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The way to sell a tobacco in Japan

Big Tobacco Sign Boards and Flushing Bending Tobacco Machines

A convenience store and a big standing signboard showing tobacco sale in Tokyo

Big tobacco sign boards in the city of Tokyo and other major cities are very common,
and most inhabitants do not feel those are quite unusual things in the world.

A tobacco sale counter on the basement of Sanno Park Tower, Tokyo,
where the headquarter office of Philip Morris Japan locates on the 22nd floor, October 2010.

A tobacco display in the convenient store of Sanno Park Tower, Tokyo, in October 2010

(L) ''Breath Sparkling Shot'' -menthol tobacco advertisement (R) A display said 'Your life is your story' LARK.
These photographs were taken at Chiyoda City, Tokyo, in November 2011.

In Tokyo and other big cities, Tobacco-bending machines are placing in a few minute-walk
distances. Some machine has a colorful flushing light in the front panel of tobacco display.

Tobacco retail store and tobacco vending machine in Tokyo, February 2009: This tobacco retailer was closed in May 2017.

An automatic vending machine for tobacco sale which is placed nearby the subway station in Tokyo.
The price of cigarette is ranged from 420 yen to 460 yen per package.
One US dollar is equivalent to 120 Japanese yen in December 2014.

(L) ? Freedom to choose how to die This picture was taken at a residential area of Tokyo. Photograph in March 2017.
(M) A convenience store in Ueno, Tokyo placed a new notice at the entrance, saying
we started to sell tobacco.
- Photograph in March 2010
(R) Tobacco is the main most selling product that is focused. - Photograph in December 2014.

(L) It is obvious that a store is doing a cigarette campaign by the name of preventing tobacco sales to the minors.
(R) The focusing merchandises in a convenience store are tobacco and alcohol.

A tobacco corner in the souvenir shop at the busy Nagoya railway station

Cigarette sales by an automatic vending machine in Japan

The line graph shows a steady increase until recently.
ーーーーー The number of cigarette vending-machine
ーーーーー The cigarette sales proceeds

Numbers of a cigarette vending machine on yearly base 70=700,000
Sales proceed 35,000=3.5 trillion yen ( 120 yen = 1 US dollar )
Source: Japan Vending Machine Manufactures Association

Tax revenue annual transition by tobacco sales

Source: Garbage News, August 1, 2014
A vertical shaft represents the amount of income ( 1.00=1 trillion yen )
One trillion yen = 8.36600 billion U.S. dollars
blue bar shows a national tax and green bar a local tax for tobacco sales.

International comparison of cigarette prices and taxes

Smokers in Japan will no longer be able to buy cigarettes from vending machines from 2009,
without an ID card that says; they are adults. Under a new system that aims to make it
harder for minors to buy tobacco. All of Japan's 570,000 cigarette vending machines will
require a smart card called 'taspo', an access card to buy tobacco, issued only to people
who are at least 20, the legal smoking age.

The proportion of Japanese adults who smoke has slipped to 26 percent from 34 percent
a decade ago and a peak of 49 percent in 1966. The company, half-owned by the government,
said a pilot program for the new vending machines in rural Japan had no impact on sales.

Source: Reuter 09.10,2007

A TV commercial of campaigning for the ID card, 'Taspo' to buy cigarettes
sponsored by Japan Tobacco Inc.

(L) An actor is performing in TV commercial how easy to buy a cigarette. At first, he applied to get the ID card,'paspo'.
(M) It is not necessary to carry a coin, because the card has a function of electronic money.
(R) It is easy to buy a cigarette; we just touch 'taspo' to a bending machine. That's all.

(L) So convenient to buy a tobacco.
(R) It says your cooperation by using 'taspo' is appreciated, in order to prevent a minors' smoking.

A 'slim', 10-cigarette size tobacco pack is very attractive to Japanese women.

(L) Virginia Slims, Duo, 10 Menthol Cigarettes ( Philip Morris Products ).
The word of 'slim', and the size of small 10 cigarettes, are attractive to Japanese women.
(M)(R) Pianissimo 10: A new 10-pack Japanese tobacco, targeted mainly for young women.

Japan's tobacco habit runs into court a challenge.

One plaintiff is a cancer patient. Another is represented by his widow. The third has emphysema and
rolls into the courtroom on a wheelchair with tubes trailing out of his nose. Three Japanese are waging
a minnow-vs-whale battle in one of the world's most smoker-friendly countries. However, past judicial
precedents suggest that they are likely to lose, they hope their suit will at least draw attention to
the dangers of smoking.

She mentioned Japan as a smoker's paradise separated from the wide world. Japanese government
still owns the 50% of stock of Japan Tobacco Inc. The 2009 sales of tobacco were 6.832trillion yen
( $ 72.8 billion ).

Only action to protect children from tobacco hazard was an ID card, called 'taspo', which is necessary
to buy cigarettes from a vending machine. A pack of 20 cigarettes costs 300 yen ( about $2.85 ), a third
of New York Prices. Here, in a small print, they say 'Smoking can be one of the causes for lung cancer'.

Japan Tobacco officials still flatly deny passive smoking is a problem, arguing the dangers come from
burning cigarettes left on an ashtray, but not second hand fumes. Cigarette ads are no longer appeared
on TV, though the tobacco company gets on the air with ads that discourage tossing butts on the street.
The tobacco company frequently put ID card commercials, in which TV actor shows how to use 'taspo'
to buy a cigarette at a bending machine, and it is for the purpose to prevent a teen-age smoking.

Cafe Tobacco, a smokers-only coffee shop in Shinbashi, Tokyo

Wide-range glass window and Smokers-only sign board at the entrance.
Non-smoker can't stay in the shop not more than 5 minutes, felt dizzy.

(L) In both sides of the entrance of Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, there are automatic
bending machines for sales of cigarette.
(R) A well-known discount store publicizes a smoking floor in the building.
Both pictures were taken at Akibahara, Tokyo, in September 2012.

A legal and social acceptance of a notion that much of the world takes for granted: that smoking makes
you sick. However, in Japan, only few bars and restaurants ban smoking. In April 2009, a major restaurant
chain opened a cafe named 'Cafe Tobacco', a Tokyo coffee shop billing itself as a haven for smokers.
It has proven popular among customers, who took his coffee with a cigarette. A manager Kishi said 'I do
not want to live an extra year or two by giving up what I love to do'.

Source: Yuri Kageyama, Associate Press, 1 Aug. 2009,
A few sentences and photograph were added by Junhaku Miyamoto, M.D.

A long-lasting political background of cigarette sales in Japan

Broadcast by NHK TV October 27, 2010

An ashtray appears to be an important tool for the top politicians. This photo was taken at the main meting
room of Liberal-Democratic Party of Japan. This political party of Japan, frequently abbreviated
to LDP or Jimintoh, is a diversely center to the conservative political party in Japan. It is one of the most
consistently successful political parties in the world of democracy.

The LDP ruled almost continuously for nearly 54 years from its founding in 1955
until its defeat in the 2009 election.

They never think about a smoking restriction inside, and always ignore the Japan's Health Promotion Law.

(L) This shows an advertisement displayed attached to the wall of the platform of Tameike-Sanno subway station,
very closed to the prime minister's official residence.
It says Japan Tobacco Inc. will make an effort to create a comfortable society for smokers and non-smokers.
Three important items: keep smoking manner, do social activity to clean a street and supporting creating of
a separate indoor smoking room. This photo was taken in May 2013.
(R) We cannot see the wood for the trees. However, tobacco company insists we see the wood for the trees.
The meaning of this Japanese is not clear. It may be tried to arouse people's awareness that
smokers can catch up with trivial matters and the big pictures.
This photo was taken at the central area of Tokyo in April 2014.

 Tobacco advertising by JT
 Smokers, Get off sidewalks and go inside.
 Is it impossible to create a smoke-free society in Tokyo?
A smoking habit is a 'disease', or is a 'traditional culture' ??

Photographs: Health warning for smoking.

Smoking Rate Investigation ( July 2016 by JT ) :
Overall smoking rate: 19.3% of the total population
Gender display: Male, 29.7%, Year-on-year 1.3% decrease
Female 9.7%
, Year-on-year 0.1% increase

The way how to sell cigarettes in Thailand, Iceland and Canada

On the other hand, in Thailand, we can buy tobacco at a convenience store, although, no one can
see a tobacco package, unless a customer calls a clerk to show tobacco packages, because
a shatter was placed in the container of tobacco in a store.

Bangkok railways (L) A shatter placed in front of the tobacco container in a convenience store in Thailand,
to avoid customers' eye falls upon a tobacco package, January 2009
(M) A smoking-kills warning appeared in a cigarette package sold in Thailand.
Denmark smoking ban (R) In Iceland, a grocery store sells tobacco behind a counter desk, in order to be not seen by regular customers,
July 2009

Canada smoking ban In Ontario, Canada, a grocery store stocks cigarette behind shatter to avoid customers' eye fall
upon a tobacco package. This photo was taken in October 2010.

Requirements Relating to Sale and Distribution
  • It prohibits the sale of cigarettes or smokeless tobacco to people younger than 18.
  • It prohibits the sale of cigarette packages with fewer than 20 cigarettes.
  • It prohibits the sale of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in vending machines,
  • self-service displays, or other impersonal modes of sales.
Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco

The FDA issued a final rule containing a broad set of federal requirements designed to curb significantly access
to and the appeal of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products to children and adolescents in the United States.
The new rule, Regulations Restricting the Sale and Distribution of Cigarettes and Smokeless Tobacco to Protect
Children and Adolescents, restricts the sale, distribution, and promotion of these products to make them less
accessible and attractive to kids.  The rule became effective on June 22, 2010, and has the force of law.
Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

 Cigarette vending machines banned in England.

The sale of tobacco from vending machines has been banned in England, with anyone caught selling
cigarettes in machines facing a fine of 2,500 pounds.

The Department of Health said the ban had been introduced to prevent under-age sales to children
and to support adults who were trying to quit. The rest of the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland planned
to implement similar regulations in 2012. Some pub landlords say it is a further threat to a livelihood
that has already been damaged by the smoking ban. However, Cancer Research and the British Heart
Foundation welcomed the move. According to the Departmentof Health, nearly all adult smokers started
smoking before they turned 18. Of the children who regularly smoke, 11% buy their cigarettes from
vending machines. It is also estimated that 35 million cigarettes are sold illegally through vending
machines to children every year. Under the new rules, pub landlords will still be able to sell cigarettes
from behind the bar, but they must ensure all tobacco advertising on vending machines is removed.
Any person found guilty of displaying cigarette adverts on a vending machine could face imprisonment
for up to six months, a fine of 5,000 pounds, or both. Health Secretary Andrew Lansley said that
smoking was "one of the biggest and most stubborn challenges in public health", with over eight million
people in England still smoking, causing more than 80,000 deaths each year.

Source: BBC News UK October 1, 2011

The way how to sell cigarettes in Australia australia
The way how to sell cigarettes in Russia 

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