center, is smoke-free, except for a designated smoking room on the sixth floor.

A black-pork shabu-shabu store, Ichinisan

Dishes served in the black-pork shop, Ichinisan

Nemuro Hanamaru

Nemuro Hanamaru

Nemuro Hanamaru

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Railway Trip from Sapporo to Hakodate

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