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Ireland: Since March 2004 the Irish Government has implemented a ban on smoking in the workplace
in Ireland. This means that with effect from that smoking is forbidden in enclosed places of work in
Ireland. This includes office blocks, various buildings, public houses/bars, restaurants and company
vehicles (cars and vans). The Government has further strengthened the law on smoking by limiting the
sale of cigarettes in Ireland.

Less than one-fourth the Irish population smoke. The purpose of this ban is to offer protection to
employees and the public who are exposed to the harmful and toxic effects of tobacco smoke in the
workplace. Smoking has been identified as a major cause of heart disease and a significant contributor
to lung cancer in Ireland.

Any person found guilty of breaching the ban on smoking in the workplace may be subject to a fine of
up to 3,000 Euros. The owner, manager or person in command of the workplace is legally responsible
for ensuring that the ban on smoking in the workplaceis complied with.
Source: Citizens Information,an Irish e-Government website.

(L) Terminal 1 departures level. The arrivals level is on the floor below.
(R) €
600 million construction work is under way for a new Terminal 2 at the Dublin Airport.
(L) No smoking sign clearly seen at the entrance of Dublin Airport 2006.
(R) Outdoor smoking areas are provided not close to the airport entrance.

Smoking restriction of the world airports

No smoking booth in the express train between Dublin and Belfast. Trains are completely smoke-free.
(L) The warning sign stating that smoking is against the law, and you have to pay 3000 Euros if violate.
(R) A quite and elegant appearance of the Irishrail Wicklow station.



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