Resort Hotels in Paro, Bhutan

Zhiwa Ling

The 45-room Zhiwa Ling hotel combines the sensibilities of a fine Bhutanese guest house with the best
of 21st century technology. Tourism Council of Bhutan recently announced the Accommodation
classifications. Zhiwa Ling Hotel is the first and only wholly Bhutanese owned hotel to receive a five-star rating.

Zhiwa Ling is surrounded by a nature, river and mountains. Cottage and hotel set 10 acres.

(L) A clean stream runs beside the cottage. (M) A corridor of the guest house (R) The entrance of a guest room

(L) A back entrance to the main building of Zhiwa Ling
(M) Condensation of a glass door because of the difference of temperature
(R) A deluxe twin bedroom: Under-floor heating of guest room and bathroom with Swedish technology

Californian king-bedroom is located in the second floor of the grand main building.
This spacious suite has a living room with private balcony. A guest may smoke at a balcony, where an ashtray in the place.

(L) A traditional Bhutanese silk scarf to welcome a new guest (M) A balcony attached to a deluxe room
(R) No-smoking sign plate is placed on the desk of a guest room.
A dinning room of Zhiwa Ling

(L) A second-floor lobby (R) An umbrella is always in ready to use by a guest.

A tea house of Zhiwa Ling: This intimate and private cottage located near the meditation house is designed for quiet relaxation.

The Menlha Spa at Zhiwa Ling Hotel creates a sanctuary where the mind, body and spirits are at ease with the elements.

A lobby hall and the second-floor lobby

A center hall and lobby halls

(L) Bhutanese prayer flags and cottages (R) Set on 10 acres, Zhiwa Ling has an own greenhouse.

Bhutanese altar is located on the second floor of Zhiwa Ling. A wedding ceremony takes place in the Zhiwa Ling's in-house temple.

The Zhiwa Ling is a non-smoking hotel in Paro, Bhutan. The number of total guest rooms is 45.
No smoking is allowed in a guest room. The only place a smoker can put light on this building
complex is a private balcony.

Nak-Sel Boutique Hotel & Spa

Naksel, a community-based project that is eco friendly and Energy Saver efficient, blends the heritage
of traditional Bhutanese architecture and the comfort of modern amenities. Elaborate hand-carved pillars
and beautiful stonework exemplify the essence of Bhutan while tapered mud-brick walls provide insulation
and restful silence. Leading Bhutan in energy efficiency, Nak-Sel features Swedish under floor
heating systems, LED lighting, and highly efficient water heaters, preheated by solar panels.
Main construction materials for Nak-Sel are indigenous and locally purchased. Traditional windows,
mud-bricks, framework and even furniture were crafted here in Ngoba Village, together Nak-Sel with
the surrounding forest.

Nak-Sel Boutique Hotel

The entrance and Olive restaurant of the hotel

Signature suites ( two rooms )

Deluxe guest room ( five rooms ) and bath

Hot stone bath and jet-whirl bath

This is an only sign-plate, that shows as 'Designated Smoking Area' in the country of Bhutan, as far as we saw.

The number of total guest rooms of Nak-Sel is 38. All guestrooms are non-smoking.
A lobby and dinning room is smokefree, as Bhutan's law. A smoker may put light on cigarette
at the designated smoking place outside.

Gangtey Palace Hotel

Gangtey Palace was built over a 100 years ago by the Uncle of the first King of Bhutan and Governor
of Paro Valley. The Palace belonged to the Royal Family until the 1930s. In 1928, this place was
renovated the central structure as the residence for the King of Bhutan when he visited Paro.
Surrounded by the scenic beauty of Paro Valley, Gangtey Palace offers a unique place to stay and relax.
In 1995, the building was converted into a hotel.

(L) The entrance to the Gangtey Palace Hotel (R) Animal to guard the hotel

In the true style of Bhutanese architecture the stone and mud walls provide insulation in the Winter and
a cool environment in the Summer.

A living space and bath room of the Gangtey Palace Hotel

The number of total guest rooms of Gangtey Palace Hotel is 19. In all guestrooms, smoking is allowed.
A lobby and dinning room is smokefree, as Bhutan's law.

Amankora Paro

There are six dwellings with four suites each, two on the ground floor and two on the upper floor.
The 24 suites are similar in design featuring natural rammed-earth walls, gently sloping roofs and
wood-panel led interiors with a king-size bed, a traditional wood-burning stove and a large terrazzo-clad bath.

The approach way and entrance to Amankora Paro

The entrance to the hotel and a lobby

A dinning room and stairway
A guest room inspection was done; however, no photography was permitted during this time.

The number of total guest rooms of Amankora Paro is 24. In all guestrooms, smoking is allowed.
No protection of a hotel guest was considered against the third hand smoking hazard.

Uma Paro

The nine private villas and 20 luxury rooms combine the colorful accents of traditional Bhutanese
craftsmanship with the clean-lined contemporary design for which Como Hotels and Resorts are known.

A reception hall and dinning room: A freindly big resident dog came for greeting.

A courtyard, Yoga studio and an indoor swimming pool

The number of total guest rooms of Uma Paro is 29. All guestrooms are non-smoking.
A smoker may put light on cigarette at outside; however, no designated smoking place.
An ashtray is served as a demand basis.

Kichu Resort Paro

The hotel is located 5 kms away from Paro town, and on the banks of the Paro-Chhu River.
It is a group of elegant cottages spread over an area of 7 acres.

A dinning room and a twin-bedroom of the Kichu Resort Hotel

Kichu Resort Paro has a total of 45 guest rooms. All guestrooms are non-smoking.
A smoker may smoke outside of the hotel building. However, no specific smoking place is designated.

Health warning tobacco Beware of Third-Hand Smoke

In Paro, in contrast to that of Thimphu, four hotels had been taken a measure to prevent a hotel
guest from the tobacco hazard, and prohibited smoking in the accommodation facilities. Now, most
of North American or North Euroapian hotels are smokefree and the majority of hotel guests are
welcomed that healthy-minded decision.

Zhiwa Ling Hotel is a Bhutan-capital accommodation, and we can feel a Bhutanese atmosphere there.
Nak-Sel Boutique Hotel-and-Resort is a new smoke-free hotel, providing an excellent facility.
The design of Amankora Paro is so attractive. However, it allows smoking in a guest room, and
we do not recommend to a healthy-minded tourist. The wed site of Uma Paro appeals to Bhutanese
mind and scene, and it is well-known overseas. Unfortunately, the actual hotel impression is far
from than that we expected.
Junhaku Miyamoto, MD, PhD.

Smoking Restriction at Hotels in the World: Actual Survey
The ratio of a non-smoking guest room to the total hotel rooms was calculated,
based on-the-spot investigation.

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Tobacco Control Act of Bhutan 2010

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